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Cloud Computing World Forum 2010

  1. 1. Now iN its 2Nd Year Gr Ev IT wT T o En ’s h Cloud Computing WORLD fORum delivering it capability and capacity on demand FR Exhib EE 29th June – 1st July 2010 R i t ion egister fo FREE e r your Olympia Conference Centre, London x worksh po and o www.c p pass at loudw ThE complETE cloud compuTInG and SaaS EvEnT ThE GloBal mEETInG placE for cloud Early BookInG dIScounT EndS 28Th may 2010 IncorporaTInG ThE Green Enterprise WORLD FORUM and fEaTurInG ThE Mary JoHn Mark Bryan stuart Gordon toBy aMir siMone CHarLes asHLey roBert HensHer Linwood CaMeron kinseLLa CurLey PenfoLd wriGHt BeLkHeLLadi Brunozzi newHouse davis wHiteside Deloitte BBC Virgin rentokil royAl MAil British telegrAph lloyDs AMAzon weB BAe systeMs Jp MorgAn google AtlAntiC initiAl AirwAys MeDiA group serViCes ChAse Diamond Sponsors Platinum Sponsors Infrastructure Sponsors Gold Sponsors Silver Sponsors Badge Sponsors produced by BookInG hoTlInE: +44 (0) 845 519 1230
  2. 2. SpEakErS this year’s forum includes some of the most respected companies and minds in research, strategy and integration of it and cloud products and services within the enterprise. the show will feature more end users than any other, reflecting the central issues of enterprise business models and making presentations real and relevant. For more information visit Mary Hensher John Linwood Mark Cameron Bryan Kinsella Chief Information Officer Chief Technology Officer Chief Technology Officer Chief Information Officer Deloitte BBC Virgin Atlantic Rentokil Initial stuart Curley Gordon Penfold toby wright amir Belkhelladi Chief Technology Architect Chief Technology Officer Chief Technology Officer Head of Architecture Royal Mail British Airways Telegraph Media Group Lloyds simone Brunozzi Charles Newhouse ashley davis robert whiteside Technology Evangelist Head of Strategy & Design Managing Director, Head of Enterprise, Amazon Web Services BAE Systems Datacenter Strategy UK, Ireland and Benelux JP Morgan Chase Google Chrstopher Linfoot Pamal sharma Mike spink John Killey IT Director Chief Information Officer Research Director Head of Reality Services LDV Group General Motors Gartner Citigroup rachel Gentry Brian Franz Mark Ferrar david wilde Deputy Director, Chief Information Officer Director of Technology Chief Information Officer ICT Strategy and Policy Diageo Strategy Westminster City Council Cabinet Office NHS Chris de Backer Joerg weber Peter Bradley Bill thomas CIO Attack Monitoring Manager Staff Officer Operations Group Head Sustainability TomTom Barclays RNLI HSBC
  3. 3. aGEnda DAY ONE – 29TH JUNE 2010 1510 Security on the Cloud isn’t Bad, It’s Just Different? • nsight to some common security myths I BUSINESS MODELS AND THE • hen I move my data to the cloud I will W lose control of it? Is this true? CURRENT MARKETPLACE • here is no way of ensuring no one else T has access to my data? Is this true? • don’t control the network, so I can’t prevent I a denial of service attack? Is this true? 0830 Registration, Coffee and Networking 1150 How to harness enterprise cloud • loud vendors offer weak security so C infrastructure unless I find a way to secure my data it’s at 0920 rganiser’s Introduction and Speed O • utting through the hype: the reality C risk? Is this true? Networking of cloud for the enterprise • utting together a security model for P • he key benefits of enterprise class T applications and data that live on the cloud 0925 Chairman’s Introduction cloud computing is simply a matter of leaving your • ddressing the concerns of A preconceptions at the door 0930 OPENING KEYNOTE: cloud infrastructure Marty Gauvin, CEO, Virtual Ark Senior Representative, McAfee • Migration considerations Brian Klingbeil, EMEA MD, Savvis 1530 PaNEL: In Cloud We Trust? SESSION ONE: • he major security concerns and issues T END USER CLOUDSCAPE – AN OVERVIEW OF 1210 PaNEL: advantages and Trends for cloud computing in Cloud Technology • nderstanding the risks of cloud computing U THE CURRENT MARKETPLACE END USER S riram Chakravarthy, Head of Cloud • est practice for companies in the cloud B Cloud computing has become one of the hottest IT Services and Product Strategy, TIBCO R obert Johnson, Head of Front Office enterprise topics of recent times. It is fast becoming Gordon Penfold, CTO, British Airways Technology, Mitsubishi UFJ Securities mainstream with large steps being made in a Mary Hensher, CIO, Deloitte International relatively short period of time. The opening session T oby Wright, CTO, The Telegraph Media Group Senior Representative, Intel to the conference examines where the industry I ain Bourne, Head of Data Protection currently is and how far it has come in the past year. 1240 LuNCH BREaK Projects , Information Commissioner’s Office TBC 1000 The Business Value of Cloud Computing 1400 aFTERNOON KEYNOTE: • The cloud value proposition to enterprise Senior Representative, Verizon Business 1600 aFTERNOON BREaK • Why has cloud computing come of age? • Where the advantages really show SESSION TWO: SESSION THREE: Mike Spink, Research Director, Gartner CLOUD SECURITY CLOUD CONCERNS 1020 The Competitive Landscape You may regard cloud computing as an ideal way for With any significant shift in technology adoption • Predicted market growth your company to control IT costs, but do you know comes a number of concerns and criticisms. Session how private and secure this service really is? Not 3 will examine these fears and entry barriers in TBC many people do. Session two will take a look at detail and answer the questions that many looking what’s at stake when you trust your data to the to implement cloud computing are asking. 1040 MORNING BREaK cloud, and what you can do to keep your virtual infrastructure and web applications secure. 1630 Cloud, what Cloud? 1110 On Demand applications & Platforms • hat response a technology Department/ W END USER – Taking XaaS to the Front & Back Office END USER 1430 The Malicious Cloud: Cloud CIO might make to this paradigm shift in • he journey from on-premise to on-demand T Technology and Cybercriminals the use and provision of ICT? END USER • ow TMG have leveraged cloud H • odern malicious software operators have M • hat does it mean for a transition and W technologies to re-wire IT and it is product? incorporated the cloud to provide resilience investment strategy? • he role of cloud technologies in our T and availability to their networks • hat does it mean for your employees? W transformation programme • Resilient Botnet setups J oan Miller, Director of Parliamentary ICT, • Lessons learnt along the way • rofessional cloud services are being P UK Parliament T oby Wright, Chief Technology Officer, used by criminals Telegraph Media Group • new challenge: Detecting the A 1650 The European Ecosystem malicious cloud 1130 Taking the ‘Search’ out of ‘Search & Rescue’ Senior Representative, DAY oerg Weber, Attack Monitoring Manager, J – a Cloud Hosted Sea Safety System END USER Barclays 1710 PaNEL: Best Practice Ways to • MOB (man overboard) Guardian System • ow and why the migration to H Establish a Cloud Blueprint END USER 1450 Protecting access to You Cloud S tuart Curley, Chief Technology Architect, Windows Azure: The cloud advantages • hy is access a risk? W Royal Mail • esults and future opportunities: saving R • o you really know who’s really D David Wilde, CIO, Westminster Council many more lives around the world accessing your cloud? K evin Bury, Vice President of Software-as-a- Peter Bradley, Operations Manager, RNLI • ow access to your cloud can be H Service, HP Software Services R ichard Prodger, Technical Director, compromised - DEMO using a live S imone Brunozzi, Technology Evangelist, Active Web Solutions hacking session Amazon Web Services • ow the risks can be mitigated H • he future risks we can expect to see, T 1740 Summary, Close from Chair and how to prepare for them J ason Hart, Senior Vice President 1745 Networking Drinks CRYPTOCard
  4. 4. aGEnda DAY TWO – 30TH JUNE 2010 DEPLOYMENT AND INTEGRATION STRATEGIES 0830 Registration, Coffee and Networking SESSION TWO: SESSION THREE 0925 Chairman’s Introduction INTEROPERABILITY THE CLOUD COMPUTING ROADMAP Session two will look at cloud Interoperability This session will be answering questions such as: 0930 OPENING KEYNOTE: and portability issues and possible solutions. How do I make the cloud work for the unique needs Kevin Bury, Vice President of SaaS, Discussions will feature service level agreements, of my business? How do I ensure that I capture the HP Software Services switching between suppliers and vendor lock-in. required return? How do I build a long-term cloud roadmap and where do I start? How do I mitigate SESSION ONE: 1200 Challenges and Opportunities and manage the risk of moving to the cloud? How DEPLOYMENT STRATEGIES Senior Representative, Double Take do I evolve my organisation to take advantage of AND INFRASTRUCTURE the cloud? Establishing and deploying a strategy around cloud 1220 Ensuring Convergence • ssessing the business benefits for A 1515 How to be successful in a computing is essential for an adoption process on leveraging cloud computing. sustainable future any level to be seamless and successful. This session • he powerful cost, value, and risk-related T • loud computing as a driver C will include case study examples of how best cloud drivers behind the move to cloud computing towards efficiency computing can be integrated into any organization. • he technical underpinnings, supporting T technologies, and best-practice methods 1535 Creating new applications 1000 CaSE STuDY: G-Cloud in the Sky • he future home for gov’t apps T you’ll need to make the transition • ow to analyze and test applications H END USER • he business case for the G-Cloud T and application components in the cloud • est practice adoption strategies B 1240 a Cloudy Future? • evelopment challenges unique to D and integration • illages vs Cities V the cloud END USER • tandard vs Unique S I an Osborne, Director of the Digital Systems, • lobal Challenges G 1555 aFTERNOON BREaK Knowledge Transfer Network • here in the Cloud? W • obility M 1625 Platform as a Service 1020 Cloud Computing Infrastructure Bryan Kinsella, CIO, Rentokil Initial – Enabling You to use the Cloud Your Way – a Practical Insight • ants and needs of cloud service W • ow do organizations maximize the benefits H buyers today 1300 PaNEL: utility Computing and get from on-premise to the cloud? • ho’s in the cloud and what are they doing W – Switching Supplier • ow to use the riches of the cloud in H END USER current and planned use of the cloud C harles Newhouse, Head of Strategy the way that suits them best? • hat to do now – recommendations W and Design, BAE Systems • Cordys case studies: From BPM in the cloud and advice Senior Representative, Verizon and cloud orchestration through to situation Senior Representative, Intel applications and the Cordys App Store. G lenn Fitzgerald, Chief Technologist, Fujitsu B ernard Golden, Author, M att Davies, Director of Product Marketing, “Virtualization for Dummies Cordys 1040 CaSE STuDY: The Deployment of Cloud Computing Within the NHS END USER 1330 LuNCH BREaK 1645 Cloud Standards • chieving greater value from your A infrastructure Senior Representative, CA 1445 aFTERNOON KEYNOTE: • lanning for the cloud – best practice P Enterprise Data Center: • olling out services in the cloud R 1705 PaNEL: Moving IT to a Cloud based World a Realistic Path to Cloud Computing M ark Ferrar, Director of Technology Mark Cameron, CTO, Virgin Atlantic END USER • omplex landscapes with multiple C Strategy, NHS TBC inter-dependencies TBC • usiness rules, policies, auditing, B 1100 PaNEL: Clouds and Enterprises: TBC compliance, etc Lessons Learned END USER • ize and scope of reasonable projects S A mir Belkhelladi, Head of Architecture, 1735 Summary, Close from Chair • reating a positive feedback loop C Lloyds TSB M ark Ferrar, Director of Technology Phil Morris, CTO for HPC BU, 1745 Networking Drinks Strategy, NHS Platform Computing Brian Klingbeil, EMEA MD, Savvis Senior Representative, Nimsoft 1130 MORNING BREaK
  5. 5. AGENDA DAY THREE – 1ST JULY 2010 THE FUTURE OF BUSINESS COMPUTING 0830 Registration, Coffee and Networking 1110 amazon and the Cloud Computing Prospect SESSION TWO: 0925 • est practice adoption strategies and B Chairman’s Introduction integration THE FUTURE OF • he future for the cloud T CLOUD COMPUTING 0930 OPENING KEYNOTE: S imone Brunozzi, Technology Evangelist, The final session of the conference will look at what Senior Representative, EMC Amazon Web Services the future holds in the cloud computing marketplace, in the short, medium and long term. 1130 The Cloud as a Supporting Player SESSION ONE: in Your application Lifecycle 1400 how the Cloud Computing will Determine APPLICATIONS FROM • ow services from private and public H the Future of the IT in Europe WITHIN THE CLOUD clouds can be applied T he teaching of PAC’s study for the European • ifferent stages of the application lifecycle D Union on the Future of the Software in Europe Enterprise application development with traditional • hich applications are best suited W • loud computing: when IT become C software has always been too complex, too slow, to a cloud approach. a heavy industry and too expensive. With the emergence of cloud P eter Glock, Consulting Business Manager, • he state of the art of the cloud computing T computing applications are delivered as a service so Orange Business Services in Europe companies don’t have to buy and maintain hardware • hat are the differences with the way the W and software to run them—or huge IT teams to 1150 PaNEL: Mobile and Offline Cloud Computing US apprehend the cloud computing manage and maintain complicated deployments. • ow the cloud computing could empower H END USER N iall Sclater, Director of Learning Innovation, The Open University, UK European economies 1000 Education in the Cloud • hy the Open University is adopting cloud- W TBC M athieu Poujol, Director Technologies Group, END USER based applications TBC PAC • he boundaries between locally-hosted and T TBC cloud-based elearning services 1420 The Future of Cloud Computing • uture possibilities for cloud-based F 1220 LuNCh BREaK • he Google view on the future of T education cloud computing 1330 aFTERNOON KEYNOTE: R obert Whiteside, Head of Enterprise, UK, N iall Sclater, Director of Learning Innovation, The Open University, UK Ireland and Benelux, Google 1020 Entering the Cloud Computing Era 1440 aFTERNOON BREaK • hat we can learn from the three W main computing eras as we transition 1510 2010 and Beyond: Cloud accounting to the cloud Comes of age • here businesses currently are in the cloud W • hy will cloud accounting and billing W computing era continue to increase in popularity? • he immediate and long-term benefits T • hy will improving collaboration between W of cloud computing sales and finance become so critical? • ow will customers benefit? H T im Pickard, Chief Marketing Officer, Mimecast J eremy Roche, President & CEO, 1040 MORNING BREaK 1530 PaNEL: What Caught My Eye W illiam Fellow, Principal Analyst, 451 Group R obert Whiteside, Head of Enterprise, UK, Ireland and Benelux, Google TBC 17th AND 18th NovEmbEr 2010 Cloud Computing thE mirA, hoNG KoNG WORLD FORUM ASIA booKiNG hotliNE - +44 (0) 845 519 1230
  6. 6. ABOUT THE EVENT The 2nd Annual Cloud Computing World Forum is the perfect event for professionals to learn and discuss the future development and integration of cloud and SaaS services and products. Building on the success of the 2009 show, this three day conference and expo will provide the most complete and comprehensive platform for the global cloud computing and SaaS industry. SHOw HigHligHTS: wHO SHOUld ATTENd: 3 day conference and free-to-attend exhibition Job titles at the 2nd Cloud Computing world Forum will include: CIO/CTOs/CxOs, Directors, Hear from over 100 leading cloud computing, Strategy Directors, Communication Directors, Heads SaaS and iT experts of Marketing, Heads of Business Development, Co-located with Cloud Camp london Heads of Sales, Heads of Call and Contact Managers, – Free-to-Attend unconference Product Managers, Business Analysts, Business Development Managers, Heads of Training, Combined with the green Enterprise world Database/Data Center Manager, Network Systems Forum - 1 day conference stream on green iT Directors, VPs of Technology, Heads of Telecoms, Storage Managers, Hosting Managers, Data Free to attend exhibition with seminar Center Managers, Telecommunication Managers, and scenario theatre Compliance and Policy Managers, Network Free access to the Cloud Computing world Managers and Administrators, Network Series Awards Administrators, System and Network Integrators and many more... Hear from leading case studies on how they have integrated Cloud Computing and SaaS into their working practices FrEE ACCESS TO ClOUd CAmp: learn from the key players offering cloud and SaaS products and services Benefit from our pre-show online meeting planner CloudCamp follows an interactive, unscripted unconference format and is FREE to attend for all Network in our combined exhibition Cloud Computing World Forum visitors. Pick and and catering area choose from the conversations; rant and rave, Evening networking party for all attendees or sit back and watch. SUppOrTErS
  7. 7. Green Enterprise Green En WORLD FORUterprise M WORLD FORUM Shaping the future of thurs 1 July Olympia, lO 2010 2010 Show hIGhlIGhTS wIll IncludE: ndOn Early BOOk ing disCO Green IT Ends 28 ma unt y 2010 · 1 day confErEncE dEdIcaTEd To GrEEn BOOking hO tl +44 (0) 845 519 inE: 1230 shOw fOCu IT and SuSTaInaBlE compuTInG hOw grEEn s it yOur BOttOm will imprOvE linE hEar frOm · hEar from lEadInG caSE STudIES on how lEarn hOw rEal CasE st tO yOur it pErf imprOvE udiEs p OrmanCE Clouart of th ThEy havE InTEGraTEd GrEEn compuTInG disCuss hO w EffiCiEnCy tO maximizE d WorlCompute Clou d forum g dWf.C in om InTo ThEIr workInG pracTIcES · fInd ouT how GrEEn IT can crEaTE compETITIvE advanTaGE and www.grEEn ImprovE your BoTTom lInE EntErprisE kEy spEakE rs fOrum.COm 1st JuLY 2010 John Linwo od, Chief Techn ology Office Bill Thoma r, BBC s, Group Head Sustainabi John Killey, lity, HSBC Head of Reali Services EMEA, ty Citigroup Rachel Gentr y, Deputy Direc Strategy & tor, ICT Policy,Cab Ashley Davis inet Office oLYMPia CoNFereNCe CeNtre, LoNdoN , Managing Datacenter Director, Strategy, JP Christophe Morgan Chase r Linfoot, IT Director, LDV Group Truska Angel , Head of Clima Corporate Socia te Change & l Responsibi Simon Palin lity, AXA kas, Head of Green IT, Tesco Co-LoCated witH tHe 2Nd CLoud Pamal Sharm a, CIO, Gener Mike Spink al Motors , Research Direc tor, Gartn er CoMPutiNG worLd ForuM world med ia BooKiNG HotLiNe +44 (0) 845 519 1230 world med ia The Cloud CompuTing World SerieS AWArdS Will TAke plACe on The 29Th June AT olympiA ConferenCe CenTre, london The AWArdS Are free To enTer And open To All CATegorieS Will inClude beST Cloud ServiCe, beST enTerpriSe SoluTion, beST SeCuriTy SoluTion, beST virTuAlizATion produCT or ServiCe, beST Cloud plATform, beST STArT up And mAny more for more informATion pleASe viSiT The WebSiTe beloW
  8. 8. floorplan the show features a Free to attend exhibition and networking area with product demonstrations, workshops and seminars and access to Cloud Camp. Leading industry experts will be available from each exhibiting company to answer any questions you may have. to register your place please visit Meeting Room Village Private meeting rooms are available to all our partners. This is the ideal place to host senior delegates and visitors at the event. To discuss the availability of meeting rooms, contact Mark Johnstone on +44 (0) 845 519 1230 or email Auditorium 34 Conference Stage Room 2 33 32 East Conference Room 1 31 Hall 30 26 27 28 29 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 25 20 18 17 14 12 23 22 21 19 16 15 13 24 Registration ENTRANCE via lifts Press and Interview Zone KEY The press and interview zone will allow you to maximise your PR opportunities at the World Forum. Organise meetings with Male Female Exit toilets toilets key industry analysts and journalists and issue press releases. For press and PR enquiries, please contact Rachelle Fuerth on Accessible Baby changing Catering +44 (0) 845 519 1230 or email toilets facilities outlets
  9. 9. rEGISTraTIon If you would like to register for this event please complete the form below and fax back to +44 (0) 1926 853491 DElEgATE DElEgATE 2 Title Mr Mrs Ms Miss Dr Title Mr Mrs Ms Miss Dr First Name First Name Surname Surname Position Job Title Company Email Address DElEgATE 3 Title Mr Mrs Ms Miss Dr Postcode First Name Telephone Surname Fax Job Title Email Email ClOuD COMPuTINg WORlD FORuM RESERVATION 1 Day Early Booking Pass (ends 28th May) – £275 + VAT 1 Day Standard Booking – £350 + VAT 2 Day Early Booking Pass (ends 28th May) – £450 + VAT 2 Day Standard Booking – £575 + VAT 3 Day Early Booking Pass (ends 28th May) – £600 + VAT 3 Day Standard Booking – £775 + VAT ClOuD COMPuTINg WORlD FORuM & gREEN ENTERPRISE WORlD FORuM RESERVATION 1 Day Early Booking Gold Pass (ends 28th May) – £450 + VAT 1 Day Standard Booking Gold Pass – £575 + VAT 2 Day Early Booking Gold Pass (ends 28th May) – £595+ VAT 2 Day Standard Booking Gold Pass – £750 + VAT 3 Day Early Booking Gold Pass (ends 28th May) – £750 + VAT 3 Day Standard Booking Gold Pass – £895 + VAT Conference Materials (incl. in price of tickets) - £150.00 + VAT PAYMENT Please send me a VAT invoice. Our purchase order no. is I enclose a cheque for £ Payable to Keynote World Media ltd Please charge my card £ Card type: Visa Mastercard Maestro Amex Card Number Security No. Issue Date Expiry Date / Expiry Date / Cardholders Name Cardholders Registered Address Postcode Signature Date DElEgATE TERMS AND CONDITIONS 9. Delegates should advise of any special access requirements at the time of registration. 1. It is a condition of booking that all event fees are paid on booking. If payment is not made in full at the time of 10. It is the responsibility of the delegate to arrange appropriate insurance cover in connection with their booking, registration will be provisional. attendance at the conference. Keynote World Media Ltd cannot be held liable for any loss, liability or 2. Bookings received less than 2 weeks before the conference date can only be made by credit card or bank transfer. damage to personal property. 3. Registration information will be sent to registered delegates by email at least seven days prior to the event. 11. Keynote World Media Ltd reserves the right to make alterations to the conference programme, venue Any delegate not receiving the registration information should contact us on and timings. In the unlikely event of the programme being cancelled by Keynote World Media Ltd, a full 4. Keynote World Media Ltd reserves the right to refuse entry if monies have not been received. refund will be made. Liability will be limited to the amount of the fee paid by the delegate. 5. Spaces are limited. Keynote World Media Ltd therefore reserves the right to refuse and refund monies if the 12. Views expressed by speakers are their own. Keynote World Media Ltd cannot accept liability for advice event is over-subscribed. given, or views expressed, by any speaker at the conference or in any material provided to delegates. 6. Keynote World Media Ltd reserve the right to refuse entry or eject people from the event. 13. All personal data supplied is subject to the Data Protection Act 1998. This information may be used for 7. In order to qualify for any ‘early bird’ rates, booking and payment must be received before the deadline date direct marketing purposes for Keynote World Media Ltd products and services. Your personal details will listed in the conference marketing material. be treated in accordance with requirements of the Data Protection Act 1998. 8. Delegates may nominate an alternative person from their organisation to attend up to 24 hours prior to the 14. Keynote World Media Ltd will continue to hold and use this information to contact you about any future start of the event, at no extra charge. Should substitution not be possible, cancellations made at least one Keynote World Media Ltd events or promotions. If you would not like to be contacted please write to: month before the start of the event will be charged a fee of 25% of the invoice total. After this date, the full The Database Team, Keynote World Media Ltd, 27 Kings Croft, Long Ashton, Bristol, BS41 9ED invoiced amount is payable. All substitutions and cancellations must be received in writing.
  10. 10. WITH THANKS Diamond Sponsor Platinum Sponsors Infrastructure Sponsor Gold Sponsors Badge Sponsor Partner Zone Sponsor Silver Sponsors Exhibitors