The 40 years of andy rideout v5showsave


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The 40 years of andy rideout v5showsave

  1. 2. 40 Years of Andy Rideout A Multimedia Work of Nonfiction By Ty… The Brother With Hair.
  2. 3. He started out kinda’ chubby…
  3. 4. And not exactly a looker.
  4. 5. Mama loved him anyway…
  5. 6. He did get a lil’ bit cuter.
  6. 7. He’s always had a bit of trouble keeping his pants on.
  7. 8. He usually had a good time… with or without pants.
  8. 10. (Thanks to his awesome siblings) His life at home was pretty good in the earliest years…
  9. 11. Andy needed weekly electroshock therapy for disciplinary purposes.
  10. 13. But, at least they seemed to work. His behavior improved a bit.
  11. 14. Quite the charmer he became.
  12. 15. Andy’s first of many Glamour shots.
  13. 16. He made a few friends.
  14. 18. This is one of the very first hats he thought he looked good in.
  15. 19. Other than the unprovoked beatings, Andy was very nice to me, his younger brother.
  16. 22. He was always watching out for trouble.
  17. 23. He was nicest right when he got new toys.
  18. 24. He was nice to his sister. (But only because she was older and meaner).
  19. 30. In this next picture, Andy looks a lot like me. It is, by far, his best picture.
  20. 32. Now, lets go back to where he looks like himself.
  21. 34. When Andy was about 10, he began to steal three-wheelers to make a little extra dope money.
  22. 36. And, it provided some income for when he and his friend Darren would go sock shopping together.
  23. 38. He always had a way with the ladies.
  24. 40. But then he’d run away.
  25. 42. Deep thinking led Andy to the HCHS Choir.
  26. 43. Andy found out the truth about Santa. At 17.
  27. 44. This is NOT Chochie from “Happy Days”. I repeat, this is NOT Chochi from “Happy Days”.
  28. 45. I really have nothing funny to say about this photo. So I won’t say anything.
  29. 46. Lookin’ pretty fly here, bro.
  30. 47. Some of the Little Dixie Gang I mean that literally. They were really a gang.
  31. 48. Melinda and Andy, & a great big Titan Mascot
  32. 49. Andy was ready for Cancun… but was Cancun ready for Andy?
  33. 50. I have no idea about this pic. Looks like he got drunk and stole a hat from a kids birthday party. Again. Ask Melinda.
  34. 51. Geez. Put your pants on bro’.
  35. 52. Andy was accepted into the Fraternal Order of Drinkers.
  36. 53. This led to significant weight gain during his college years.
  37. 54. Know When to Say When!
  38. 55. Andy meets the Rockies
  39. 56. Andy meets Red River Gorge
  40. 57. Andy meets little bitty fish.
  41. 58. Andy Meets Golf Course
  42. 59. Andy meets The Sky
  43. 60. Few people know that Andy actually served as Queen of the local Skating Rink for a short period of time. It’s true!
  44. 62. Asleep… or drunk again? You be the judge.
  45. 63. Happy 4-0 Big Bro