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Saving An Email To A Case Folder


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Published in: Technology
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Saving An Email To A Case Folder

  1. 1. Saving an Email to a Case Folder ESB Application
  2. 2. The previous method of saving emails to a case file, by dragging and dropping, resulted in only a shortcut to the email being saved, as opposed to the actual email.  When the email was deleted from Groupwise, it was gone.  The new method for saving emails is as follows: 
  3. 3. From the case window, click on the email button.
  4. 4. This will open up an Explorer window.  Click on the address line (highlighted in blue in the image) and hit Ctrl-C to copy the address.
  5. 5. From Groupwise, right mouse click on the email message you wish to save, and click "Save As...".
  6. 6. Highlight the path name under "Current directory:" (image 1) and hit Ctrl-V to paste in the path to the case folder (image 2).  Now click "Save".
  7. 7. Congratulations!  You have now saved the email with the case file.