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4-Many Peoples: Megaliths


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From the Paradigm Project hosted by AAPS (Ancient Artifact Preservation Society) at their conferences, is this cutting edge educational for the taking and sharing! This is part four of a series of educational presentations on ancient travels of people, of cultures, of adventurers, traders, businessmen and fortune hunters. People traversed the globe in ancient days..this is the beginning of some of the evidence. MEGALITHIC PEOPLES and their WONDERFUL STONE STRUCTURES.

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4-Many Peoples: Megaliths

  2. 3. The Megalithic Culture Of Atlantic Europe Exploring the Backside of the Earth, 6500 BC to 1200 BC Known science: Declination of 23 degrees, Reading of Latitudes, with Jacob’s Staff Loughcrew Petroglyphs (Ireland), 3200 BC, Stonehenge I (England), 3200 BC, The discoveries of the Faroes, Iceland, and Greenland Stonehenge III (England), 2000 BC, Discovery of New continents in the West American Stonehenge (New Hampshire), 2000 BC A Map of Atlantic Ocean, for teaching the return route Lagatjar (Brittany, France), 1600 BC Commemorating the Crossing of the Labrador Sea Ref: How the SunGod Reached America c.2500 BC Reinoud de Jonge & Jay S. Wakefield
  3. 4. 23 degrees (Mixter, Celestial Navigation )
  4. 6. Tool for determination of Latitude (Lisbon Maritime Museum)
  5. 7. Loughcrew (Co. Meath, Ireland)
  6. 8. Cairn T (Suzy Wakefield)
  7. 9. Cairn T (Loughcrew, Ireland, 3200 BC)
  8. 10. Groundplan of passage grave in Cairn T, Loughcrew
  9. 11. Endstone C8
  10. 12. ENDSTONE C9
  11. 13. ROOF STONE
  12. 14. STONEHINGE Via Google Earth
  13. 18. America’s Stonehenge, formerly “Mystery Hill” (North Salem, New Hampshire, 2200 BC)
  14. 19. America’s Stonehenge (North Salem, N.H.)
  15. 21. Midsummer solstice Alignment ( University of Pennsylvania)