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Geometry guide


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this is a sixth grade project.

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Geometry guide

  1. 1. Geometry Guide <ul><ul><li>Points </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>Planes </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>Lines </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>Angles </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>Triangles </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>Quadrilaterals </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>Circles </li></ul></ul>
  2. 2. Points <ul><ul><li>A floating dot in space labeled with a letter. </li></ul></ul>A C L Point L Point C Point A
  3. 3. Planes <ul><ul><li>A flat surface that expands in all directions </li></ul></ul>L C A Plane: LAC
  4. 4. Lines
  5. 5. Lines <ul><ul><li>A straight path that extends without ends in opposite directions </li></ul></ul>A C Line A,C
  6. 6. Line Segments <ul><ul><li>A part of a line with two endpoints </li></ul></ul>A C Line Segment AC
  7. 7. Ray <ul><ul><li>A part of a line with a single endpoint </li></ul></ul>A C ray:AC
  8. 8. Intersecting <ul><ul><li>Lines that cross at any angle. </li></ul></ul>A C T F Line AT intersects line CF
  9. 9. Perpendicular <ul><ul><li>Two lines that intersect at a ninety degree angle </li></ul></ul>90 degrees
  10. 10. Parallel <ul><ul><li>Two line next to each other that never cross </li></ul></ul>parallel
  11. 11. Skew <ul><ul><li>Two lines that do not intersect but they are not parallel. </li></ul></ul>They are not parallel or intersecting
  12. 12. Angles
  13. 13. Acute <ul><ul><li>An acute angle is less than ninety degrees </li></ul></ul>This angle is forty degrees
  14. 14. Obtuse <ul><ul><li>A obtuse angle is over ninety degrees </li></ul></ul>This is a 120 degree angle
  15. 15. Right <ul><ul><li>A right angle is exactly 90 degrees. </li></ul></ul>This is ninety degrees
  16. 16. Straight <ul><ul><li>A straight angle equals 180 degrees </li></ul></ul>180 degrees
  17. 17. Vertex <ul><ul><li>The vertex is in the middle </li></ul></ul>vertex
  18. 18. Complementary <ul><ul><li>Two angles whose measures have a sum of ninety degrees </li></ul></ul>
  19. 19. Supplementary <ul><ul><li>Two angles whose measures a sum of 180 degrees </li></ul></ul>100 80
  20. 20. vertical/opposite <ul><ul><li>A pair of congruent angles form where two lines intersect </li></ul></ul>A C T L F 30 30
  21. 21. Adjacent <ul><ul><li>Have a common vertex and ray </li></ul></ul>A C T L F TLC and CLF are adjacent angles
  22. 22. Triangles
  23. 23. Right Has one angle that equals 90 degrees 90
  24. 24. Obtuse The largest angle is greater than 90 degrees 170
  25. 25. Acute The largest angle in the triangle is less than 90 degrees 40
  26. 26. Scalene A triangle with no congruent sides
  27. 27. Isosceles A triangle with two congruent sides
  28. 28. Equilateral A triangle with all sides equal
  29. 29. Sum of internal angles The sum when you add all three sides of a triangle 60 60 60
  30. 30. Quadrilaterals
  31. 31. Quadrilateral Is a shape with four sides
  32. 32. Trapezoid A quadrilateral plane figure having one set of parallel sides
  33. 33. Parallelogram 2 sets of parallel lines
  34. 34. Rectangle Opposite sides are equal
  35. 35. Rhombus All four sides are congruent.
  36. 36. Square All sides congruent and meet at a right angle.
  37. 37. Circle
  38. 38. Chords A segment that connects C A
  39. 39. Diameter The longest chord on the circle and passes right through the middle A C
  40. 40. Arc The distance around the outside edge.
  41. 41. Radius Half the length of the diameter
  42. 42. Sector A slice of the circles area.
  43. 43. Circumference The distance around the circle 7ft
  44. 44. Area of a Circle The outside of the circle
  45. 45. Other Polygons
  46. 46. Pentagon A pentagon has 5 sides
  47. 47. Hexagon A six sided shape
  48. 48. Octagon Has eight sides