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Liberty Presentation

  1. 1. Liberty Management is there to help when you need it most. We have dedicated ourselves over the last 25 years to taking facilities to the next level. Liberty excels at total operations management, whether it is in the golf or tennis industry, We have built a team to work with any facility in a “Hands On” approach to develop every aspect of your business. Liberty believes that every facility has a source of untapped potential, in terms of the overall experience and the profitability it can generate. Whether it be by management, consulting or acquisition, we will realize that potential in every facility we come in contact with. Liberty has experience nationally and will offer that knowledge along with cutting edge technology to ensure that the goals set are realized and your facility goes to new heights.
  2. 2. Our Team Bud Connors (COO) As a native of Boston MA, Bud attended Bentley College in Waltham MA. Bud’s 30 year career in the Golf, Tennis and Hospitality Industry entailed positions as Regional Vice President with Club Corp of America and Meadowbrook Golf Group where his focus was “Turnaround Operations”, Rejuvenation, Management and Capital Construction. Bud’s 30 years in the industry were primarily on the east coast of the United States with the last 16 being mainly in the Mid-Atlantic. Bud recently engineered a revival of the municipal courses of Philadelphia and introduced the First Tee Program there as well. Bud’s affiliations are many; some of them are Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce,United States Tennis Association (USTA), United States Golf Association (USGA), NGF (National Golf Foundation), National Golf Course Owners Association (NGCOA), Philadelphia Better Business Bureau and the Publink Golf Group.
  3. 3. Our Team Bob Ewing (CEO) Bob has lived in the Philadelphia area his entire life and was educated at Temple University in Philadelphia. Bob’s Industry career has spanned over 15 years and has included positions with such companies as Club Corp of America, Meadowbrook Golf Group and Gotham Golf. Bob has most recently been the Vice President of Ron Jaworski Management and over saw properties in the Mid-Atlantic states including Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware and West Virgina. In his time with Ron Jaworski, Bob took the company from managing one course to six in his seven year term. Bob’s affiliations start with the PGA of America and include The National Golf Course Owners Association (NGCOA), The National Golf Foundation (NGF), the United States Tennis Association (USTA), United States Golf Association (USGA) and The Dick Smith Golf Teaching Academy (DSGA).
  4. 4. Our Team Jay Parisien (Agronomic Expert) Hailing from western Massachusetts (North Adams), Jay obtained a Turf management degree for the University of Massachusetts. His 29 years of golf course management in the Mid Atlantic area, started in Baltimore Maryland and is presently the Golf Course Superintendent at Bala Golf Club in Philadelphia. During the last three decades Jay has worked at private, public and daily fee facilities initiating and managing construction and renovation projects along with over seeing day to day operations. Jay has held a Regional Superintendent position with Club Corporation of America (CCA), and obtained his certification from the Golf Course Superintendents of America (GCSAA) in 1996. Jay’s affiliations include the USGA, GCSAA, Pennsylvania Golf Course Superintendents Association (PGCSA), Philadelphia Association of Golf Course Superintendents (PAGCS), Pennsylvania Turfgrass Council (PTC), and The First Tee of Philadelphia (PFT). Jay currently serves as Vice President of the PAGCS and is an active board member with the PGCSA and PFT
  5. 5. Our Focus Our 5 Core Principles Practice Strong Healthy Business, Professional & Personal Ethics We hold business and professional integrity to be paramount and we value openness and honesty and encourage our employees to enjoy their jobs. We maintain a transparency in all business practices. Recruit, Develop, Respect, Motivate & Retain Good People We hire only the most experienced, ethical and professional employees. Each member of our team is educated, accredited and certified in their respective fields and each is taught the importance of Customer Service. Deliver Sound and Effective Management We pride ourselves on our healthy, functional and sound business and corporate culture. Build and Maintain Organizational Professionalism We build “The Book” in Club management, using state of the art processes and technologies when planning objectives, goals and strategies. Deploy & Manage Investment Appropriate to Need & Work We work to maximize the efficiency of spending and eliminate waste whenever and wherever possible. We support our projects with appropriate capital and investment.
  6. 6. Our Focus Our Patented 7 Step Process Scope of Work Agree on the “Scope of Engagement” between Owner and LMC, establishing objectives (Compensation, Metrics, Expansion & Termination) Historical Overview Become familiar with the Club, it’s History and it’s Players Club Business & Operations Research Includes Capital Assets (All Facilities), Financials, Management and Personnel, Conduct VIP Interviews, Member and Patron Surveys and Focus Groups Market Research Provide Demographics and Psychographics of Players / Members, Community and Competition Assessment and Diagnosis Share Assessment of the Issues that face the Club & Address needs for successful Management, Operations Investment, Marketing and Related areas LMC Management Operations Plan The Operating / Management Strategy will focus on all areas of Business, Operations, Marketing, Staff Development and other Related Issues used to Stabilize and revitalize the entire Facility with a 3 to 5 year Capital Plan / Proforma designed to move a facility to the next level of success Management / Investment Implementation Plan Provide our plan to clients who retain LMC to manage the facility, paying special attention to the Client / Customer experience, Club Operations, Club Financials and Related Issues
  7. 7. Our Focus Our Consulting Focus We help Facilities Navigate through Challenges, such as Financial Woes, Personality Conflicts, Customer Service Training, Facility Construction Inquiries, Event Management, Membership Building / Retention, Technology Information and Integration, Interior Design and Renovation, Agronomic Evaluation / Planning and Cost Control Analysis. We work with Clients to Promote an Exceptional Customer Experience by providing our expertise in Training Techniques, Leadership, Counsel and Implementation. We will establish the Criteria for the Ultimate Customer Experience and will teach the guidelines needed for implementation. We Offer Pricing based on the needs of each Facility and will tailor a program that will meet your expectations.
  8. 8. Our Experience Here’s What We've Done Public Facilities Cobbs Creek Golf Course (Philadelphia. PA) Walnut Lane Golf Course (Philadelphia. PA) FDR Golf Course (Philadelphia, PA) Juniata Golf Course (Philadelphia, PA) John F. Byrne Golf Course (Philadelphia, PA) The Sports Center (Philadelphia, PA) Case History: Cobbs Creek Golf Club Problems: -Customer Service Issues - Faulty Irrigation - Drainage Issues - Inadequate Agronomic Plan - Antiquated Maintenance Equipment Solutions: - Conducted Customer Service Education Programs - Initiated 2-3 Year Irrigation/Drainage Plan - Provided Detailed Annual Agronomic Plan - Implemented Equipment Replacement Strategy
  9. 9. Our Experience Here’s What We've Done Daily Fee Facilities Emerson Golf Club (Emerson, NJ) Valley Brook Golf Club (Paramus, NJ) Valleybrook Country Club (Blackwood, NJ) Middletown Country Club (Middletown, PA) Birkdale Golf Club (Richmond, VA) Riverwinds Golf & Tennis Club (W.Deptford, NJ) Edgewood In The Pines Golf Club (Drums, PA) Ed Oliver Golf Club (Wilmington, DE) Maple Ridge Golf Club (Sewell, NJ) Shalmor Point Golf Club (Pensacola, FL) Case History: Valley Brook Golf Club Problems: Solutions: - Lack of Identity (Public / Daily Fee) - Conducted extensive marketing research - Customer Service Issues and demographics reporting - Need to maintain top conditions - Taught Customer Service Training and - Maintain High End conditions improved Service Techniques in a cost effective way - Kept price per round competitive - Facility needs to maintain a - Developed a strong golf league program “Best Buy” image for golfing public - Created an aggressive tournament sales program - Offered golf incentives. Initiated Men's & Women‘s golf associations
  10. 10. Our Experience Here’s What We've Done High End Daily Fee Facilities Championsgate Golf Club (Championsgate, FL) Indian Lakes Golf Club (Daytona, FL) Running Deer Golf Club (Pittsgrove, NJ) Deerfield Country Club (Rochester, NY) Broad Run Golf Club (West Chester, PA) Hidden Creek Golf Club (Pensacola, FL) Silver Springs Golf Club (Pensacola, FL) Sabol Point Golf Club (Orlando, FL) Brigantine Golf Links (Brigantine, NJ) Case History: Broad Run Golf Club Problems: Solutions: - Customer Service Issues - Taught Customer Service Training and - Overpopulated marketplace improved Service Techniques - Facing huge debt service - Attracted dollars from different areas - Stiff competition in immediate area (Sponsorship programs, assessments, etc.) - Instability at Club, constant change - Created broad based membership programs, of ownership which appealed to a wider range of consumer groups - Highlighted amenities of club compared to those of similar stature - Created a long term sound economic plan to bring down debt service
  11. 11. Our Experience Here’s What We've Done Private Facilities Melrose Country Club (Cheltenham, PA) Beaver Valley Golf Club (Beaver Valley, PA) Wild Pines Golf Club (Pocono Pines, PA) Tantallon Golf & Tennis Club (Washington County, MD) Birkdale Golf Club (Richmond, VA) Tiger Pointe Golf Club (Pensacola, FL) Patuxent Greens Golf Club (Laurel, MD) Case History: Tantallon Golf & Tennis Club Problems: - Lack of golfers that wanted to be members at one specific golf course - Improvement of Customer Service Skills - Trend in area of “Playing the Field” - Money from Corporate Members has dried up - Membership retention has been difficult Solutions: - Developed creative ways to build core base of customers - Taught Customer Service Training and Improved Service Techniques - Increased quality of amenities of club (Food & Beverage, Tennis, etc.) - Created Tournaments between surrounding clubs - Expressed advantages of private club atmosphere (Competitive Events, Less People, Camaraderie)
  12. 12. Our Current Projects Wild Pines Golf & Country Club Beane Associates Inc. ORIX Capital Markets The Dick Smith Golf Academy
  13. 13. Our Affiliations
  14. 14. Our References Ron Jackson (President / CEO) Meadowbrook Golf Group (407) 589-7200 Dick Smith (Past President PGA of America) (856) 237-4131 Kyra Zoranski (Assistant Vice President PNC Bank) (570) 961-6225 Henry Delozier (Past President NGCOA) (888) 432-9494 Doug Miller (Vice President ORIX Capital Markets) (214)-237-2181 Joe Syrnicj (Fairmount Park Commissioner) (215) 222-6030 Steve Dutill (Park Manager Fairmount Park) (267) 432-2497 Joe Gould (Vice President Fortress Investments) (469) 471-6022 John Myers (Owner / CEO Golf Car Specialties Yamaha) (609) 828-0312 Bill Goodrich (Regional President Helena Chemical) (856) 241-2070 Gil Hansen (Owner Hansen Golf Course Design) (610) 651-2977
  15. 15. Contact Us Bud Connors Liberty Management & Consulting COO / Owner Regional Office 101 Madison Way Downingtown, PA (215) 485-1204 Bob Ewing Liberty Management & Consulting CEO / Owner Regional Office 3403 Half Mile Post North Garnet Valley, PA 19060 (610)800-9931 Visit Our Website