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An Adaptive Speed-Call List Algorithm and Its Evaluation with ESM


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Published in: Technology
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An Adaptive Speed-Call List Algorithm and Its Evaluation with ESM

  1. 1. An Adaptive Speed-Call List Algorithm and Its Evaluation with ESM<br />Seunghwan Lee, JungsukSeo, Geehyuk Lee<br />HCI Lab @ <br />Darling<br />Mother<br />Professor<br />Kim<br />This time<br />Frequent<br />Thursday<br />Evening<br />
  2. 2. Motivation<br />Can a mobile phonepredictand recommenda number to call in a certain context?<br />
  3. 3. Overview<br />We …<br />Designed a method to generate an adaptive speed-call list<br />Online survey with 75 participants<br />Using 3 month call log of 20 users<br />Verified the effectiveness <br />Using 3 month call log of 20 users<br />Implemented our method and conducted ESM study<br />With 10 users for 3 months<br />Darling<br />Mother<br />Professor<br />Kim<br />This time<br />Frequent<br />Thursday<br />Evening<br />
  4. 4. How do you make a phone call?<br />Online survey with 75 participants (16-63 years old, 5+ years experience) <br />USER SURVEY<br />
  5. 5. Any regular call pattern?<br />67% have a number to call regularly<br />Parents (51%) <br />Lover / spouse (44%)<br />Friends (21%), <br />Brothers & sisters (15%)<br />USER SURVEY<br />my husbandto get home every night. <br />my husbandto get home every night. <br />my colleagues to remind meeting.<br />my lazy boyfriend for morning call.<br />my lazy boyfriend for morning call.<br />my friendsfor having lunch together.<br />my parentat weekend.<br />my parentat weekend.<br />my friends after my work hours<br />Chinese restaurant for food delivery every weekend<br />my wife every lunch time.<br />my wife every lunch time.<br />my girlfriend while leaving my office.<br />my girlfriend while leaving my office.<br />
  6. 6. Call pattern analysis<br />Collected 3 month call log of 20 users<br />Call map: Visualize outgoing calls on a graph <br />X-axis: Date in a month(1~30/31)<br />Y-axis: Time-of-day (0~24)<br />Red circles: outgoing calls / Label: call destination<br />CALL ANALYSIS<br />USER SURVEY<br />Can you see the difference in calling pattern? <br />
  7. 7. Reasons for recommendation<br />ALGORITHM<br />CALL ANALYSIS<br />USER SURVEY<br />Phone calculates “the probabilities of Bernoulli trials” for each reasonfor each person in the current context<br />5 reasons for recommendation<br />
  8. 8. Algorithm designAn example<br />ALGORITHM<br />CALL ANALYSIS<br />USER SURVEY<br />2008/3/25<br />1:30 AM(Late night)<br />Tuesday (weekday)<br />pChicken,D= 015<br /> <br />pChicken,D′= 015−stdDay<br /> <br />pChicken,D′= 015− stdDay24hour=0<br /> <br />pChicken,W= 315<br /> <br />pChicken,W′= 315−stdWeekday<br /> <br />pChicken,W′= 315 − stdWeekday5×24hour=0.002<br /> <br />pChicken,T= 590<br /> <br />pChicken,T′= 590−stdTime<br /> <br />pChicken,T′=590 − stdTime3hour=0.017<br /> <br />pChicken,DP= 690<br /> <br />pChicken,DP′= 690−stdDaypart<br /> <br />pChicken,DP′=690 − stdDaypart6hour=0.01<br /> <br />pChicken,1H= 690×24<br /> <br />pChicken,1H′= 690×24−std1−h slot<br /> <br />pChicken,1H′= 690×24 − std1−h slot1hour=0.003<br /> <br />590<br /> <br />015<br /> <br />Day of week<br />Time of day <br />1-hour slots of a day<br />690×24<br /> <br />Weekend / Weekday<br />spans<br />Dayparts of a day<br />nc=15<br /> <br />kic3<br /> <br />690<br /> <br />
  9. 9. Speed-call lists for the same user / at different time<br />ALGORITHM<br />CALL ANALYSIS<br />USER SURVEY<br />
  10. 10. Algorithm verification using 3 month call logs of 20 users<br />ALGORITHM<br />CALL ANALYSIS<br />USER SURVEY<br /><<br /><<br />><br />
  11. 11. Callers were different<br />Our speed call list was effective for some while not for others. <br />Different recommendation method for different calling type.<br />ALGORITHM<br />CALL ANALYSIS<br />USER SURVEY<br />
  12. 12. Our ESM study<br />To collect in-situ user feedback and experience in the real situations<br />With 10 users for 3 months<br />No more comparison with existing methods<br />ESM FIELD STUDY<br />CALL ANALYSIS<br />USER SURVEY<br />ALGORITHM<br />ESM system<br />Real-time addition/modification of questions<br />Easy self report with a screenshot <br />Application logging for evaluating recommendation performance<br />
  13. 13. Recommendation performance<br />Using adaptive speed-call list (19%)<br />Mean Rank: 2.3 / Median rank: 2<br />ESM FIELD STUDY<br />CALL ANALYSIS<br />USER SURVEY<br />ALGORITHM<br />The rank lower than 5th<br />Include calleeswithout recent call<br />& Newly dialed numbers <br />
  14. 14. In-situ feedback right after call<br />Was it helpful? <br />Can you tell me more?<br />I tried to call my boyfriend, and he was on the top of the list.<br />The person I wanted to call was the 1st.<br />It always shows a similar list, but is quite helpful.<br />I could see "home" when I was about to call home.<br />I called someone many times recently, and the list helped me. <br />The time to call was reduced due to the list.<br />I called him after a long pause, and the list was not useful. ( - )<br />I looked up the number to call from phonebook. ( - )<br />…<br />ESM FIELD STUDY<br />CALL ANALYSIS<br />USER SURVEY<br />ALGORITHM<br />
  15. 15. Questionnaire summary<br />ESM FIELD STUDY<br />CALL ANALYSIS<br />USER SURVEY<br />ALGORITHM<br />80% reported the speed-call list was helpful<br />Because of adequate candidates on the list<br />No need to type for search<br />Complained about …<br />Extra button clicks to invoke a speed-call list<br />Time delay due to calculating a speed-call list<br />New requirements<br />Fast switching to a search page or recent call list<br />when recommendation fails <br />Fast calculation <br />Accuracy<br />
  16. 16. Conclusion<br />We …<br />Studied mobile phone users’ calling patterns<br />Designed a call recommendation algorithm for an adaptive speed-call list<br />Evaluated it with an ESM system, as well as call logs <br /> Adaptive speed call list <br />Effective in terms of <br />Hit ratio on Top-rank <br />Hit ratio on first page<br />The number of button presses <br />Helpful in the real situation<br />Positive in-situ responses<br />Thank you <br />for your attention.<br /><br />Because I’m curious<br />