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Evaluation Question 4

  1. 1. - Evaluation Question 4 - Who would be the audience for your media product? Our Target audience is ‘Young Adults’. Our film is aimed towards them as we as youths ourselves, are aware of the issues surrounding them and also certain things that appeal to them. To access our target audience, I personally used business strategies. I used a sample group , which is a smaller segment of the larger population or market area that holds customers with similar characteristics. This sample group contained a variety of youth, varying in demographic characteristics , such as –Age and race. With this sample group I issued them each with a questionnaire holding open and closed questions that I had made, and asked them each to complete. Once the task had been completed those that were comfortable, I interviewed based on information from their personal questionnaire. Based on the information received from both methods of primary research, I was able to gage what we would need to provide within our film, in order to access our target market. We had each done individual research and combined the information helped us with our film. Mali-
  2. 2. A Female, 17 year old, Afro Carribean, A level student living in New th Addington, Croydon. She is currently at the 6 form of the school Arch Bishop Tenisons. Currently she is also holding down a weekend job at ‘Dorothy Perkins’. She is studying A Level art and Graphics. She loves graphics and using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator to mess around with and produce her own art pieces. She would consider this as her biggest hobbie as it consumes most of her free time. With these creations she publishes them online on popular networking sites such as Blogger, Facebook and Photobucket. She enjoys using the internet to promote her work as she wants to pursue graphic design in the future as a career. She swears the internet as being “ The easiest way to keep hooked up!”. She has a very hectic lifestyle, from entering art competitions to attending art exhibitions and music gigs, to shopping. She is very fashion conscious, as she has to be by working in retail. She is very interested in fashion and frequently checks up on latest events on the BFC website. She describes herself as having a unique style. She enjoys shopping at Westfield’s in Shepherds Bush. Her favourite store s are Zara, and Rocket. The collaboration of Italian edge by Zara and vintage chic by Rocket, enable her to pull of the most original style, that she is very comfortable in.
  3. 3. She is very social and travels frequently around the country to visit friends and family, but loves the Capital as her home. Her best friend is Taylor, who attends the same college as her. They spend most of their time together as they enjoy most of the same things. Taylor is the oldest friend Mali has, as they have been friends for 11 years. She also has a big group of friends of which tend to go to the same events with her. The annual Film festival is attended by her and her friends in summer along with many other music festivals in that season, such as V festival. She enjoys all types of music including – R&B, Indie, Rap,soft Rock and classical. Her favourite artist is Cold Play ,as she enjoys the soft melodic tone’s of much of their music and deep messages. She enjoys the film festival mostly as some of the films shown are by amateur directors and she likes to she what up and coming talent have to offer. Also she finds some of the films screened, are more personal, and have a realer message them mainstream films. Her favourite Film genres are – Thrillers and Rom-coms. She loves to laugh and likes the escapism of romance. She enjoy’s Thrillers as she finds the graphics and sets used , very realistic and intriguing, but also the storylines continue to unravel as you get deeper into the film. Her favrourite Film is ‘Jennifer’s body”, and her favourite character within the film is “Needy”. She admits to watching a lot of Television a week. She loves T.V drama’s as they give her a chance to escape and indulge in other peoples lives. Her favourite show is ‘ Vampire Diaries’. She enjoys the heavy gothic content and graphical use within the show. . Many plots deal with subjects on the death, good and evil etc. these shows intrigue Mali as they are quite in-depth and scary, and she likes the thrill. She was asked in the interview- if she could change anything within films , what would it be? She answered – Women. This is because she would like to change the image and stereotypes shown of them. She would prefer to see girls that resemble her and her friends and don’t leave an unachievable weight to achieve, in the viewers mind. I believe that Mali would watch our film based on the themes involved of Love
  4. 4. and friendship. As she is a young girl with lots of friends who enjoys indulging in the realism and escapism of love. She lives a lifestyle similar to the characters in our film and for that fact may feel that the film has some relevance, probably not complete, but some relevance to her lifestyle. I also believe she would enjoy the content as it is controversial, but real and the plot would most definitely unravel as the film went on. She is also a very stylish young lady, and of ethnic origin. By considering Maslow’s Theory, tiers 1,2 and 3 would be relevant to her. As our film would bring self-actualisation and belonging to her and many viewers. I say this as we have used normal image of a young woman, that is not used commonly today. This would help our viewers connect with the protagonists and feel comfortable with the image they are faced with, not threatened.