Thesis Preparation Project


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Thesis Preparation Project

  1. 1. PORTABLE DESIGN OFFICE ONE NORTH DEARBORN BUSINESS COMPLEX AND FURNITURE SHOWROOM By: Alicia Corcilius Wednesday, April 18, 2007 Instructor: Limia Shunia Harrington College of Design
  2. 2. ANALYSIS
  3. 3. Portable Design Who We Are: Our company is deeply rooted in its history. Since the very founding of the company in 1965 by Emmett Fitzgerald proposed our current work ethic of innovation in furniture design, which is a reflection of our company overall. What We Believe: Modernity is a design aesthetic that we portray in all of our furniture designs, as we believe in the honesty of materials and lack of ornamentation. Specifically, all Portable designs utilize natural materials, such as rattan, bamboo, woven peel, solid teak, laced rawhide, and Oriental hardwoods. Each carefully designed piece is meant to be convertible from porch furniture to living room furniture. Design: Our relationship with Designers in the field of Interior Design has helped aid in the progress of our creativity. They give our people a new insight to what furniture design can be. Innovation: Often not the design intent, innovation has been a part of Portable’s history. Our research and willingness to meet our customer’s needs drives our designs to change shape. We believe in taking risks and encourage each member of our design team to experiment with materials, and processes to design solutions to solve each problem given to them. Operational Excellence: The client’s needs are of great concern to us, as we try to maintain and organize our business. Our customers are not only concerned with manufacturing, delivery, instillation, and ongoing service; they are concerned with our reliability and their relationship with Portable. From our dealers, to our manufacturers, to our vendors, each and every division of our company puts the customer first. CLIENT What We Do: We study living environments and design and deliver products to make these spaces function better. Where We Are: Our furniture is available to homeowners and companies worldwide. Our international retail store locations include both Paris and London. In the United States, we have retail store locations in Washington DC, Michigan, and New York, just to name a few. Our newest location is opening in Chicago, Illinois on Dearborn Street. Our trade showrooms are only open to design professionals, although the public is welcome to browse. These include showrooms in California, where our headquarters is located, New York, Illinois, and Washington.
  4. 4. One North Dearborn In analyzing my project and its spatial needs, I have drawn conclusions on which of the proposed four floor plates I would like to begin planning in. I believe that the One North Dearborn building will be Floor Functions/ Square Quantity Total Square the best area to plan in to fit McGuire’s office needs. Number Areas Footage Footage The total square footage per floor is forty-five to fifty thousand square feet, which will provide for an open 1 Entrance 64 1 64 interior. One North Dearborn also has a more open interior because there aren’t as many interior 1 Reception 4,378 1 4,378 columns. Due to the fact that the building is in the BUILDING ANALYSIS 1 Furniture 11,087 1 11,087 heart of the city, there is nearby transportation. Overall, the building fits in the fabric of the street and Showroom what exists currently on Dearborn. 1, 2 Lounge Area 2,259 2 4,518 2 Café 1,970 1 1,970 2 Gathering Space 3,197 1 3,197 3 Images Area 1,887 1 1,887 3 Game Room 2,288 1 2,288 3 Exercise Room 2,516 1 2,516 3 Music Listening 3,316 1 3,316 Station 1, 2, 3 Bathrooms 80 3 240 1, 2, 3 Storage Room 50 2 100 2, 3 Supply Room 10 2 20 1 Employee Coats 20 1 20 2, 3 File Cabinets 27 2 54 SUBTOTAL 35,655 Circulation 40% 14,262 GRAND TOTAL 49,917 SF
  5. 5. SITE PLAN
  7. 7. Bridge Landscape FIRST FLOOR EXPERIENCE MAP Creates Provides a point of connectivity interest or rest for within the space people’s visual as it spans it. perception. Growth Rings Displays the age of the tree in the form of rings. The showroom would therefore impart knowledge to customers about the company’s growth.
  8. 8. Campground SECOND FLOOR EXPERIENCE MAP Daylight Tents shelter one Plants in any sort of from the elements environment need a that occur in nature, source of energy, of such as rain and which, they receive gusty winds. This from the sun. Light is a area will provide a necessary element in more private, any space, and can be temporary dwelling applied here. for workers to settle. Herd Moving Like animals, we tend to travel in Environment groups, which helps (Interior stair that us feel more social. leads to each floor.) This space will be a collaborative area for the company.
  9. 9. Image Area THIRD FLOOR EXPERIENCE MAP Eye Path Visual stimulation is In nature animals an ever-present flock and migrate part of life. Putting towards various together scenes destinations. In the from past working world one experiences help must have trails to aid in the creative follow as well. process, which the workers here must encounter. Love Yurt Ambience For most animals in nature mating is In general nature almost like a game has an overall to get noticed by a mood or tone. In future mate. This this area, room will be a place employees will be for social able to relax and interaction to occur enjoy their within the working surroundings. environment.
  10. 10. The entryway of Portable Design’s office space will be a bridge, which spans from the main entry doors to the reception desk. BRIDGE VIGNETTE First Floor
  11. 11. In order to spark creativity, Portable Design’s office space includes a wall, which displays various images. IMAGE WALL VIGNETTE Third Floor
  12. 12. Spread throughout Portable’s office space, Yurts similar to this one, will serve as a destination point for employees. YURT VIGNETTE Third Floor
  13. 13. Image Wall Moving This area of the Environment Yurt building provides Overall one’s experience in this office one of the many Many of these environment is a nomadic journey. The ways employees of circular structures passage between floors becomes this Portable can get can be found walkway, which guides the population. inspiration for their throughout the The width of this element will also allow designs. building as they for impromptu meetings if necessary. relate to the temporary gathering space that the employees utilize. BUILDING SECTION Bridge This element of the office space demands attention as it occurs immediately as one enters the building.