Computers in the Classroom


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Should we have so much technology in the classroom?

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Computers in the Classroom

  1. 1. Computers and Online Education have become more prominent in the past 5 years than ever before. It’s important to give students the tools they need to learn; while at the same time keeping them safe, evaluating the pros/cons, and monitoring the effects of technology in the classroom. These added tools provided today’s students and teachers with more opportunity for growth and bigger responsibilities.
  2. 2. Main Menu: Computers in the Classroom  Promoting Safety with Computer Access  Pros & Cons of Online Learning  Effects of Technology in the Classroom Click on any of the links above to see information on the specific subject matter.
  3. 3. Promoting Safety with Computer Access  i-Safe America is a nonprofit organization out of Carlsbad, California whose mission is to “educate and empower America’s youth to safely and responsibly use the Internet.”  $3.5 million dollars has been approved by congressional leaders to implement this safety tool in schools nation wide.  i-Safe lesson plans will be delivered by teachers and are offered as a five part program  In a pilot program one student reported suspicious behavior by their own teacher, who was then removed. McKinley,Shay K. Campaign Promotes Safe, Responsible Internet Use for Students. 12/01/2002 from The Journal promotes-safe-responsible-internet-use-for- students.aspx?sc_lang=en
  4. 4. Promoting Safety with Computer Access  Proactive measures are needed as FBI statistics show that child pornography and the sexual exploitation of children online is the most significant problem it faces!  “If you consider how many kids use the Internet, it has far surpassed the use of the telephone,” Schr’eder says. “It’s the only place where adults and children mix in the same place unsupervised.”  For more information on i-Safe America, contact (760)754-5600 or visit: i-Safe Inc McKinley,Shay K. Campaign Promotes Safe, Responsible Internet Use for Students. 12/01/2002 from The Journal promotes-safe-responsible-internet-use-for- students.aspx?sc_lang=en
  5. 5. Promoting Safety with Computer Access Personal Reflection A-ha Moment  I think that there is a place in the classroom  In the very first pilot of this i-Safe America for computers. It’s our responsibility to make course a teacher was removed from the sure we are preparing students for the real classroom. I think that says a lot for how often world. However, it’s very important to ensure we are unaware of the predators around us. we are also providing a safe learning  I was shocked to read that one in five children environment. receive sexual solicitations, materials, or are  Being proactive is the best policy when dealing approached by sexual predators online and with our students and possible predators. This that it’s one of the FBI’s biggest problems. This is the biggest reason I would support a tool is definitely an eye-opener on why a proactive such as i-Safe America in my classroom. education program would be needed in the schools.  Being an adult you forget the simple fears you had when you were younger. Some kids may fear computer privileges would be taken away if they told their parents about being approached online. I like that i-Safe America provides an additional outlet.
  6. 6. Pros & Cons of Online Learning Pros:  Online learning is a wondering tool for students in distant locations.  Promotes open and interactive environment. Cons:  There has been little research conducted to evaluate the effectiveness of student comprehension with online-only learning.  Teachers are unable to learn the individual learning differences and help to facilitate growth. Online VS Classroom Education Retrieved 12/13/2009 http://www.technical-vocational-
  7. 7. Pros & Cons of Online Learning Summary:  There are always going to be advantages and disadvantages to every type of teaching and learning environment. Students understand material in all different ways and as educators we should offer many methods to reach all students.
  8. 8. Pros & Cons of Online Learning Personal Reflection A-ha Moment  I agree with the summary page that most all  A good point was made about how teachers learning methods have advantages and cannot recognize the differences between disadvantages. Personally, I like a classroom students online. Point well made for a con to environment…but I do see and appreciate the online teaching! online possibilities.
  9. 9. Effects of Technology in the Classroom  This article states that technology use allows many more students to be actively thinking about information, making choice, and executing skills than is typical in teacher-led lessons.  Teachers are becoming more like ‘facilitators’ and guiding students through their own personal online-journey.  Students that are shy or do not excel in general topics may find great success at an online-option and lesson plans.  Per this article some teachers are seeing more motivation from kids that are excited to be on a computer and doing something that maybe their parents don’t know how to do. Effects of Technology on Classrooms and Students Retrieved 12/13/2009 students.html
  10. 10. Effects of Technology in the Classroom  Studies show that even elementary students are gaining computer skills that build confidence about being able to learn new tools and how to take initiative to figure out a problem on their own.  “More complex assignments” are being handed down to students and they are having success because of the technology in the classroom.  Technology in the classroom is helping to get students out of the classroom for resources. In the past, the books in a library have been the main source of resources…now students have quicker, simplistic methods of finding data for projects. Effects of Technology on Classrooms and Students Retrieved 12/13/2009 students.html
  11. 11. Effects of Technology in the Classroom Personal Reflection A-ha Moment  In the real world I see so many example of  I am not a huge supporter of technology being ‘management’ just telling ‘employees’ to figure a main focus in the classroom. I feel that a things out. I know that teaching yourself can teacher that is relying on the computer too lead to a great understanding of what it is you much could easily lead to a bigger gap in racial are doing…but with young children I still think and gender educational issues. personal, face-to-face, teacher-led lesson plans  However, I think back to my days in of traditional studies is the best method. elementary school when I first played with the  I do believe we should be integrating Oregon Trail and I loved it. I was learning computers and technology into the classroom some basic computer skills…but I had such a little by little. However, having students since of acomplishment. I really felt good communicate and learn mostly with about school during those days, it’s crazy that I technology is ignorant in my eyes. can remember so much about that one online  Students need to have social interaction, yearn experience. to be outside/learn in nature, and be led down  Maybe I am just ‘old school’ and need to see a an educational path. Once they are older (past students face light up when they complete an elementary level) they can have certain assignment online. I think getting hands on freedoms associated with online education. experience will make me appreciate the technology in the classroom more!
  12. 12. Computers and technology can be a great addition to the classroom. I believe that you must first keep the students safe, keep traditional lessons the main focal point, and keep an open- mind about new technologies coming into the classroom.