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Accelerated Evolution Consulting: describing why you would need to retain us to transform your business; the context and the purpose for your business transformation

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Accelerated Evolution Brochure 091214

  1. 1. strategy for an evolving world strategy & organisation consulting
  2. 2. To thrive in our rapidly changing world, you need to lead the way with sustain-agility Sustain-agility is: • Expanded strategic thinking that encompasses intuitive knowing and rational analysis • Swift, effective response to emerging conditions • Robust decision-making in the face of uncertainty • Eagerness for learning, innovating and creating new opportunities • Conscious intent for long-term viability • Navigation of the interconnected, complex systems in which we operate sensing: awareness: Create a vision that Where are you now? What is excites and terrifies you – the brutal honesty of your what do you really want? present circumstances? reflection: mobilisation: What happened and what How do you stop yourself The accelerated evolution from moving to the front can you learn about yourself, others and the strategy process of your chair? What do you system you are in? for sustain-agility tell yourself that you should or should not be or do? implementation: action: In the midst of ‘getting What experiments can you things done’, how do try that would move you give your power away? you closer to your vision?
  3. 3. Where are you now and where do you need to be? Business as usual is insufficient to deliver the outcomes required of us all. To thrive, individuals and organisations must develop themselves to become resilient, have the capacity to adapt and create a sustainable future. Accelerated Evolution Consulting is an innovative strategy practice that assists your organisation to respond with dynamic ongoing effectiveness to the demands of our rapidly evolving world. Use the diagram on these pages to self-assess. security efficiency conventional compliance rational delegation process entrepreneurship hierarchy
  4. 4. accelerated evolution takes your business from under-performing and risk-focused to responsive, resilient and adaptive. compassion values relationship relational democracy achievement partnership improvement
  5. 5. legacy ethical governance wisdom effectiveness flexibility sustain-agile resilience dialogue whole-systems-thinking creativity accelerated evolution: expertise in the psychology of strategy and business transformation • We build your capability to think strategically from multiple relevant perspectives and paradigms • We skill you to be more effective and robust in your key business relationships • We support you to decide and act with courage and creativity in the emerging environment • We facilitate you to create immediate value through application of your new strategic thinking and relationship skills in your business, on your business
  6. 6. Our purpose is to leave the world a better place not merely to do no harm. accelerated evolution provides you with the sustain-agility you need. Contact accelerated evolution to discuss how to create sustain-agile strategy, more adaptive capacity and organisational resilience Brent Sheridan Director +61 437 064 209 Michelle Bloom Director +61 402 741 616 Sabine Simmonds Director +61 421 216 971 Philip Oldfield Director +61 418 119 749 acn. 139 459 073 Environmental Choice logo GPO Box 2304 Sydney NSW 2001 Australia This has been printed waterless on recycled paper and is produced 100% carbon neutral.