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  • Note: This is the start of PEOPLE section
  • Note: This is the start of PROPOSED SOLUTION section
  • Note: - Shape is inspired by time-capsule; The crack on the ground attracts attention and also elicit feeling that this is a machine that has either fallen from the heavens or emerged from the earth (buried time capsules)
  • Note: This is the start of OVERVIEW section Quick technology description (1 line) A 720 degree audio-visual immersion incorporated with Microsoft Natal and voice detection technology. Reason for this technology, a combination of the following A 720 degree audio-visual immersion is immersive enough to “transform” the user back to the past Voice detection is to avoid the problem of dirtying the screen and it carries metaphorical meaning of going back to the past Microsoft Natal is a new game technology which portrays a image that the device is meant for the youth (GEN Y), furthermore, the multi-sensor solve the problem of dirty touch screen and putting a remote (similar to Wii) for the users What it should help with? National Heritage Board: acts as a form of awareness and publicity Gen Y: awareness of the past Why it is important? The combination of all 3 technologies helps to engage the user in a much more immersive and interactive user experience. Users will be able to learn as they play. Which not only an interesting experience but also time saving for the hectic Gen Y What impact should this technology have? Change the way education of history should be. We hope that this technology can extend its arm to other educational sector.
  • Note: This is the start of ACTIVITIES section
  • Note: This is the start of CONTEXT section Context: Outside Central Shopping Mall by river side (just outside Azabu Sabo Ice Cream Stall & near steps into river) Clarke Quay area suitable given its reputation as a hip and favourite place for Gen Y-ers to relax, hence its location there strategically maximize visibility and capture their attention MORE IMPORTANTLY, Clarke Quay plays a significant part in Singapore’s history through its location as a former trading hub in early Singapore AND has experienced a dramatic change over the years (from old warehouses to swanky new entertainment and F&B establishments) Physical: geographically best location since we are doing a history on the place itself (user find it appropriate due to rich history, members of target audience are) User enter the phone booth, the external noise around Clarke Quay will be filter out Social: Users enter the booth by themselves, thus they can focus on the activities fully (not being districted by anyone) Voice instruction will also be available to instruct individual users on the actions to perform. Cultural: The technology used supports the lifestyle of the Gen Y. (Gen Y are fast pace, physically active, Hectic, tech savvy) (users also claim that they have no time)
  • Note: This is the start of PROPOSED SOLUTION section
  • Problems: Firstly, both users and non-users might simply hog the booth and prevent others from enjoying it Secondly,the problem with voice activation might not be sensitive to the different accents. Thirdly, our solution may not capture everyone within the Gen Y population, for example, our Muslim friends and general nonparty-goers. And lastly, it can be expensive to build and maintain our booth
  • Criticism of solution Pose these as 2 questions to the class. For example: “ We’d like to hear what you think about the limitations of the impact of this twitter-based application. We think it will not be able to reach all of the intended audience because… etc.” Think of this as a way to leverage the ~25 brains in the audience to help improve your project for the next step of this class.
  • Nm2216 Project Presentation (Dw1 6) (V6)

    1. 1. DW 1-06 Xu Yongchuan Alan U071873X Donna Samuel U077143M Lasanthi Bandara U064620W Ritchie Goenawan U064293L THE TELEPHONE BOOTH The Definitive Time Machine for Today’s Youths in Singapore
    3. 3. Tech-savvy Hectic Lives Pragmatic Solution must BE STATE-OF-THE-ART Solution must NOT be TIME CONSUMING Solution must HAVE FUN & INCENTIVES Why are they NOT interested in Local Heritage? <ul><li>Time constraint </li></ul><ul><li>See culture as not interesting or relevant </li></ul>
    4. 4. A Telephone Booth that transports YOU across time through an immersive experience with motion interactivity
    5. 5. LCD Screen SingTel Payphone Motion Sensor hidden behind screen Lit Dome when occupied ‘ Cracked Ground’
    7. 7. 3 TECHNOLOGIES FOR AN IMMERSIVE, INTERACTIVE AND ENGAGING EXPERIENCE ‘ Full Surround ’™ audio-visual immersion incorporated with Microsoft ‘ Natal ’ motion sensors & voice activation technology <ul><li>Closest experience to time-travelling </li></ul><ul><li>Payphone = Prior User Experience + Symbolic Link to Past </li></ul><ul><li>Sensor Tech (‘Natal’)  Image compatible with Gen-Y Youth </li></ul>RATIONALE BENEFITS IMPORTANCE <ul><ul><li>Appealing experience </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>Convenience </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>Play as you learn </li></ul></ul>IMPACT OF PROPOSED TECHNOLOGY Change the cultural education landscape
    8. 9. Before 1819 During 1819 During 1840 During 1952
    9. 10. Immersed in the hustle and bustle of Clarke Quay as a Trading Hub Key Event: Raffles refuse to move business sector to ‘new’ Keppel Harbour
    10. 11. Hip and favourite place for Gen Y-ers Dramatic change over the years Let Clarke Quay speak for itself External noise filtered Focus on the activities Technology link to target user Why Clarke Quay Riverside? Physical Context Social Context Cultural Context
    11. 12. WHAT DID OUR INTERVIEWEES SAY? Immersive Innovative Not Time-Consuming Type of technology that Gen Y is comfortable with 1 Edutainment 2 Make heritage more relevant through multisensory experience 3
    12. 13. NO SOLUTION IS EVER PERFECT Booth ‘ Hogging ’ 1 Imperfect Voice Input Detection 2 Limited coverage of all segments of target group 3 Expensive to build and maintain 4
    13. 14. Thank you for your attention! Any Questions?
    15. 16. Vandalism? National Archive of Singapore Technician Vandalism? Faulty? Maintenance and management Contribution of data Device Media Development Authority Authorization/ Approval Museums Friendly help! Capital Investment Tourist Local Users Education/Public good Wow! What a rich culture Singapore has! Conceptual design : Who is affected Government
    16. 17. User Device Animation 720 Degree curved LCD screen Voice-recognition System Motion sensors displays Parts of Narration