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St Georges Day


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St Georges Day

  1. 1. St George's Day When is St George's Day? St. George's Day is on 23 April. It is England's national day. Who was St George? St. George is the patron saint of England. His emblem, a red cross on a white background, is the flag of England, and part of the British flag. St George's emblem was adopted by Richard The Lion Heart and St George's Emblem The Flag of England brought to England in the 12th century. The A symbol of England king's soldiers wore it on their tunics to avoid confusion in battle. Like England, every country in the UK has its own patron saint who in times of great peril is called upon to help save the country from its enemies.
  2. 2. Who was the real St George and what did he do to become England's patron saint? St George was a brave Roman soldier who protested against the Romans' torture of Christians and died for his beliefs. The popularity of St George in England stems from the time of the early Crusades when it is said that the Normans saw him in a vision and were victorious. Dragon-Slaying Patron Saint of England One of the best-known stories about Saint George is his fight with a dragon. But it is highly unlikely that he ever fought a dragon, and even more unlikely that he ever actually visited England. Despite this, St. George is known throughout the world as the dragon-slaying patron saint of England. St George is always depicted as a knight carrying a shield
  3. 3. with a red cross (or a banner with a red cross), generally sitting upon a horse and always killing a dragon St George, Patron Saint of Scouting On the Sunday nearest to 23 April, scouts and guides throughout England parade through high streets and attend a special St George’s Day service at their local church. Sevenoaks District St Georges Day Parade How does England celebrate St George's Day? By tradition, 23 April is the day for a red rose in the button hole, the national flower. However, unlike other countries, England does not celebrate it like Americans celebrate 4 July with fireworks. In fact, you are more likely to see bit St Patrick parades in England celebrating Ireland’s National Day, more than you would see any sign of St George’s Day being celebrated. For most people in England St George’s Day is just another ordinary working day. Interesting Facts  Despite the fact that St. George has been the patron saint of England since the 14th century, only one in five people know that St. George’s Day falls on 23 April.  More than a quarter of people living in England do not even know who their patron saint is!
  4. 4.  Shakespeare was born on 23 April 1564 and he died on the same day in 1616. Mummers Plays S t . G eo r g e fr e q u e nt ly a pp e a rs i n M u m m e rs ’ P l ay s d ur i n g E as t er a n d C hr is t m as c e l eb r at i o ns . M u m m e rs ’ Pl ay s h av e b e e n p e r f or m e d i n B r it a i n f or h u nd r e ds o f y e a rs . Th ey ar e f o lk d r a m as b as ed o n t h e l e g e n d o f St . G e or g e a n d t h e S ev en C h a m p i o ns o f C hr is te n d o m . EXERCISES: 1. Answer the following questions with your own words. (about 50 words for answer) a. How do they celebrate St George’s Day in England? b. What’s the most popular story about St George? c. How did St George become popular? 2. Check the following link and watch the video. Then, answer the questions: a. What are they demanding and why? b. Does it happen the same in your country? 3. Write a composition about the National Holiday in your country and compare it to St. George’s Day in England. (150-180 words)