Mike giblin 6th grade projet


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Mike giblin 6th grade projet

  1. 5. Fruit and yogurt parfait has only 160 calories. Fruit and yogurt parfait has only 2g of fat. The cold stone shake has 2010 calories. It all so has 131g of fat (68g saturated,2.5g trans)880mg sodium 153g sugars.
  2. 6. “ Foods That Can Cause Obesity” Want to know how much calories are in McDonald french-fries. McDonalds large fries have 500 calories and 30 grams of fat. That’s a lot for 1 portion of fries! You should only eat McDonalds once in awhile not a lot. If you eat it a lot you could become obese really quickly. You should try to eat something more healthy.
  3. 7. “ What To Eat And Not To Eat” A double cheese burger from McDonald and 421 calories. That’s a lot for 1 cheese burger. But you could eat 2 grilled chickens. But grilled chicken is only 150 calories. That’s not a lot you could have 2 of them but you can only have 1 double cheese burger.
  4. 8. Drink sugar? But a bottle of water has 0 calories 0 grams of fat 0 grams of sugar . You could have as many bottles of water as you want. A monster drink has over 100 grams of sugar in side of it. That’s 12 teaspoons in 1 drink.
  5. 9. How much calories are in a snickers. There are 271.03 calories in one snickers bar. Holly cow that’s a lot! Who would want to eat that,
  6. 10. “ The bad places to eat at” People can become obese from eat in a lot of McDonalds. It has tons of calories in it. Just try to watch out for it. Try to get salad instead of a cheese burger.
  7. 11. Air pop pop corn is a good healthy snack. There are 31 calories in 1 cup of air pop pop corn.