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Icc Broadband Presintation

  1. 1. Leading the telecommunications industry in excellence. ICCBroadbandLLC.com ICC Broadband LLC
  2. 2. Project Management  Our managers are proven industry leaders.  We have many years of experience managing large scale upgrade and new build projects.  We provide full project management services including quality control, asbuilts mapping, office administration, project coordination, warehouse and inventory management, Invoicing and billing. ICC Broadband LLC
  3. 3. Aerial Construction  ICC Broadband LLC Construction.  ICC Broadband LLC has built thousands of miles of infrastructure for the broadband industry of Hybrid Fiber Coax in new build and rebuild construction . ICC Broadband LLC
  4. 4. Equipment  ICC Broadband LLC is fully equipped.  We have a fleet of both heavy and light construction vehicles to meet all of your construction needs. ICC Broadband LLC
  5. 5. Construction Crews  Our In-House crews are always on the ready to respond to any job.  We have responded to all of the major hurricane restorations and many construction projects over the years for the telecommunication industry.  We have an excellent safety record with no reported injures in these adverse conditions.  Our safety training program provides refresher training prior to any emergency response to encompass any unique conditions presented.  Our management staff works hand in hand with the crews in the field to insure quality and safety. ICC Broadband LLC
  6. 6. Splicing Sweep and Certs  ICC Broadband LLC's technical department provides full splicing, sweep and certification with noise mitigation services that include new build and system upgrades.  Our staff works with all major brands of electronics.  We provide node sweep and certification of your two way broadband system including noise mitigation and CLI. ICC Broadband LLC
  7. 7. Headend Integration  ICC Broadband LLC provides full headend integration services including HSD, VOIP, Digital, VOD and many other services. Our integration specialist preformed square bundling and cable lacing.  We also performed headend re-wires, equipment upgrades and change outs as well as headend certification. ICC Broadband LLC
  8. 8. Our crews at work  Pensacola Florida for Cox Communications.  Hurricane Charlie ICC Broadband LLC
  9. 9. Our Crews at work  Virginia Beach, VA Cox Communications  Hurricane Isabel ICC Broadband LLC
  10. 10. Our Crews at work  Long Beach and Gulf Port Mississippi.  Cable One ICC Broadband LLC
  11. 11. Our crews at work  Headend integration for Digital Simulcast. ICC Broadband LLC
  12. 12. Quality Control  Our crews perform all construction to system specification providing a completed product.  Our management staff provide field QC of completed work to insure accuracy in billing and quality.  We also provide management and quality control services for the MSO overseeing all contractors on large scale restoration projects beyond the ability of the MSO.  Daily reporting and updates are provided to the MSO on field strengths, production totals, materials and any other required benchmarks.  ICC Broadband LLC also provides warehouse management and services. ICC Broadband LLC
  13. 13. Post Construction  ICC Broadband LLC provides system sweep and certification services and CLI to fine tune your system plant once construction is complete. ICC Broadband LLC
  14. 14. Additional services  ICC Broadband LLC can deploy our crews in the USA to respond to your construction needs. We provide the following services in addition to aerial construction.  Splicing  Sweep and certification  Noise mitigation  Headend integration  Underground construction  Fiber splicing  Walkout and system design  Audit and installation services  Project management services  System maintenance and service ICC Broadband LLC
  15. 15. Project Management  Our managers are proven industry leaders.  We have many years of experience managing large scale upgrade and new build projects, Headend Integration, Electronics Upgrades and Maintenance Contracts.  We provide full project management services including quality control, asbuilts mapping, office administration, project coordination, warehouse and inventory management, Invoicing and billing. ICC Broadband LLC
  16. 16. Project Tracking and Management  ICC Broadband LLC tracks all production and hourly work with a production daily. (discussed further in this presentation)  Production dailies are turned in to ICC Broadband LLC from field staff completing work on a daily bases.  All dailies are accompanied with backup documentation in the form of as built maps, work issuance forms, completion reports or other required documentation.  All information is verified, QC is completed and benchmarks are recorded in weekly tracking and production reports.  Work is tracked in a manor that complies with the customers needs. Usually by node or work segment.  PO tracking and expenditure tracking is done on an ongoing basis to insure compliance with customers PO processes.  Weekly reports are issued that reflect all bench marks being tracked for all projects. Weekly meeting are held with all ICC Management staff to insure quality and compliance with the customers needs. ICC Broadband LLC
  17. 17. Management  Each ICC Broadband LLC project is fully staffed with experienced and qualified management staff. There is a clear chain of command for employees and customers.  ICC Broadband LLC staffs projects based on the customers needs and the size and scope of the project.  ICC Broadband LLC assigns managers based on skill sets required for each project or portion that a manager is responsible for.  ICC Broadband LLC management is based in two categories, Corporate support and project management  The following organizational charts will indicate this structure. ICC Broadband LLC
  18. 18. Corporate Support Structure Corp Office Director of business Management Director of field Ops Accounting Dept Office Managers Project Manager’s Warehouse Managers Accounts Receivable Admin Staff Project Coordinators Accounts Payable Assistant Coordinators QC Staff ICC Broadband LLC
  19. 19. Field Management Structure Project Manager Project Coordinator Project Coordinator Office Manager Warehouse Manager Construction Splicing and Sweep Office Admin Assistant Coordinator’s QC Staff Assistant Coordinator’s QC Staff Warehouse Staff Staff In-House Crews In-House Crews Sub Crews Sub Crews ICC Broadband LLC
  20. 20. Daily Production Report  The following indicates ICC Broadband LLC recommended practices for project tracking, invoicing and quality control. These can be customized to meet each project and customer’s need.  Additional reports, tracking and benchmark management can be customized to meet the customers needs. ICC Broadband LLC
  21. 21. Production Daily Process Field tech production report Office Admin verify proper completion of forms Quality Control Project Coordinator verify quality of completed work, verify completion, verify proper quantities and backup documentation reports deficiency to project coordinator Office Administrator assigns stamp number, completes data entry Accounting completes invoicing to customer and payment to employees and subs ICC Broadband LLC
  22. 22. Daily Production process Continued.  Each daily production report is completed by the field staff using a unique code for each line item or task completed.  Additional information like map number, address and other location information like span footage are recorded to identify the exact location for work verification.  As built field maps are completed by the field crew completing the work that will be attached with the daily in addition to locate tickets, work issuance forms, completion reports, TDR’s, Sweep traces, channel scans or any other documentation required.  The production daily is returned to the office where the admin staff verifies that each line item is accompanied by the proper bill code. All line items are added correctly. Admin staff verify that all other portions of the daily report are completed properly.  Then the daily is submitted by the admin staff to the project coordinator. The coordinator verifies that the work that was completed was in fact work issued to the field crew. And that the proper documentation is attached with the daily production report.  A copy of completed work is sent to the field with ICC Broadband LLC QC staff where quality control inspections are completed. A QC report is completed and filed and any deficiencies are corrected immediately. ICC Broadband LLC
  23. 23. Daily Production process Continued.  Once the project coordinator has verified the daily production report and backup documentation it is signed by the project coordinator as received from the field with proper documentation. (All work is subject to QC by the customer and is not considered accepted until such time as the customer signs off on the completed work and final QC)  The daily is returned to the office admin staff and assigned a unique stamp number that identifies that production daily for billing so that no duplication can take place. no production daily is processed (invoiced or paid) that is not accompanied with a stamp number.  In addition each daily production report has the following billing and location information. PO number, node location, task code, system and Location, Project Number and any other information requested by the customer.  Backup copies of all documentation are filed by ICC Broadband LLC in the event that the customer copy is lost or damaged. ICC Broadband LLC
  24. 24. Invoicing  ICC Broadband LLC weekly completes and sends to the customer an invoice based on that week ending keyed production reports.  The invoice is sent to the customer accompanied by a copy of the daily production report, as built maps and other required documentation.  A copy of the invoice and all backup documentation is filed by ICC Broadband LLC incase the original is lost or damaged.  ICC Broadband LLC completes aging reports and tracks all invoices submitted to the customer. The aging report indicate when an invoice has been misplaced giving ICC Broadband LLC and the customer the opportunity to correct the issue before the end of the project budget life.  ICC Broadband LLC also tracks Work In Progress against open PO’s to prevent PO cost over run. ICC Broadband LLC
  25. 25. Fiber Verification program  ICC Broadband LLC proposes to provide fiber optic plant verification and identification as well as fiber splicing verification and design services to facilitate the accurate identification of all optical plant. Below is a detailed scope of work for each portion of this project that can be provided in part or in whole as system needs may require. ICC Broadband LLC
  26. 26. As-Built Mapping  ICC Broadband LLC proposes to walkout the existing fiber optic plant aerial and underground, creating as-built mapping of the existing fiber rout including cable count, storage location and tic marks, splice locations with tick marks, cable tag identification, strand/conduit footage and vault location and size. All information will be recorded on system land base maps. ICC Broadband LLC
  27. 27. As-Built Mapping Continued ICC Broadband LLC
  28. 28. Fiber identification system  ICC Broadband LLC proposes to provide a fiber cable identification system that gives each cable, storage location, vault location and fiber closure a unique identifier within the system based on the existing system grid layout for easy identify. ICC Broadband LLC
  29. 29. Fiber identification system Continued ICC Broadband LLC
  30. 30. Fiber splicing verification  ICC Broadband LLC proposes to visit each fiber splice location and identify fiber splicing inside the closure including all dark and un-used fibers. ICC Broadband LLC
  31. 31. Fiber splicing verification Continued  Labeling of each cable on the inside of the closure will be completed with each unique cable ID. A splice matrix will be built of the closure that indicates the physical location, headend or hub site, cable, fiber count, connection or splice type, closure type, Closure size, available ports, fiber color, buffer, tray and position. Drop down menus are used for easy population of all forms. ICC Broadband LLC
  32. 32. Fiber splicing verification Continued ICC Broadband LLC
  33. 33. Fiber splicing verification Continued  In addition this will contain additional pages that include vault or aerial location inspection form. ICC Broadband LLC
  34. 34. Fiber splicing verification Continued  Photos before and after work are preformed and location photo. Weather proof cable tags will be placed on the exterior of the closure on each cable with its unique cable ID. Closure ID tags will be placed on each closure with its unique ID. Storage locations will be tagged with there unique ID. And each vault lid will be tagged on the exterior with a weather proof tag identifying its unique ID. ICC Broadband LLC
  35. 35. Fiber splicing verification Continued ICC Broadband LLC
  36. 36. Design Services  ICC Broadband LLC proposes to compile all completed information into system design maps in Auto Cad as an additional layer to existing system RF design maps. ICC Broadband LLC
  37. 37. Design Services Continued  Fiber splicing matrices will be imported as a hyperlink within the Auto Cad making available the matrix, inspection reports and photos while viewing the Auto Cad file. See examples on next pages. ICC Broadband LLC
  38. 38. Design Services Continued ICC Broadband LLC
  39. 39. Design Services Continued ICC Broadband LLC
  40. 40. Design Services Load Data Fiber Module  In addition, the splice matrix will be imported into the Load Data fiber module in the design process giving the system operator the ability to design optical pathway of each strand of fiber giving more flexibility in the utilization of dark fiber’s for future system design and the ability to quickly trace pathway of an individual strand of glass in the event of damage or loss in connectivity. ICC Broadband LLC
  41. 41. Design Services Load Data Fiber Module Continued  Fiber Module Features  Model any type of fiber or equipment commonly used in today’s fiber optic circuits.  Splice individual fibers in easy to use dialog boxes.  Splice fiber-to-fiber, bundle-to-bundle, or cable-to-cable.  Trace dark fiber between any two splice locations and Calculate fiber design loss budget.  Include losses for splices, connectors, adapters, and loops if desired.  Designate splice as fusion or mechanical, and set actual splice loss.  Assign usage details to individual fibers.  Assign customers and owners to equipment.  Assign priorities to customers to speed repairs for the most important fibers.  Record “fiber tic marks” at strategic locations.  Perform and graphically record OTDR trace locations for quick and accurate repairs.  Keep a service record for all fiber cables and equipment.  Assign splice trays and positions of fibers in each tray at splice locations.  Automatically populate cable lengths based on either geographic placement or route connectivity.  If drawings are not GPS accurate and do not have route connectivity, cable lengths may be entered manually. ICC Broadband LLC
  42. 42. Design Services Load Data Fiber Module Continued  Reports Include:  Fiber Trace (drawing) – AutoCAD drawing automatically generated showing individual fibers by color, name, and all splice connections.  Fiber Trace (text) – Trace an individual fiber from end to end.  Equipment Trace (text) - Trace a fiber path from the equipment at one end to the equipment at the other end.  Trace Report (drawing) - AutoCAD drawing automatically generated showing equipment connected at each end of the fiber and losses resulting from splitter locations along the way.  Splice Report (Excel) - Complete splice matrix report at any splice location.  OTDR Trace (drawing) – A graphical marker is automatically placed on the drawing, set at the proper optical distance from the trace origination.  Repair report (text) – At any point along a cable, show the customers on the fibers, sorted by priority.  Loss Budget Report (text) –Show the total loss budget for all Nodes connected to the Head End.  Dark Fiber Report (text) – Show all fibers not used between any pair of splice enclosures.  Tray Report – (text) List fibers in a specific tray.  Customer List (text) – Show all customers located on a fiber, bundle or cable.  NAP Address (text) – Network Access Point (NAP) address report.  BOM (Excel) – A complete bill of materials for either the entire database or within a user specified boundary. ICC Broadband LLC
  43. 43. Testing and certification  If the system requires ICC Broadband LLC can also perform fiber optic certification to insure the integrity of the optical plant and splice loss and optical distance. These fields will be available in the documentation if the customer already has this existing and wishes to populate it, or wishes to do the testing at a later date. ICC Broadband LLC
  44. 44. Completed Documentation  ICC Broadband LLC proposes to provide the customer with an electronic copy of all system design maps on disk or uploaded to the customer’s server. ICC Broadband LLC will also provide a set of all splice matrices with documentation and reports in Excel as well as a copy of the original system walkout as-built maps.  For additional information, pricing or an on site presentation please contact us. ICC Broadband LLC
  45. 45. Contact Information  For more information contact us: ICC Broadband LLC http://ICCBroadband.com Dennis Jones Director of field operations dennis@ICCBroadband.com Phone (740)497-1496 Fax (866-686-6470 CONFIDENTIALITY NOTICE: The information contained in this transmittal, including any attachment, is privileged and confidential information and is intended only for the person or entity to which it is addressed. If you are neither the intended recipient nor the employee or agent responsible for delivering this message to the intended recipient, you are hereby notified that any disclosure, copying or distribution for the taking of any action in reliance on the contents of this transmittal is strictly prohibited. If you have received this transmittal in error, please contact the sender immediately and delete this transmittal from any computer or other data bank. ICC Broadband LLC
  46. 46. Your Telecommunications partners. ICC Broadband LLC