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Vehicle Theft Timeline Worksheet


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Vehicle Theft Timeline Worksheet

  1. 1. VEHICLE THEFT INVESTIGATION TIMELINE Claim:________________________________ Date/Time/Source Date Vehicle Purchased: Date Vehicle Inspected: Date Vehicle Registered: Date Coverage was Sought: Policy Effective Date: Date of Last Car Payment Actually Made: Date of Last Policy Payment Actually Made: Date Car Payment Due Before Theft: Date Policy Payment Due Before Theft: Date Notice of Intent to Cancel was sent to Insured: Date/Time owner notified that repo was pending: Est. date that owner rec'd Notice of Intent to Cancel: Date/Time of Insured's Most Recent Inquiry re: coverage: Date/Time Last Seen By Independent Witness: Date/Time Last Seen Intact by Anyone: Date/Time Discovered Missing: Policy Expire/ Lapse/Terminate Date/Time: Date/Time Insured first notified/questioned anyone: Date/Time Reported Stolen to Insurance Carrier Date/Time Reported Stolen to Police: Date/Time Recovered: Date/Time Owner Notified of Recovery: Date/Time Owner notified carrier of Recovery: Seattle Insurance & Legal Investigations (206) 992-1555 Copyright 2006