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Web 2.0 Expo


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Published in: Technology, News & Politics
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Web 2.0 Expo

  1. 1. Web 2.0 Expo, San Francisco Recap by Kirk Ouimet
  2. 2. SEO Key Points • Use Google Webmaster Tools – Demo • If you are small, go after long tail key words – eg. Instead of “network tools” go after “port forwarding tester” – Show YouGetSignal results for long tail keywords • Canonical tagging • If you are using Google Analytics, but aren’t using goals in Google Analytics… You’re doing it wrong.
  3. 3. Social Networks • Identify the “Mavens” in your social network – Or find the Mavens in other social networks and use them to promote your product or idea • Twitter -> the next MySpace? Continually getting filled with bots and spammers – Use TweetDeck and organize people into groups to manage information overload • Use FriendFeed to track people talking about your site
  4. 4. Social Coding • – sick. – As you type, Bespin will be able to tell you that the CSS you’re writing isn’t compatible with IE6 or the function you are writing isn’t as efficient as it can be • Github will soon integrate Bespin • Social coding is getting big, really big
  5. 5. Building Systems To Scale • Think beyond “single server” mentality • Use Memcached, a memory caching system that can span across multiple servers – You can use Memcached to store query results – You can use Memcached to store actual pages to serve • Leverage cloud computing platforms such as AWS • Only hit up the database to do useful things – Store simple data in something like Amazon’s Simple DB, which is essentially a giant hash table that spans across multiple machines
  6. 6. Online Fraud • Botnets are awesome and Russia loves them – The average Botnet owner leverages his zombie machines to generate ~$13,000 daily income from affiliate sales from spam, click fraud, and scareware – Both PayPal and MasterCard hinted to being able to track people who anonymize themselves using Tor and other such networks. I pried, but they didn’t tell me how. My guess is they have machines participating in the networks
  7. 7. How to Stay On Top of Tech • RSS feeds and mailing lists – Techcrunch – SitePoint – netTuts – UPHP and NYPHP mailing lists – Hacker News •
  8. 8. Resources • blic/schedule/proceedings • olExternal