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Architectural Rendering, Graphic Design, Video Production, Identity and Branding, Photography, Drawing

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Tyler Potts Portfolio

  1. 1. Tyler Potts, BFA / MArch Thesis Concept Illustrations City Stages 2012: Envisioning Seattle Center and the Event Landscape Involve Everyday Experts: Flier Collage featured in Future of Cities book Networked Centers: Cultural Connections through virtual and real landscapes
  2. 2. Tyler Potts, BFA / MArch Thesis Photo Collages Sketching Event Spaces: Recreation and Play that Temporarily Inform Places Hybrid Evolution: Public Space with Multiple Uses Over Time Existing Stages: Explorations in Performer Audience Relationships & Interaction
  3. 3. Tyler Potts, BFA / MArch Thesis Site Vignettes Layered Landscape Section Overlapping Paths Adaptable Spaces
  4. 4. Tyler Potts, BFA / MArch Presentation Drawings Tectonic Studio
  5. 5. Tyler Potts, BFA / MArch Graphic Design UW Architecture - “Man is Column is Tree” The Positive Project - Interactive DVD & Packaging Coffee Mug Recycled Sticker Logo Fresh Produce Clothing Logo
  6. 6. Tyler Potts, BFA / MArch Publication Design Cover and Inside Cover Photos Layout of Article Spread
  7. 7. Tyler Potts, BFA / MArch Website Design Bija Bennett, Flash Intro www.emotionalyoga.com Seattle Center Vision Statement We are the nation's best gathering place. Supported by the people of Seattle, we are home to the finest cultural and educational organizations, sports teams, festivals, community programs and entertainment facilities. We exist to delight and Vision Statement inspire the human spirit in each person and bring Seattle Center us together as a rich and varied community. 2025 World’s Fair Living History Seattle Center Goals Native Duamish * The nation's best gathering place. Pre ‘62 World’s Fair * The cultural and community heart of the city. * Financially successful through entrepreneurial After the Fair spirit and public stewardship. 21st Century Center * A great place to work. 2025 The Complex Timeline Thesis Concept Website Valle Scholarship Research Blog, 2007
  8. 8. Tyler Potts, BFA / MArch Website Design Thesis Website Concept Page Johnston Architects Website Novustone Website and Photography
  9. 9. Tyler Potts, BFA / MArch Video Art Link Light Loop, 2008 12 Channel Video Installation w/Susie Philipsen A call for entries was put out by Sound Transit to fill the soon-to-be-demolished storefronts on Broadway in Capital Hill, Seattle. The new light rail station that will be built there was used as inspiration for this piece which features videos shot from moving vehicles around the world. The installation was up from September through mid November 2008.
  10. 10. Tyler Potts, BFA / MArch Video Production and Installation Maya Lin Documentary and Installation, Henry Art Gallery This project began as a class assignment to design an installation for the Henry to showcase the work of Maya Lin. After being involved with the class in com- ing up with a concept for the room, I was responsible for interviewing Lin and assembling a two screen, 12 minute video documentary on her work leading up to the exhibition. I was involved with the project from start to finish, compiling visual and audio material, editing video, authoring dvd’s and installating projectors.
  11. 11. Tyler Potts, BFA / MArch Event Design An Evening of Chance Operations, 2002 Senior Project, University of Denver This event featured six performers, a live video mix, two interactive visuals controlled by the audience and two hand painted film stations.
  12. 12. Tyler Potts, BFA / MArch Experimental Photography Single
  13. 13. Tyler Potts, BFA / MArch Figure Drawing