Tsz Shun & Fadillas Powerpoint On Climate Change Real Version


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  • Fadilla and Tsz Shun say it together.
  • Tsz Shun & Fadillas Powerpoint On Climate Change Real Version

    1. 1. By: Tsz Shun and Fadilla Climate Change Effecting Animals (and roasted chicken)
    2. 2. Contents Introduction........Slide 3 Birds..................Slide 4 Polar Bears........Slide 5 Golden Toads....Slide 6 Wildlife.............Slide 7 Turtles..............Slide 8 THE END........Slide 9
    3. 3. Hundreds of species of animals are becoming extinct because of climate change and us. It is caused by the heat from the sun and greenhouse gases. For example, the heat melts all the ice in the world. Mainly in the Arctic and Antarctic. If all the ice on Earth melts away, most Arctic animals will become extinct. Introduction
    4. 4. In Richmond, the golden orange bird has been coming back from its Caribbean and South American wintering grounds a day earlier each year for nearly 20 years, because local temperature has risen. Penguins need to lay their eggs on ice and if there isn’t enough ice left, then the word penguin will appear on the ‘Extinct Animals’ list. Birds
    5. 5. Polar Bears Climate Change is effecting the polar bears’ life. The greenhouse gases cause heat and melt the ice they are living on. The polar bears’ main diet are seals. Seals’ main diet are fish. Seals are dying out because of diet loss, causing polar bears’ to almost be wiped out completely too. Polar bears’ are now thinner than they were years ago. 20
    6. 6. Golden Toads are already, sadly, extinct. They vanished suddenly because of climate change. The ponds of water they relied on all dried up. Normally on their mating season these toads meet in a temporary water pool. The last male golden toad was seen in 1989. Golden Toads
    7. 7. Wildlife in Britain Britain has the second mildest winter ever recorded! Wildlife in Britain are coming out of their shelters’ way too early than usual. They’re getting caught out by cold snaps and wet weather. Because of that, many young animals are dying.
    8. 8. Turtles Turtles depend on their type of gender according to the temperature. Since the earth is getting warmer there would be more female turtles in our world, but that’s not all! Most of the turtles lay their eggs on the beach. Since the sea levels are rising beaches will disappear soon!
    9. 9. The End Words and Sentences By: Tsz Shun Pictures Gathered: Yahoo and Google Roles By: Fadilla Information: Yahoo and Google