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The Armed Force Management Programme 10 at MDI Gurgaon, is an Exclusive Executive Management Programme for experienced officers of Armed Forces(Army, Air Force & Navy), opting for a corporate career transformation.


No of participants : 70 (02 placed before completing programme, 17 Placed by Placement Process)
Age profile : 27 Years to 57 Years (Details on Site)
Experice Profie : 05 Years to 34 Years (Details on Site)

Talent Available for Senior & Middle level Managerial Positions of HRM, Operations Management, Supply China Management Logistics, Marketing, Customer relationship management, Telecommunication, IT & Sys Management, Infrastructure Project management, Quality Management, Education, Training and Development, Administration/Facility Management, Shipbuilding, Security Management, Banking/Finance/insurance, BPO Operations and HR, Hospitality/Travel/Tourism, Consultancy, etc.

It is needless to emphasize the upbeat attributes of the armed forces officers.

Concatct :
Ashutosh Bahuguna +91-9891588953 (Member of Programme Placement Committee)

SMS ‘PT’ to 9891588953 Or E-Mail ‘PT’ in subject to –We will contact You

Download Brochure (3.75mb):

The E-brochure has inbuilt navigation for optimum information visibility &quick reference.

For latest placement updates please visit website:

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  1. 1. MDI ashutoshbg Browsing Links For easy ‘Click’ navigation Quick Reference Optimization People Who Find A Way… Or Will Make One… Armed Forces Management Programme Xth Batch Post Graduate Certificate in Business Management (Dual Specialization) Management Development Institute March 2009 at All rights reserved. Only for use by Armed Forces Management Programme 10, MDI Gurgaon. This document is an original creation of Ashutosh Bahuguna. Unauthorized copy of design or content of the document is not permitted. +91-9891588953
  2. 2. Index Profile Snippets : Experience>30|23-30|17-21|10-14|6-9|5-6| List of Participants Competency wise listing Contact Info PG Certificate in Business Management (Dual Specialization) MDI, Gurgaon INDEX SELECT VIEW TO 100% TO (Click on white text for Navigation) ENHANCE QUICK BROWSING Serial No Content Page No Profile Snippets of All Participants 1 One Liner Insight to all Participants (with links to individual profiles) Management Development Institute 2 & Armed Forces Management Programme 10 A brief about to MDI Conduct, Course Content & Faculty Message 3 Message to recruiters from Director General Resettlement, Ministry of Defence & Director MDI Participant Information 4 Experience Profile, Age Profile, Qualification Profile & Competency Profiling of Programme Participants (with link to lists of competency wise area of interest) List of Participants 5 List of all participants of the course with experience age and previous service(Army/Air Force/Navy) Profiles of Participants 6 Photograph, Experience, Qualifications, Specialization & Competencies Competency Wise Talent Availability 7 Competency wise compiled lists of ‘area of interest’ of all participants. Corporate Presence 8 List of companies who have employed armed forces officers of previous programmes and other recruiters at MDI. Contact Information 10 Contact details of Placement Team Index Profile Snippets : Experience>30|23-30|17-21|10-14|6-9|5-6| List of Participants Competency wise listing Contact Info 1 | Page
  3. 3. Profile Snippets : Page 1 of 6 (Click on Photograph/Name for Profile) Experience Wise Navigation << < Above 30:Pg1 23-30:Pg2 16-21:Pg3 10-14:Pg4 6-9:Pg5 5-6:Pg6 > >> Devinder Singh(55) : 33 Years in Air Force RS Dabbas(56): 33 Years in Army Principal Director of Indian Air Force Offensive Dy Director for Indian Army Technical training. Operation. Commanded an Air Force base (CEO) Strategic control of technical Resources including with 3500 Personnel. Handpicked for dealing with manpower. Technical maintenance of critical European nations on a foreign assignment. HR, high altitude SCM. Programme head of R&D. Admin, Ops & Strategic Planning experience. Commanded(CEO) of Technical workshop. Specialization Previous Qualifications: MSc(Defence Studies) Defence Specialization Previous Qualifications : M Tech-IIT Karahgpur(Distinction). - HR Services Staff College, Qualified Flying Instructor. - Operations B Tech. Diploma In Management(Technical). - Operations Commanded Air Base. Director of Indian Fighter Operations. - Marketing RC Mahato(55): 33 Years in Army Paramjit Singh Gill (54) : 34 Years in Army Cross functional experience in strategic planning, Planning & conduct of training and admin operations, technical support, HRM, administration of 600 personnel. Equipment Management & and logistics. Managed Operations of 27 different Vital facility Management. Organized NCC Tech units with 3000 personnel. Evaluated high end Camps at National Level. Managed CSD & Ex- Electronics, communication eqpt and vehicles. Servicemen medical benefits. Specialization Previous Qualifications: M Tech(Computer digital systems), Specialization Previous Qualifications :Senior Command Course - HR Bsc Eng (Elect), PG Diploma Communications engineering, - HR to plan & execute war plans. Graduate NDA. - Operations Mets systems, Vaisala, Helsinki. - Operations Vinod Kumar Sobti(56): 34 Years in Air Force Sureshwar Singh Hada(57) : 34Years in Air Force Budgeting and contract management of old and Commanded(CEO) of two medical units. new Radars costing approx Rs 4000. Conceptualized Administration & HR of paramedical teams. repairs&spares management of all radars. Healthcare Manger. Experience in emergency Commanded(CEO) Training Unit. Supply Chain response and disaster management. Flaw less Management of spares. medical examinations of over 7000 candidates Specialization Previous Qualifications : BE ( Elect)- Bangalore University. Specialization for recruitment. - Operations MBA-Madurai Kamraj University. Masters in - HR Previous Qualifications : MBBS - Marketing Management Sciences -Osmania University. - Operations MD (Alternative Medicine) Amresh Bhatnagar (54) : 33 Years in Army Sanjiv Alipuria(54) : 32 Years Army Complete HR and work Management experience. Director in Defence Headquarters for Electro/ Commanded (CEO) of artillery combat unit in Mechanical Engineering related works such as inhospitable environment. Evaluation of state of power house, fire fighting a/c plant etc. art equipment. Inventory Management in J&K . Commander Works Engineers(Regional Head). Financial & Quality control in project management. Commanded(CEO) a road construction unit. Specialization Previous Qualifications : PGDHRM HRD from Balaji Specialization Previous Qualifications : BE (Electrical), PG Diploma - HR Institute of Modern Management, Pune. - HR in Computer software technology, ET&T Ltd., - Operations BSc, Jawaharlal Nehru University. - Operations Fellow of Institute of Engineers, India. Surender Singh Sahasi(57) : 32 Years in Army Arvind Jha(55) :31 Years in Air Force Headed Hospital Administration of 600 beds hospital. 22 yrs as ENT Surgeon & Consultant ENT. Prof Local procurement of drug and essential medical & HOD ENT at Command Hospital. Additional equipment. Managed Medical Stores, Hospital Advisor ENT Armed Forces (South). PG Teacher& Logistics and Hospital Transport. Project Examiner. Internal Auditor ISO 9000-2001.Disisater Management of hospital construction. Planned and Mgmt, Hosp Admin & HR . SCM of Medical Stores. Specialization supervised Ex-servicemen health benefit schemes. Specialization Previous Qualifications : MBBS:,MS (ENT), NABH Assessor - HR Previous Qualifications :MBBS -RNT Med College, Rajasthan. - HR AIHMR Jaipur Jun 2008, Aviation Medicine IASM - Operations PGDHHM from IGNOU in Hospital and Health Management. - Marketing Bangalore since Mar 1981. Aircrew Medical, ENT Specialist. Balwinder Singh(53): 31 Years in Army Suresh Chandra Tyagi (53) : 31 Years in Army HR & Civil Works Management. Infrastructure Project Training, administration & employability of Management including utility services, AC and heating 900 personnel. Officer’s Instructor at a leadership plants, E&M Installations. inventory planning, Trg Institution. Disaster management in floods. Procurement & warehousing. Power generation Logistics support for man and material movement. Operations. Maintenance of Oil installations. Inventory Management of NCC. Specialization Previous Qualifications :BE (Electrical),PG- E & M Engg Specialization Previous Qualifications : M Sc Psychology . Adv Mgmt - HR MBA (Production Management), Financial Mgmt at IFM - HR course from AIM, Mussoorie. Attended programme in - Operations Faridabad. Vehicle & Plant Maint IOC Plant installation course. - Marketing Mass Media Communication from IIMC JNU, Delhi. Index Profile Snippets: Experience>30|23-30|17-21|10-14|6-9|5-6| List of Participants Competency wise listing Contact Info 2 | Page
  4. 4. Profile Snippets: Page 2 of 6 : (Click on Photograph/Name for Profile) Experience Wise Navigation << < Above 30:Pg1 23-30:Pg2 16-21:Pg3 10-14:Pg4 6-9:Pg5 5-6:Pg6 > >> Ravi Mandla(53) : 30 Years in Army SK Puri (56) : 30 Years in Army Supply chain management, administration, Superintending Engineer. Managed operations liaison and coordination with civil, Civil engg works, final bills and RARs & arbitration PSUs and government. Management of Electronic in court cases. High level inquiry of poor quality Base Depot . Warehousing Management. Demand Civil engineering works. Infrastructure Project forecasting of electronic equipment & Stores. Management at various levels. Specialization Previous Qualifications : B Com, Diploma in Hotel Mgmt Specialization Previous Qualifications : ME Civil Engg, PG Diploma in - Operations Advance Material Mgmt Course, PG Diploma in Computer - HR Desert Technology, Soil Testing and Foundation Engg - Marketing Software Technology from ET&T Russian Language Course - Operations Software technology and networking, Hydrology Engg. Surinder Singh(54) :30 years in Army Sudhir Kumar Jha(54) : 30 Years in Army Management of technical aviation HRM, Financial management, Equipment Operations. Handpicked for UN assignment. Management. Development of Network Centric DGM production of a workshop with 1200 people. Projects using global solutions. Developed and Time critical Maintenance management managed multi-skilled human resource as of helicopters in Kargil operations. Commanding Officer. Devised policies & Specialization Previous Qualifications : B E (Electrical), Junior Staff Course Specialization Directives and oversaw their implementation. - HR Officers Radio Equipment Course, Aviation Technology - HR Previous Qualifications : MBA (HRM), MSc (Tech) - Operations Course. - Operations Advance Works Study Course, PGDM , B Sc. Shambhu Nath Singh(54) : 29 Years in Air force Vishwamohan Prasad(54) :28 Years in Army Management of telecommunications, radio DGM&GM (Prod, Ops &HR) in an Army Industry. navigational equipment and transport aircraft Engineering Project management. Established maintenance. Material management & of Technical Trg of BOFORS & trained 1700 including aircraft spares in Integrated Material Management officers. Experience of Inventory management On Line System. Contract Management. Import HR & Industrial relation Management. Specialization substitution of equipment. Specialization Previous Qualifications : B.Tech, Master in Personal - HR Previous Qualifications : Bsc Engg (Electronics & Telecom), - Operations Mgmt (MPM), PG Diploma in Industrial Mgmt, Qualified - Marketing Msc (Military Science), Aeronautical Engineer's Course. - Marketing Instructor Bofors. Internal Auditor ISO 9000 -1999. Ramesh Chandra Gupta(53) : 27 Years in Army Jaldev Singh Dhankhar(46): 25 Years in Navy Strategist and implementer with extensive HR, Admin, Financial and Event Management in experience in administration, SCM/logistic & Navy. Conducted high level war games. Satellite Reverse logistics operations. Jt Director Army data warehousing and data mining. Motivational HQ. Project Manager, Missile Project Campaigns for recruitment. Life saving and handling DRDO. Instructor, College of Military Engg Of prisoners at high sea. Specialization Previous Qualifications : MBA (Materials), Japanese Mgmt Specialization Previous Qualifications : MBA (Finance), Professional - HR Techniques, ITM Mussoorie. Materials Packing&Preservation. - HR courses in Anti-Submarine Warfare, Air tactics & Trg - Operations Higher Ordnance Mgmt Course. Fire Fighting & Prevention. - Operations Management. Remote Sensing Technology NRSA, BA. Puneel Chander(47) : 25 Years in Navy Sandeep(46) :25 years in Army HR, Admin, Demand Forecasting, Equipment HRM, Security Operations, Administration, SCM, Procurement, SCM, and Aviation Management in & Project Management. Selection officers for navy. Spearheaded high value, multi million Dollar, Army talent acquisition. Commanded(CEO) multi vendor high technology project. Specialized of unit in high stress(militancy). Spearheaded Aviation training in India and abroad. Qualified project at national level for equipment induction. Specialization to instruct in aviation discipline. Specialization Previous Qualifications : Course in HRD, Group Testing - HR Previous Qualifications : Msc Def studies. - HR Officer (GTO) by DRDO. Admin and Commando from - Operations Pursuing MBA from IMT Ghaziabad. - Operations Premier Institutions. Courses in Leadership, Mgmt. Narinder Singh Dahiya(44) :23 Years in Army Sarang Galande(45): 23 Years in Navy Managed HR policies Career Planning, Grievance Directed operations, maintenance, logistics and Redressal and Administration of 2000 soldiers. administration on ships. SCM intensive amphibious Trained and mentored future officers (leaders) of Operations Mgmt. Strategic Planning for Navy. Demand forecasting, budget forecasting, Defence Forces at NDA, Pune and Infantry School, planning and management Mhow. Disaster management and internal security Specialization plans for Mumbai. Education and welfare Project Mgmt. Specialization Previous Qualifications : MSc (Disaster Management) - HR Previous Qualifications : MSc, University of Chennai (DSSC). - Operations Nuclear Biological Warfare, Damage Control & Fire Fighting - Operations Financial Management and Audit Course, ICISA, NOIDA. - Marketing First Responder's Trg Prog on Weapons of Mass Destruction Index Profile Snippets: Experience>30|23-30|17-21|10-14|6-9|5-6| List of Participants Competency wise listing Contact Info 3 | Page
  5. 5. Profile Snippets: Page 3 of 6(Click on Photograph/Name for Profile) Experience Wise Navigation << < Above 30:Pg1 23-30:Pg2 16-21:Pg3 10-14:Pg4 6-9:Pg5 5-6:Pg6 > >> SB Sharma(43) 21 Years in Army Sunil Sharma(46): 21 Years in Army Planned, Coordinated & Provisioned Experience in progressive managerial positions in Communication for large scale mobile operation. the cross functional fields of engineering support Budgeting, Planning, initiating and evaluating planning and resource management, of which proposals for communication and IT projects eleven years as head of technical units with more Selected engineers for Army talent acquisition. than 400 personnel, in each assignment. Specialization Project management of OFC linking of exchanges. Specialization Head of the technical manpower recruitment and - Operations Evaluation of HF, VHF, UHF communication equipment. - HR trained them to become a technical force in EME. - Marketing Previous Qualifications : B Tech (Elect and Comm), ADP (SAP) - Marketing Previous Qualifications : B.Sc from Delhi University A M Katarya(43) :20 Years in Army Ashish Tayal(43) : 20 Years in Army Jt Director at Ministry of Defence. Experience in Jt Director in M.O.D. Standardization of equipment. strategic planning, formulation of policies and MD equivalent HR, Admin, Eqpt, Facility and execution of plans at national level. SCM and Asset Mgmt of 850 personnel and 180 vehicles. procurement on PAN India basis. Manpower Instructor for technical managers. Operations Audit and planning. Vendor mgmt and quality Management. Intelligence gathering with police. Specialization Control. Computerized Inventory Control project. Specialization Previous Qualifications : M.B.A. (HR & Ops) IMT Gzb 2008, - HR Previous Qualifications : Higher Material Management Course, - HR B.E. (Mechanical), Technical staff course DIAT(DRDO), Pune. - Operations Diploma in Material Management, Security Course, MITS, Pune. - Operations Lead Auditor Course, ISO 9001 2000 Moody Int, London. Rajkumar, Shaurya Chakra( 43): 20 years in Army Rattan Singh(41) : 20 Years in Army Forming, handling and directing large team Operations . Director with M.O.D. Responsible for forecasting, Headed (CEO)Military Int Operations at Division planning, procuring, inventory mgt &SCM . Headed level comprising of 10,000 soldiers . Operations at 2 Organizations(CEO) in warehousing, inventory Brigade Level comprising of 3000 soldiers. & Asset management along with HR and Admin. heading Operations of G4S security services (India). Selecting officers for Army talent Acquisition. Specialization Previous Qualifications : Staff Officers Course, Military Int & Specialization Previous Qualifications : MBA ,PG (Mil Sc-Tech Staff College). - HR Trg School, Pune. HRD and Group Testing Methods (DRDO) - HR Diploma in ADP, BM & Lead Auditor ISO 9002. Advance - Operations BA (Economics) JNU Delhi (NDA). Operations Management. - Operations Material Mgt Course. Group Testing Officer's Course(DRDO) Thomas KS(48): 20 Years in Army Lokesh Chandra(43): 20 Years in Army Experience in state of the art Telecommunications HR Admin SCM & training. Project manger and IT equipment . Specialization in monitoring of Non-conventional energy. Qualified instructor in digital microwave and satellite commn. systems Telecommunication & Armaments. Large scale Telecom up-gradation Project Management. Event management. Multimedia utilization for HRD , Admin, Facility and Telecom management. Computer based training packages. Specialization Previous Qualifications : A D P (System Analyst and Specialization Previous Qualifications : Advance Diploma in Business Mgmt - HR Programmers) Course, Diploma in Linux from C-DAC. - Operations (IMT Ghaziabad), MSc in Armaments ,Multimedia and - Operations MA in Sociology. - Marketing animation from CDAC,Pune, MAT Sep08 Exam (96.5 %). Ashutosh Saxena(42) : 17 Years in Navy Sanjay Wadehra(41) : 17 Years in Navy Ship design & Shipbuilding, designing propulsion Managed major Projects (MEP/Power Plants/EPC) Subsystems . Planning, budgeting, tendering & contracting Six Sigma for output improvement. (950%) for propulsion equipment. Operation of shipboard Quality Mgmt Of industrial material machines in engineering machinery. Inventory Mgmt & Tech Production/ testing environment. Mgmt Policy formulation for marine maintenance. Innovation &Modifications for cost advantage. Specialization Previous Qualifications : M Tech (Mech) Classification & IMO Specialization Previous Qualifications : B Tech (Mech). Project Management - Operations Norms for Shipbuilding & Design - IRS, Mumbai. Programme - Operations & Com. IISc, Bangalore. Strat Mgmt IISc, Bangalore. Black - Marketing on Value Engg NITIE, Mumbai - Marketing Belt Six Sigma. Lead auditor ISO 9001,CII. PLC Ind Automation. Urmila Sahu(38): 16 Years in Air Force Lavjeet Kaur(37): 16 Years In Air force Specialized in operations of Telecommunication & HR head for 3000 troops. Evolved & IT Systems. Budgeting, Planning, initiating, evaluating implemented HR policies. Managed proposals for communication and IT projects. training and education of officers & cadets. Technical Trg in field of Telecommunication & IT. Conceptualized major civil works Network & IT security, IT infrastructure and Data Centre Mgmt. projects. Councilor for personnel and families. Specialization Previous Qualifications : B Tech(Electronics), Trg, in Indian Specialization Previous Qualifications : PG Diploma in Counseling - Operations Telephone Industry. Adv Course in IAF Communication Systems - HR PGDBA(HRM), PG Economics. - HR Course in Unix, Oracle DBA and Multimedia - Operations Index Profile Snippets: Experience>30|23-30|17-21|10-14|6-9|5-6| List of Participants Competency wise listing Contact Info 4 | Page
  6. 6. Profile Snippets: Page 4 of 6(Click on Photograph/Name for Profile) Experience Wise Navigation << < Above 30:Pg1 23-30:Pg2 16-21:Pg3 10-14:Pg4 6-9:Pg5 5-6:Pg6 > >> Kaushal Thakur(38) : 14 Years in Army Sandhya Yadav(36) : 14 years in Army HR, Operations, Administration, Infrastructure HR, Admin, facility & Project Management. Development & development of management plans. Managed procurement of supply and stores. Logistics, Inventory & Project Outsourcing Mgmt. Recruitment, Promotions Postings, Pay Fixation, Accounting & Finical Management. Security Transport Management. Industrial relation Disaster Management in natural calamity. management with unions. Innovations for cost Specialization Previous Qualifications : BSc, Industrial Security & Fire Specialization advantage. Multi-discipline expertise in civil works. - HR management course, Certificate in Weapon System, Pune Univ. - HR Previous Qualifications : BA Economics Hon’s, ISO9000 - Operations Dip Weapon Sys, Pune Univ., Pursuing PGD in Human Rights - Operations Certified Auditors course, Certificate in RED HAT LINUX. Rekha Shekhawat(34): 14Years in Air Force&Others Shailja S Sodhi(36 ) : 14 Years in Army&BITS Worked as ADM/ATC Officer in Yash Air & Air IT Project Management & Instructor in BITS , Pilani. Force. Managed regular Air Traffic services and radar Responsible for designing & conduct of Services. Managed general administration of a mixed technical trg prog for Army. Development of work force of combatants and civilians. HR, Admin, HR Trg Modules. Strategic Forecasting Grievance handling, employee welfare. Project of Army Commn & IT based trg needs. Specialization Management and Resources Management. Specialization HR, Admin& Facility Management of commn facilty. - HR Previous Qualifications: PGDHRM (IIMM) Pune. - HR Previous Qualifications: M Tech(IT&Sys). - Operations B'ED (Hist), BSC (Botany, Zoology & Chem) - Operations Telecom Engineering & IT Applications course. Ashutosh Bahuguna(35) : 13 Years in Air Force Meetu Mathur(35) : 13 Years in Navy Senior Operations Officer of (Newly Inducted) Prithvi SCM, Logistics, and HR. Unique experience of Missile system. Advisor in Infrastructure Project serving onboard a Naval Warship for 15 months of the Missile system. Managed helicopter flying as a Logistics Officer. Planning, coordinating , IT & Systems and HR (including UN Mission). Operational Logistics, HR & admin. Inventory Consultant for conceptualizing a networked Mgmt for Aircraft and Ships. Vendor Specialization Helicopter Operations Management System. Specialization Development & Procurement of equipment. - Marketing Previous Qualifications: PGDM (ICFAI- Jan2009) - HR Previous Qualifications : B Com, Long Logistics Mgmt - Operations PG Diploma in Human Rights. - Operations Course. MBA (Logistics Management), Goa Univ. Index Profile Snippets: Experience>30|23-30|17-21|10-14|6-9|5-6| List of Participants Competency wise listing Contact Info Alka Sharma(39) : 12 Years in Army& Others Manoj Rana(35) : 12 Years in Air Force Human Resource, Logistics and Inventory Mgmt. Strategic planning, operations, SCM, HRM and Team Building/Training. Proficiency in personnel administration . Counseling ,Staffing, maintaining management and administration in multicultural personnel documents, Regulating leave, Salary environment. Experience in management of distribution and team management. Flight safety educational institute comprising 700 students. Management and Financial Management. Specialization Previous Qualifications: M Sc (Statistics). PG Diploma Specialization Previous Qualifications: PGDBM Sikkim Manipal - HR in Computer Application from NIIT. Cert Course in - HR University, Various administrative, technical and - Marketing Computer Application from APTECH. Inventory Mgmt. - Operations computer courses in the Air Force. B.A JNU. Neeraj Kumar(33) : 11 Years in Air Force Meenakshi Rai(35) : 11 Years in Air Force HR, admin, operations, training, manpower planning HR, Admin, Aviation Operation, Air Traffic and policy making. Designed, customized and Control (ATC) & Financial Mgmt .Experience in imparted training to more than 500 personnel's Disaster management contingency for aircraft including officers. Independent Facility and accidents, incidents, large scale fires and flood relief. Camp management. HR, Admin and facility management of ATC. Specialization Previous Qualifications : MDBA (PM),M Sc (Houticulture), Specialization Previous Qualifications: One year diploma in computer - HR Cert in Leadership and Behavioral Science, Air Force . Adv - HR application. BA (Hons). Ground control approach Radar - Operations Security and Int Course, AFIS, Pune. - Operations course. Basic Air Traffic Controller Course. Vashita Mehra(33) : 11 Years in Army & Others Vijaya Shree Laxmi ( 34): 10 Years in Navy HR, Admin, Training, Development & Welfare Mgmt. IT Project& Operation Mgmt & Admin in Navy . Career Management: of subordinates at various Contract Management of including Technical and levels. Liaison with Government authorities, NGOs, Price Negotiations. Project Execution- SAP (R/3), civil segment and higher Headquarters for the smooth IT Security (ISO 27001), Office Automation(Lotus functioning of the various projects of the organization. Notes & Omni Docs). Designing training Modules Specialization Activity management of top organizations. Specialization & workshops. IT infrastructure ,LAN and Data Centre Mgmt. - HR Previous Qualifications : MBA, Inventory Management, - HR Previous Qualifications: BE(Computer Science) - Marketing College of Materials Management, Jabalpur, MP. - Operations Training Technology Course (Navy) Index Profile Snippets: Experience>30|23-30|17-21|10-14|6-9|5-6| List of Participants Competency wise listing Contact Info 5 | Page
  7. 7. Profile Snippets: Page 5 of 6(Click on Photograph/Name for Profile) Experience Wise Navigation << < Above 30:Pg1 23-30:Pg2 16-21:Pg3 10-14:Pg4 6-9:Pg5 5-6:Pg6 > >> Anand Kumar Ganga Prasad(31) : 9 Years in Navy Mahesh Kumar Dubey(32): 9 Years in Navy Contract management, Project planning & execution HRM, Training and Development, Recruitment, related to ship/submarine construction. Material Administration, Operations and Security in Indian management, Production planning and Material Navy. Trg and development of 6000 recruits. management using ERP .Testing & Commissioning Infrastructure Project Management . Metrological of electrical & control system equipments onboard operations management in navy. Specialization ships/submarines, Interpretation of ship building drawings. Specialization Previous Qualifications: MSc( Nuclear physics). - Operations Previous Qualifications: B.E (Electrical & Electronics) - HR MDBA (HRD & PM) .Certified Trainer. Selection of Personnel - Marketing PGDBA (Operations Management) - Marketing (DRDO), Advance Course in Meteorology, IMD, Pune. Mohit Joshi(30) : 9 years in Army & Others Latha Raghuraman(28) : 8.5 Years with HR, Admin, Marketing and Team Mgmt. 5 years in TCS Undertook foreign assignment on deputation with PMO Lead for a large Transformation project , UN Mission to Sudan. Managed Training modules. Quality Analyst in UK for IT Transformation Project. Asst Manager Marketing Escotel in Uttarakhand. Transition manger ,Process Quality Manager & Asst Manager for Media Productions. Team Leader for a UK based banking project in TCS Specialization Previous Qualifications: Cert Course in Logistic Support, Ops Specialization Awarded for Outstanding Contribution to Posh - HR Logistic Support, Peacekeeping and Conflict Resolution from - Operations Customer Support Officer in Allsec Technologies Ltd - Marketing UN Institute for Trg. PG Diploma in Electronic Media. - HR Previous Qualifications: B Com Amroz Singh(29) : 7 Years in Army & Others Gagandeep Singh(30): 7 years in Army & Others HR, SCM , Admin, Security and Training Mgmt. Served the Indian Army in The Regiment of Artillery Managed Security during Gurjar agitation in 2007. as a Captain for Five years. Worked as Website auditor of B2B portal HR Manager with Incredible Management Services Logistics management for 800 personnel. Trg & Dev Pvt Ltd for six months. of subordinates to cope with high stress(militancy) Specialization Previous Qualifications: Post Graduate Diploma in Information Specialization Previous Qualifications: BSc, Delhi University. - Operations Technology . Certificate Course in Mountaineering . - Operations GNIIT Diploma, NIIT. Diploma in Weapon Sys, - Marketing B.Sc. (Economics Honours) - Marketing Officers Training, Officers Training Academy, Chennai. Index Profile Snippets: Experience>30|23-30|17-21|10-14|6-9|5-6| List of Participants Competency wise listing Contact Info Ruma Yadav(40) : 7 Years in Education Tushar Johri(29): 7 Years in Army & Others Managed HR & Admin activities relating to Communications and Project Management in Army. running of Army school . Administration and facility Designed Network Layout with Eqpt redundancies, management relating to vocational training. Network reliability, and flexibility for expansion, English trainer at British school of language. Media optimized operation and maintenance. VHF UHF HF Content management of school magazine. communication experience. Planned and provided Specialization Counseling Management. Societal development projects in Specialization Radio, Landline and Radio Relay communication. - HR liaison with government and private agencies. - Operations Previous Qualifications: B.E. (Elect and Electronics), - Marketing Previous Qualifications: B Ed, BA. - Marketing Certificate in Telecommunication Engineering . Vaihsali Khating (29) : 7 years in Army & Others Deepika Dadlani Serrao(29): 7 Years in AirForce&Others Telecommunication Project Management, Indian Air force Pilot with 800 hours of flying. Operations Management and establishing Experienced in Operations, HR, Admin and facility processes for optimum resource utilization. management. Developed the ERP for a consulting HR, Recruitment and training. Planned and firm Handled clients, accounts and appointments provided wireless communication. Designed while working with a Health Portal. Specialization network layouts. created networks for info management. Specialization Previous Qualifications: PGDBM (pursuing), SCDL, Pune . - HR Previous Qualifications : B.Tech(Computer Science & Tech), - HR Basic Air Staff Course, IAF. Masters in Information Systems, - Operations PGDHRM Symbiosis, Pune, Basic workshop for PMP-PMI. - Marketing B.Sc. (Electronics) Resham Virk(30) : 7 Years in Army & Others Balasubramanyam JR(31) : 6 Years in Army&Others SCM, Logistics, Admin, HR and Facility Mgmt. Dental and Medical health management. Procured material and delivered the goods to end Logistics and facility management. Clinical training of supply chain management. Ensured Inventory Dental Operating Room Assistants (DORA) and controls, Vendor pre qualification & scrap Dental Hygienist (DH). Junior Lecturer Imparting management through e-auction. Management of training to First year students on dental materials Specialization cross cultural, multi skilled work force. Specialization (Theory and Practical). Chair side clinical guidance to - Operations Previous Qualifications : MBA (Finance), Diploma in Logistics - HR Third year and Final year students. - Marketing Management M.Sc (Physics Honours). B.Sc (Physics Honours) - Marketing Previous Qualifications : Bachelor in Dental Surgery Index Profile Snippets: Experience>30|23-30|17-21|10-14|6-9|5-6| List of Participants Competency wise listing Contact Info 6 | Page
  8. 8. Profile Snippets: Page 6 of 6(Click on Photograph/Name for Profile) Experience Wise Navigation << < Above 30:Pg1 23-30:Pg2 16-21:Pg3 10-14:Pg4 6-9:Pg5 5-6:Pg6 > >> Kunal Behl (28): 6 years in Army Kanishka Baruah(29) : 6 years in Army & Others HR, Admin, Facility Management and SCM. HRM & HRM , operations, Admin & SCM. SCM in critical high altitude region. Undertook Coordinated processes at different levels of extensive short-term training for evaluating personnel hierarchy within and outside the organization. HR needs and developing responsive training programs. under high stress(militancy). One year experience Manpower planning based on attrition retirement, handling grievances of IBM Daksh Customer care. Specialization performance review, appraisal and promotions. Specialization Previous Qualifications: B Com, Delhi University. - HR Previous Qualifications : Leadership and team building & Small - Operations Basic and advance course in computers from NIIT. - Operations Team Concept training . Middle level Management Course. - Marketing Various Middle Level Mgmt Courses. Shakti Singh Rathore(6) : 6 Years in Army R Kaushik (28) : 6 Years in Army HR, Admin SCM & Operations & Facility Mgmt. HR, Admin, Facility Management , SCM, HRD of subordinates. Equipment scheduling and Fire safety management, Vendor management , movement of personnel and the timely transfer Housekeeping and Transport Management. equipment to support and maintain operations Inventory management and warehousing of Evaluating personnel needs & developing responsive essentials in snow bound areas. Trg & development. Specialization training programmes and identifying best fit for the best job. Specialization Previous Qualifications : Bachelors in Economics PGDBA - Operations Previous Qualifications : BA (Economics), Various Middle Level - HR (HRM - Pursuing), Various Middle Level Management courses - Marketing Management Courses From Premier Defence Institutes. - Marketing from Premier Defence Institutes. Naveen Sharma(28) : 6 Years in Army Gurpreet Singh Kang(29): 6 Years in Army Project management & Operations in the corps of Telecom , Operations, Admin & HR Mgmt. Engineers. Project management including operations and maintenance of telecommunication Conceptualizing, Planning, Implementing and projects spread across vast geographical area. IT& Accounting of Operational Works. Inventory Mgmgt& Telecom project management. Inventory Rehabilitation post Tsunami in Andaman and Nicobar. Management of stores and equipment. Specialization Project Mgmt of automation project with specialization in SCM. Specialization Previous Qualifications : B Tech(Computer Science) Diploma - Operations Previous Qualifications : B.Sc (Computer Science). Diploma in - Operations in Mechanical Engineering. Project Management - Marketing Computer Programming. Young officers engineering course. - Marketing Certification (PMP). Advanced Data Processing Course . Preet Mohan Singh(29) : 5 Years in Army Rosy Abrol(36) : 5 Years in Air Force SCM, HR, Admin and Operations Mgmt. SCM of HR, Admin & Facility management. Coordinated critical shelters in earthquake relief operations. inter/intra department functions. Manpower HRM & Admin of human resource from diverse planning, policy making and its implementation in backgrounds. Inventory mgmt , Warehousing, Facility operational and admin set up. Discipline Mgmt Management and Fire Protection Management. and HRD . Staff Officer to Air Commodore. Specialization Previous Qualifications : PGDBA Pursuing; Basic Ordnance Specialization Previous Qualifications :PGDM, MA English, B Ed. - Operations Management Course . Materials management capsule of - Marketing Rekie 2 degrees Certification in Pranic healing basic course, - Marketing Raytheon Weapons Sys. B Sc (Botany) - HR advance course, psychotherapy, soul realization . Index Profile Snippets: Experience>30|23-30|17-21|10-14|6-9|5-6| List of Participants Competency wise listing Contact Info 7 | Page
  9. 9. Management Development Institute MDI, a centre of academic excellence in the field of management education, was established as an autonomous body in 1973, aided by a number of reputed institutions such as UNDP, UNIDO, World Bank and ILO. Since inception, the institute has taken the lead in forging collaborations with several nations and international organizations for research and training. The institute has several research chairs supported by corporate houses in area that include Leadership & Organizational Building, Financing of Infrastructure Projects and Strategic Information Management. Several Students and faculty exchange programmes with universities, institutes and organizations in America, Australia, Canada and Europe are also facilitated by the Institute. Programmes at MDI are characterized by overall high quality and supported by positive environment for promoting continuous improvement. Armed Force Management Programme Armed Forces officers have cross functional abilities and diverse experience in varied fields of management, which have been harnessed by the corporate world. The Programme has been designed by highly experienced faculty, in accordance with the current corporate demand. The programme curriculum leverages previous managerial experience of participants, for effective corporate orientation. Methods of classroom lectures, case studies, business games, role play, guest lectures, home assignments, surprise quizzes and term-end examinations have been utilized to ensure high quality of deliverables. 27 hours of courseware has been designed for each subject in the 24 week fulltime programme. SEM I SEM II SEM III : Dual Specialization HRM Operations Marketing - Human Resource Management - Management Information systems - Operations Management - Talent Management - SCM - CRM - Marketing Planning - Marketing Practices - Employee Relations - Services Management - Brand Management - Financial Planning & Reporting - Project Management - Business Communication - Management of Outsourced - Individual and Group Behavior IT/Business Processes - Economic Environment of - Corporate Law Business - Strategic Management - Business Statistics - Management Costing - Corporate Finance Index Profile Snippets: Experience>30|23-30|17-21|10-14|6-9|5-6| List of Participants Competency wise listing Contact Info MDI Intellectual Capital Invested in the Course HRM Strategy Corporate Law Business Communications Prof CP Srimali PhD (Udiapur Univ) Prof A Sahay MSc&PhD(Tech Univ, Prof CS Bansal PhD(Delhi Prof Geeta Bajaj PhD(Business Fellow Kellogg Graduate Brno, Czechoslavakia) School of Economics) LLB Administration) School of Management MBA(Madras Univ) Prof Reeta Raina PhD Financial Management Prof Jyotsna Bhatnagar (Organizational Individual and Group Behavior Prof CP Gupta MPhil,Ph(Delhi Phd(IIT Delhi) Communications) Prof S Rai PhD(IIT Kanpur) School of Economics) Prof Anil Pathak PhD Prof Samiksha Ojha PhD(Delhi Prof Deepanita Gupta Prof Daisy Chauhan Operations University)MBA(IMT Gzb) Business Statistics PhD (Psychology) Prof BA Metri PhD(IIT Mumbai) MA(Kanpur Univ) Prof A Panjwani PhD & Fellow Management Information Systems ME(Shivji Univ) Porf S Rai PhD (IIM Ahmedabad) BTech Civil Prof Anjali Kashik BE Computer Sc Prof MK Srivastava Phd(SCM-BITS Engg(IIT Delhi) Economic Environment (Pursuing PhD) Pillani)M Tech(IIT Delhi) Prof Vanita Yadav PhD Prof Rupamanjari Sinha Ray Marketing PhD(Univ of Jadhavpur) Project Management Prof Sanjay Chandwani PhD UGC-NET JFR Fellowship Prof S Chaterjee PhD(Bakartulah Prof Chinmaya Kulshresthta PhD Univ) B Tech(BITS Pillani) Prof Avinash Kapoor Phd ,MBA, Prof Sangeeta Bhardwaj MA(Pers Mgmt), BSc. PhD (BITS Pillani) Index Profile Snippets: Experience>30|23-30|17-21|10-14|6-9|5-6| List of Participants Competency wise listing Contact Info 8 | Page
  10. 10. Maj Gen SG Chatterjee Prof CV Bakshi Director General Resettlement Director Ministry Of Defence Management Development Institute Dear Recruiters , Dear Recruiters , It gives me immense pleasure to present the 10th The officers of Armed Forces are batch of 68 participants of Post Graduate Certificate recognized for their dedication, distinction, in in Business Management being conducted at MDI, various fields, living on the edge, meeting Gurgaon for the Officers of the Armed Forces. challenges with willingness, knowledge and determination. The course has been especially designed for Armed Forces Officers, keeping in view their varied Grilled through a specialized training to experience in various fields they have worked, both enhance their leadership traits, resource in peace and battle ground. optimization blended with adventurism, sportsmanship, committed and ‘Go-Getter’ During the 24 week’s rigorous schedule attitude, these officers are tested under the most programmed by our very experienced faculty, the trying circumstances in high risk environment batch displays immense zeal, enthusiasm and stretching them to the limit of human endeavour. confidence to learn and amalgamate the corporate Needless to say, the work conditions expose knowledge, work culture and qualities with their them to great uncertainty and colossal pressure. ethos, diligence, integrity, loyalty and leadership Needles to say, The work conditions expose them qualities. With their credibility proven in various to great uncertainty and colossal pressure. fields, their past experience and our training, I am confident that they would definitely be an asset to They have immense experience in critical the corporate world. reasoning, objective analysis, decision making and leading work-force of multicultural and multi- dimensional capabilities under arduous conditions, besides managing organizations and I wish them all the best for their new innings. assets of national and strategic interest. The intense six months programme aims to hone the latent potential of select group of officers by sensitizing them to nuances of Business Management, thus enabling them to make a smooth transition for a fruitful second career in the corporate world. I am sure that these officers with vast experience coupled with the corporate policies imbibed at MDI would prove to be valuable assets and provide companies with senior and middle level managers. Index Profile Snippets: Experience>30|23-30|17-21|10-14|6-9|5-6| List of Participants Competency wise listing Contact Info 9 | Page
  11. 11. Participants of Armed Forces Management Programme 10 No of No of Age Experience Participants Participants 25-30 Years 15 5-10 Years 22 31-35 Years 11 11-15 Years 10 36-40 Years 8 16-20 years 9 41-45 Years 11 21-25 Years 8 46-50 Years 5 25-30 years 8 Above 50 18 Above 30 11 Total 68 Total 68 Age Profile Experience Profile Qualification No of stream Participants Management 24 Commerce 2 Science 18 Arts 18 Engineering 18 Medical 3 Law 2 Qualification Profile Index Profile Snippets: Experience>30|23-30|17-21|10-14|6-9|5-6| List of Participants Competency wise listing Contact Info Available Competencies ( Click on individual HR Competency/Sector for Operations availability) Supply Chain Management/Logistics Marketing Customer Relationship Management Administration/Facility Management Hospital/ Clinical Management Project Management Quality / Lean Management Security Management Aviation Management Banking / Finance / Insurance ITES / Telecom Hospitality/Travel/Tourism Consultancy / Others Index Profile Snippets: Experience>30|23-30|17-21|10-14|6-9|5-6| List of Participants Competency wise listing Contact Info 10 | Page
  12. 12. List of Participants (Click Individually for Profiles) Experience Age Experience Age No Name Service No Name Service (Years) (Years) (Years) (Years) 1 Devinder Singh 33 Air Force 55 35 Urmila Sahu 16 Air Force 38 2 RS Dabbas 33 Army 56 36 Lavjeet Kaur 16 Air Force 37 3 RC Mahato 30 Army 55 37 KN Thakur 14 Army 38 4 PS Gill 34 Army 54 38 Shailja S Sodhi 14 Army&BITS 35 5 VK Sobti 34 Air Force 56 39 Sandhya Yadav 14 Army 36 6 SS Hada 34 Air Force 57 40 Rekha Shekhawat 14 Air Force&Others 34 7 Amresh Bhatnagar 33 Army 54 41 Ashutosh Bahuguna 13 Air Force 35 8 Sanjiv Alipuria 32 Army 54 42 Meetu Mathur 13 Navy 36 9 SS Sahasi 32 Army 57 43 Alka K Sharma 12 Army&Others 39 10 Arvind Jha 31 Air Force 55 44 Manoj Rana 12 Air Force 35 11 Balwinder Singh 31 Army 43 45 Meenakshi Rai 11 Air Force 35 12 SC Tyagi 31 Army 53 46 Neeraj Kumar 11 Air Force 33 13 Ravi Mandla 30 Army 53 47 Vashita Mehra 11 Army&Others 33 14 SK Puri 30 Army 56 48 Vijay Shree Laxmi 10 Navy 34 15 Sudhir Kumar Jha 30 Army 54 49 Anand Kumar Ganga Prasad 9 Navy 31 16 Surinder Singh 30 Army 54 50 Mahesh Kumar Dubey 9 Navy 32 Index Profile Snippets: Experience>30|23-30|17-21|10-14|6-9|5-6| List of Participants Competency wise listing Contact Info 17 SN Singh 29 Air Force 54 51 Mohit Joshi 9 Army&Others 30 18 VM Prasad 28 Army 54 52 Latha Raghuraman 8 TCS 28 19 Ramesh Chandra Gupta 27 Army 53 53 Amroz Singh 7 Army&Others 29 20 Jaldev Singh Dhankhar 25 Navy 46 54 Gagandeep Singh 7 Army&Others 30 21 Puneel Chander 25 Army 47 55 Ruma Yadav 7 Education 40 22 Sandeep 25 Army 46 56 Tushar Johari 7 Army&Others 29 23 NS Dahiya 23 Army 44 57 Vaishali Ek 7 Army&Others 29 24 SN Galande 22 Navy 45 58 Deepika Dadlani 7 Air Force&Others 29 25 S B Sharma 21 Army 43 59 Resham Virk 7 Army&Others 30 26 Sunil Sharma 21 Army 46 60 Balasubramanyam JR 6 Army 31 27 Anil Mohan Katarya 20 Army 43 61 Kunal Behl 6 Army 28 28 Ashish Tayal 20 Army 43 62 Kanishka Baruah 6 Army&Others 29 29 Raj Kumar 20 Army 43 63 Shakti Singh Rathore 6 Army 27 30 Rattan Singh 20 Army 41 64 R Kaushik 6 Army 27 31 Thomas K S 20 Army 48 65 Naveen Sharma 6 Army 28 32 Lokesh Chandra 20 Army 43 66 Gurpreet Singh Kang 6 Army 29 33 Ashutosh Saxena 17 Navy 42 67 Preet Mohan Singh 5 Army 29 34 Sanjay Wadehra 17 Navy 41 68 Rosy Abrol 5 Air Force 36 Index Profile Snippets: Experience>30|23-30|17-21|10-14|6-9|5-6| List of Participants Competency wise listing Contact Info 11 | Page
  13. 13. Devinder Singh (55) Area of Interest Specialization •Aviation •Operations +91-09958332079 • HR •HRM •Project Management +91-11-26871428 • Operations Qualifications PG Certificate Course in Business Management from MDI, Gurgaon. M Sc (Defence Studies). Defence Services Staff College Course, Wellington, TN. Qualified Flying Instructor for teaching ab-initio, experienced pilots as well as instructors. Recipient of three awards by the President of India in 1997, 2000 and 2008. Professional Profile(33 Years in Air Force) 33 years of rich and multifaceted experience in the Indian Air Force (IAF) in field of operations, HR and management of resources. Successfully commanded a major airbase having more than 3500 personnel. During this period the airbase was adjudged as the “Best Airbase of the entire Indian Air Force”. Handpicked to serve on a diplomatic assignment as Defence Attaché in Embassy of India, Czech Republic and six more European countries. Successfully negotiated with the defence and civil industries of these countries. Planned and coordinated all fighter aircraft operations of IAF as Principal Director of Operations at IAF HQs. Successfully imparted flying instructions to vast number of pilots for IAF, Army and Navy. Competencies Excellent ability in planning, coordinating and conducting all operational activities. Efficient management and supervision of vast resources of an organization. Quick decision making with a proactive approach learnt through flying activities. Ability to effectively deal with crisis contingencies and emergent situations. Adaptability to new and high pressure jobs. Index Profile Snippets: Experience>30|23-30|17-21|10-14|6-9|5-6| List of Participants Competency wise listing Contact Info RS Dabbas(56) Area Of Interest Specialization •Operations & Marketing •HRM +91-9910724067 • Operations •Project Management •SCM and Logistics Qualifications • Marketing PG Certificate Course in Business Management, MDI, Gurgaon. M Tech (Distinction), IIT Kharagpur. B Tech (Distinction), Osmania University Senior Command Course (All Arms). Diploma in Defence Management, Indore Senior Officers' Course (Technical). Professional Profile(33 Years in Army) 33 years long experience in management of tech personnel and resources. As Deputy Director Mil Trg (Tech) at Army HQ carried out review, formulated new training policy and supervised Military Training at Macro Level. As Deputy Director EME of Strike Corps HQ oversaw functioning of five commanding officers and more than thirty workshops for them to provide maintenance support during war. As Col EME of a Defensive Corps at High Altitude ensured that 1200 km long supply lines stay open by total maint support to vehicles and equipment. For four years as Program Head 'Future Infantry Combat Vehicle' a Rs 33 Crore R&D Project at VRDE, Ahmednagar coordinated multidisciplinary research activities spread over seven labs of DRDO and various industries. As Commanding Officer (CEO) of an Armd Brigade Workshop lead a multi disciplinary work force of 500 skilled personnel and was awarded Army Cdr's Commendation Card for putting back in service old age Vijyanata Tanks in short period. Competencies Can plan strategically and utilize resources optimally to deliver best possible results. Capability to effectively and efficiently lead people & teams to achieve more than desired. Competence to grasp macro issues and take decisive course of action in multifunctional dynamic environment of multi tasking projects. Potential to stay focused by quick learning, proactive planning and adapting to change. Index Profile Snippets: Experience>30|23-30|17-21|10-14|6-9|5-6| List of Participants Competency wise listing Contact Info 12 | Page
  14. 14. RC Mahato(55) Area of Interest Specialization •Strategic Planning •Operations +91-9818868365 • HR •Technical Support •HRM Qualifications • Operations PG Certificate Course in Business Management, MDI, Gurgaon. M Tech (Electrical Digital Computer System) IIT Kanpur. B Sc Engg (Electrical), BIT Sindri. PG Diploma Communication Engg. Met System, Vaisala, Helsinki. Professional Profile(30 Years in Army) Over 30 years experience in the Indian Army (EME) in cross functional areas encompassing strategic planning, operations, technical support, HRM, administration and logistics . Planned, developed and supervised maintenance strategy and technology transition management of multidisciplinary equipment and weapon systems of the army . Controlled operations of 27 different types of engineering units with strength of over 3000. Handled HR functions encompassing administration, training, career development, performance appraisal, counseling grievance handling. Technical evaluation and trials of high end electronic equipment and vehicles. Reviewed inventory planning for a wide variety of equipment and vehicles and achieved heavy reduction in inventory holdings, reduced operational cost and improved efficiency. Competencies Strategic planning and operations management. Independent handling of large workforce. Managing wide spectrum of HR functions of diverse and multicultural work force. Technical evaluation, trials, operations and technical support functions of high end electronic equipment and vehicles. Index Profile Snippets: Experience>30|23-30|17-21|10-14|6-9|5-6| List of Participants Competency wise listing Contact Info Paramjit Singh Gill (54) Areas of Interest Specialization •Facilities Management • HRM +91-9871552063 • HR • Administration & Security Qualifications • Operations PG Certificate Course in Business Management, MDI, Gurgaon. Senior Command Course to plan & execute war plans. Graduate from National Defence Academy, Pune. Professional Profile(34 Years in Army) Planning & conduct of training and administration of 600 personnel. Security of personnel, arms, equipment and fire fighting. Equipment management (Arms, instruments and vehicles). Effectively managed a Transit Camp for a strength of 1000 personnel under extreme climatic conditions and lack of resources in high altitude at Leh. Organized National Integration Camps, Social work adventure activities and Youth Exchange programme for NCC cadets. Supervised Ex-Servicemen CSD canteens at Bhiwani and Charkhi Dadri Managed functioning of Ex-Servicemen Contributory Health Scheme(ECHS) at Delhi . Competencies Resolute and vigorous execution of tasks under normal & adverse to conditions. Adapting to change without losing focus of organization goals. Good communication skills. Organize, motivate and lead an effective team. Index Profile Snippets: Experience>30|23-30|17-21|10-14|6-9|5-6| List of Participants Competency wise listing Contact Info 13 | Page
  15. 15. Vinod Kumar Sobti(56) Areas of Interest Specialization • SCM •Operations +91-9871495870 • Operations •HRM •Project Management. Qualifications • Marketing BE ( Electrical) from Bangalore University. MBA from Madurai Kamraj University. Masters in Management Sciences from Osmania University. PG Certificate Course in Business Management, MDI, Gurgaon. Professional Profile(34 Years in Air Force) Budgeting and contract management of old and new Radars costing approx Rs 4000 crores each year. Conceptualized management of repairs and its spares for of all types Air Defence Radars . Commanded the only training Institute to impart training to Officers and other ranks of three services on SAM Systems. Built team to create a training aid, thus saving Rs 400 Cr in foreign exchange. Performed logistics functions like supply chain management of the spares to ensure a very high state of perational readiness in units. Competencies Demonstrated capability in leading large and complex organizations with capacity to adapt to uncertain, diverse situations and work cultures. Strong analytical ability enabling effective problem solving and generation of workable strategies to achieve organizational goals. Ability to produce results within required time schedule while ensuring optimal utilization of resources. Rich experience of working with multiple agencies including from foreign organizations and Navaratana public sector units. Index Profile Snippets: Experience>30|23-30|17-21|10-14|6-9|5-6| List of Participants Competency wise listing Contact Info Sureshwar Singh Hada(57) Areas of Interest Specialization • Hospital Administration +91 9818304434 • HR • Hospital Administration in Qualifications • Operations Pharma, R & D and Quality Centre MBBS MD (Alternative Medicine) PG Certificate Course in Business Management, MDI, Gurgaon. Professional Profile(34 Years in Air Force) Commanded two defence medical units and managed their operation. Administration and management of doctors and paramedical staff. Worked as healthcare manager and advisor to higher commanders in different parts of country. Managed inventory, hospital records and data in hospital. Experience of planning, managing emergency services and disaster management. Wide experience including hospital administration, liaison and interaction with government officials in the field of health services. Conducted flaw less medical examinations of over 7000 candidates as a medical member of Indian Air Force recruiting team. Competencies An experience professional and high degree of adoptability with sound management skill. Proven organizational and leadership qualities. Outstanding team management, communication and interpersonal skills. Mental flexibility to work in different environment and job description. Focused, result oriented, hard working. Index Profile Snippets: Experience>30|23-30|17-21|10-14|6-9|5-6| List of Participants Competency wise listing Contact Info 14 | Page
  16. 16. Amresh Bhatnagar (54) Area of Interest Specialization • HR • Administration +91- 9717049510 • HR • Project Officer • Operations Qualifications • Operations PG Certificate Course in Business Management, MDI, Gurgaon. PGDHRM HRD from Balaji Institute of Modern Management, Pune. BSc, Jawaharlal Nehru University. Professional courses of Indian army at various levels. Professional Profile(33 Years in Army) Rich experience in the entire spectrum of HR functions and works management. As Officer Commanding successfully utilized man management skills while commanding an artillery subunit earmarked for combat and operational tasks in inhospitable environment. Conceptualized, Implemented and monitored innovative orientation training at prestigious Army Training Institute, Deolali for middle and senior level officers. Conducted user trials for evaluation of State of Art weapon systems for induction in Indian army. As commanding officer of an Artillery Regiment (comprising 16 middle management officers, 40 Junior managers, 500 personnel, 150 vehicles and other military assets worth 400 crores) managed HR functions involving selection, recruitment, training and development, performance appraisal, handling of grievances, counseling of staff to create a positive and harmonious work environment in both peace and insurgency environment (J&K). Managed indenting, procuring, storage and provisioning of inventories for a force of 500 personnel in both peace and insurgency environment (J&K). Planned, co-ordinated, monitored and maintained financial and quality control over different infrastructure development projects in the organization. Competencies Proven professional leadership skills in multicultural and multidisciplinary environment. Articulate, persuasive and democratic team person. Strong organizing skills with a logical and flexible approach to problem solving. Ability to manage high value projects from concept through execution. Effective decision making and execution. Ability to absorb and employ new technologies. Index Profile Snippets: Experience>30|23-30|17-21|10-14|6-9|5-6| List of Participants Competency wise listing Contact Info Sanjiv Alipuria(54) Area of Interest Specialization •Project Management +91-9350846362 • HR •Operations Qualifications • Operations •Contract Management BE (Electrical), Thapar College of Engineering, Patiala. Post Graduate Diploma in Computer software technology, ET&T Ltd. Fellow of Institute of Engineers, India. PG Certificate Course in Business Management, MDI, Gurgaon. Professional Profile(32 Years Army) As director in Defence Headquarters did planning & monitoring of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering related works of accommodation which include Electrification, Water Supply, Lifts, Fire fighting spread across the country, with financial outlay of Rs 4000 crores including civil works. As Commander Works Engineers (Superintending Engineer)did planning, execution and maintenance & budgeting of both civil and external services related works. As Officer Commanding, Road Construction Company (Executive Engineer) built 100 km of new roads with major bridges and maintained another 400 km, in Mizoram, with more than 3000 labourers, 150 heavy earth moving plant and machinery. Planning and procurement of engineer stores for operational works in border areas to include prefabricated shelters, generators, pumping sets, track and other building material with financial outlay of more than 100 crores. Headed Admin/Facilty management and infrastructure management of army golf course /messes & other institutes. Competencies Planning, execution and monitoring of works specially Electrical and Mechanical services. Construction and maintenance of roads and bridges. Adept at coordinating functioning of a large and diverse work force along with plant and machinery. Index Profile Snippets: Experience>30|23-30|17-21|10-14|6-9|5-6| List of Participants Competency wise listing Contact Info 15 | Page
  17. 17. Surender Singh Sahasi(57) Area of Interest Specialization •Hospital Administration +91-9818903576 • HR •HRM Qualifications • Operations •SCM & Logistics PG Certificate Course in Business Management, MDI, Gurgaon. PGDHHM from IGNOU in Hospital and Health Management. MBBS from RNT Medical College, Rajasthan in 1975. Professional Profile(32 Years in Army) Experience in the Hospital Administration. Headed and supervised hospitals from the strength of 40 to 600 beds. Maintained and supervised medical stores worth 10 crores of rupees annually. Conducted annual purchase of medicines worth 2 crore of rupees from local market. Planned and supervised the construction of various hospital projects ranging from 8 to 10 crores of rupees. Maintained road worthiness of transport fleet of thirty vehicles with the hospital. Have managed logistics including patient clothing, staff clothing and hospital clothing related to the strength of 600 beded hospitals. Planned and supervised the growth of Ex servicemen health contributory scheme-ECHS from its inception to establishment at Amritsar in the form of developing the poly clinic, empanelling hospitals and diagnostic centers including ESCORTS Amritsar Competencies A strategic planner adept at implementing, monitoring and supervising hospitals. Possesses excellent interpersonal, analytical and administrative skills. Capable of formulating and implementing HR strategies Inventory management of all hospital supplies. Index Profile Snippets: Experience>30|23-30|17-21|10-14|6-9|5-6| List of Participants Competency wise listing Contact Info Arvind Jha(55) Area of Interest Specialization • Consultant ENT Surgeon +91-9312008773 • HR • Medical Clinical Administrator Qualifications • Marketing • CSR in Health Care MBBS: Armed Forces Medical College, Pune. Apr 1977. MS (ENT).Dec 1986 •Aviation Medicine IASM Bangalore Mar 1981. PG Certificate Course in Business Management, MDI, Gurgaon. NABH Assessor AIHMR Jaipur Jun 2008. Senior Comd. Course (MO's) Lucknow Dec 1998. Professional Profile(31 Years in Air Force) As ENT Surgeon in the AFMS 22 yrs as Consultant ENT Surgeon. Professor & HOD ENT at CHAF Bangalore. Additional Advisor ENT Armed Forces (South). Recognized PG Teacher and Examiner, RG UHS, Karnataka and NTR UHS, AP. Training UG and PG M edical students, Nursing and Para-medical staff Casualty Evacuation, Disaster Management and Crisis Expansion In Non Clinical Areas & Hospital Administration Internal Auditor of ISO 9000-2001 (AFCME) Medical and Non Medic al Administration in managing men materials and resources. SCM of Medical Stores Documentation, Records and Medical Audit. Competencies High level of Clinical acumen and Surgical competence. NABH Assessor. Civil Aircrew-Licensing Medical Examination & Evaluation-Recognized by DGCA. Organizational,Training & Communication skills. Patient Management, Client Satisfaction and Quality Assurance. Efficient Management and Optimization of Hospital resources. Index Profile Snippets: Experience>30|23-30|17-21|10-14|6-9|5-6| List of Participants Competency wise listing Contact Info 16 | Page