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Jami Q Social media monitoring tool


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In your area of work you have recognized the growing importance of social media. There is much talk online surrounding a company's brand or products and these conversation affects the business. We would like to work with your on leveraging such data for making better business decisions.

Here at JamiQ, we have developed a tool that gathers conversations online and making it meaningful and relevant. Our tool help users take effective decisions for product strategy, brand management, consumer segmentation and product positioning.

JamiQ gets the most comprehensive data because we use the best sources out there. We are able to segment the conversations by market so that you get the relevant data. Our tool is able to break down the conversations for analysis of the share of voice. It is also multilingual, which is an important factor for countries outside of the U.S.

As an added service, we can provide custom reports with actionable insights that suits the client's requirements.

Our website is at
Our office number is +65-68363552
Here is a video of our recent talk :
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Jami Q Social media monitoring tool

  1. 1. Social Media Monitoring! (a.k.a Buzz Monitoring or Reputation Monitoring or Social Listening)! You have the brains, the plans, and the clients. All you need are the power tools.!
  2. 2. The Social Media JamiQ or the Agency Your Clientʼs get is talking about can easily use the data valuable insights your clientʼs to provide value-added and they trust you to brands, products, analysis which provides lead on digital services, and insights to clients! strategies and people! engagement! Possibly creating a new Blogs   stream of business that leads to other digital Forums   offerings!   News   JamiQ provide the tools to monitor and Social   measure online conversations 24/7 in Networks   real-time! (Too costly and difficult to be done by humans)!
  3. 3. What can I use JamiQ for?! (a.k.a What new packages can I sell?)! 1.  Perception Audits! 2.  Reputation Management! 3.  Crisis Monitoring! 4.  ROI Measurement! 5.  Discover Influencers! 6.  Messaging Research! 7.  Branding Research!
  4. 4. Why should I partner JamiQ?! (a.k.a What makes us so bloody great?)! 1.  Amazingly massive coverage! 2.  Multilingual monitoring! 3.  Intelligent market segmentation! 4.  Automated sentiment detection! 5.  Your intern may die trying this manually!
  5. 5. 1. Amazingly massive coverage! Invisible Web! Invisible Web! JamiQ uses a unique method to get data directly from search engines so we cover just about everything.! Google / 
 Google / 
 Search Engines! Search Engines! SMM Most SMM tools try to SMM
 Tools! mine data like search Tools! engines but can never cover everything.!
  6. 6. 2. Multilingual monitoring! Because JamiQ gets its data from search engines, we get coverage in every possible language too!!
  7. 7. 3. Intelligent market segmentation! JamiQ know that Sydney is in New South Wales, and that New South Wales is a state in Australia.!
  8. 8. 4. Automated sentiment detection! JamiQ uses advanced natural language processing technology to detect for sentiment in the text.!
  9. 9. 5. Donʼt abuse your interns! (a.k.a Can they read 500 new posts an hour?)! Popular topics can create more content than is humanly possible to read. Thatʼs where tools like JamiQ come in.!
  10. 10. How much does JamiQ cost?! (a.k.a Please donʼt burst my budget)!
  11. 11. Consulting with your provides a powerful clients to help them automated understand the social dashboard that media and the helps you monitor advantages of and measure the monitoring! social media in real- time! Training your staff to make full use of our software including Detailed analysis of Customized reports your data by trained to suite the needs of keyword professionals your clients including selection, data spotting trends, corporate branding, manipulation, understanding colors, charts, and management! impact, and highlights in Excel and discovering insights! PowerPoint!
  12. 12. All our services on one page! Product Plans" Data Analysis" Customized Reports" Consulting & Training" Starter (1 Topic)! Perception Audits! Excel Reports! Staff Training! Expert (10 Topics)! Reputation Management! PowerPoint Reports! Co-Pitching! Pro (50 Topics)! Crisis Monitoring! Word Reports! Client Education! Max (100 Topics)! ROI Measurement! PDF Reports! Managed! Discover Influencers! Corporate Colors! Messaging Research! Corporate Branding! Branding Research! Decision Support! Market Validation! Campaign Benchmarking!
  13. 13. Now you know where to get me! Benjamin Koe" Employee No. 3! JamiQ!! +65 91817128!!