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Weight Loss Tips


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Browse sheerbalance for more weight lose tips without diet.GET REAL and STOP Dieting! based on five simple rules that make healthy eating truly manageable at

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Weight Loss Tips

  1. 1. S E A R C H go F I T N NE US TS R IM T I I N O D N - E B C O O D - Y L R I E V V I I S G E RS V T N E W I H C E S B O O E V E K N T S A B O U T Learn five simple rules to shed excess-weight and maintain a healthy weight for life Get a Look Inside... …without another day of dieting! What the Experts are Saying... "Where other books offer quick- fix dieting fads, Brett Blumenthal offers a refreshing approach to healthy eating as a lifestyle. Whether you've been dieting for years or are already on a path to healthy living, "GET REAL" is a fantastic resource that's relevant for a lifetime."
  2. 2. for a lifetime." The power of this book is in its simplicity. With only five simple rules – the “GET REAL” principles – you will lose weight (if you need to) and maintain a healthy weight for life, without dieting. The rules are founded in Lauren Mackler - Bestselling Author of Solemate: facts, not fads…making them ALWAYS relevant and effective. You won’t need to count calories, starve yourself Master the Art of Aloneness & Transform Your Life or eat diet food to succeed at this program. Further, you won’t have to spend extra money on supplements, weight loss food or other gimmicks. "GET REAL" is a refreshingly Healthy eating may seem overly complicated, BUT IT ISN’T!!! The trick is to make it simple. “GET REAL” and pragmatic and easy guide to STOP Dieting! is based on five simple rules that makes healthy eating truly manageable. To be absolutely leading a healthier lifestyle. It's sure you will be able to put these rules into action, the book is supplemented with the “GET REAL Toolkit:” the "diet book" for people who hate diet books!" Andrew Brooks - Founder, Gnu Foods "While many people want to lose weight and try a wide variety of "fad diets," most dieters fail at dieting or regain the lost weight once they achieve their goal. We all know that dieting isn’t sustainable. However, people who have adhered to the five “GET REAL” "GET REAL" and STOP Dieting! principles have found that they can do so for the long-term. They don’t feel deprived. They don’t feel hungry. offers a no nonsense approach They gain energy and feel healthier. And, for those individuals who were carrying extra weight, they lost the to a healthy lifestyle that will weight that they had been struggling to lose for years. make a huge difference to anyone who follows its precepts. Whether you are looking to lose extra weight or just want to tweak your diet to make it healthier, “GET REAL” Ms. Blumenthal has done a superb job of and STOP Dieting! provides you with a no-nonsense approach to eating healthy for life that works. demystifying the subject and presenting, in lay terminology, facts and strategies that make healthy eating understandable, possible and. . .yes. . . even enjoyable." William H. Koch, M.D. "Brett Blumenthal's approach to a healthier and leaner body is presented in a straightforward, no nonsense way. "GET REAL" and STOP Dieting! shows you how to "keep it natural" while keeping it simple!" Pete Cerqua - Author of The 90-Second Fitness Solution
  3. 3. "Insightful, clear and concise! Brett Blumenthal's "GET REAL" and Stop Dieting! is a wonderful guide to better health." Alex Ong - Author of Mind Your Own Wellness If you are looking for practical tips and a no-nonsense approach to eating well and effective weight management, "GET REAL" is the book for you. This book is geared both toward those without a background knowledge of nutrition as well as those who have the knowledge but want to take it one step further and tweak their eating style to make it healthier. Whether you are an adult with a corporate job, a weekend warrior, a full- time mom or an active senior, this book can help you achieve your healthy eating goals. Brooke Joanna Benlifer, RD - Private Practice Dietitian & Media Consultant, San Diego, CA ‘“Get Real” by Brett Blumenthal is a REALLY awesome book. To the point, filled with tips that work, sculpted and layered to generate results. In a world often filled with too much talk, this book delivers.” Deb b ie Rob ins - Best-selling author / Huff Post Blogger / Personal Advice Columnist Washington Times Communities and SUCCESS COACH
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