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Earthsite is a New Media Agency for Sustainable Brands. Our company specializes in marketing and web strategy; web 2.0 design, building trusted brands, and social media marketing. 

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  • Earthsite Social Media Services

    1. 1. New Media for Sustainable Brands Social Media Services
    2. 2. Earthsite is a New Media Agency for Sustainable Brands. Our company specializes in marketing and web strategy; web 2.0 design, building trusted brands, and social media marketing.  Our clients include: San Francisco Department of the Environment, Real Goods Solar, The Green Festival, The Urban Forest Mapping Project, and Dominican University of California.
    3. 3. Our team is comprised of experts with 15+ years of experience in marketing, website design and development, social media, and sustainability. With three Green MBA graduates on staff, we make sure that our clients’ marketing goals meet their overall business objectives. Joey Shepp, Principal After eight years of design, marketing, and consulting for green businesses, Joey founded Earthsite with the vision of creating a global network of sustainable brands. Joey holds a degree in ecological design from the University of California Santa Cruz and an MBA in Sustainable Enterprise from the Green MBA program now at Dominican University of CA.   Joey is the chief strategist for Earthsite. He works closely with clients to ensure their marketing objectives are met throughout the strategic development of the project.  Learn more about Joey Shepp at Stacie Shepp, Co-founder, Director of Business Development Stacie is the co-founder of Earthsite.  She supports the business relationships with Earthsite’s clients and manages business development for the company.  Stacie also works on strategic development for Earthsite’s social media projects. She holds an MBA in Sustainable Enterprise from the Green MBA program now at Dominican University of CA.  Prior to co- founding Earthsite, Stacie worked with the Green MBA program for two years directing the programs marketing and admissions program. Stacie has served on the board for several non-profits. She is currently the marketing chair for the Green Chamber of Commerce.  Ryan Milani, Social Media Director Ryan holds an MBA in Sustainable Enterprise from Dominican University of California and a BA in Sociology from Chico State. As an MBA student, Ryan founded GNET, an online social network for faculty, students, and alumni of the Green MBA program. He also led the development of the Dominican Chapter of Net Impact where he served as President. Ryan has been a consultant for several years working on social media and business development projects for various size companies. He has co-managed social media for all of Earthsite's lab projects and works closely with our clients to manage their social media campaigns. Ryan also serves as a Jr. developer at Earthsite and is proficient in a number of online content management systems. He blogs about social media tips on the Earthsite blog.
    4. 4. OpenBrands Earthsite’s lab project is a social brand monitoring tool, allowing consumers to have a say in the future of brands. Powered by Twitter, OpenBrands shows real-time conversations, approval ratings, and top influencers for major consumer brands. OpenBrands has partnered with to measure Brand Metrics and Top Influencers. Brand Metrics show measurements of a brand’s reputation on Twitter. The Top Influencer leaderboard shows the most influential Twitter users discussing each brand. Founder, Joey Shepp says, "We are inspiring brands and community to join in an open conversation. Through brand tagging, people Tweet about brands in a way that it can be measured. We track positive/negative brand sentiment and make it public, showing that every Tweet is counted, and every Tweet counts. Our social mission is promote transparency in marketing, leading to an open engagement between community and brands."
    5. 5. Why SOCIAL MEDIA
    6. 6. Four out of five NEW MEDIA USERS interact with companies and brands online source
    7. 7. Two-thirds of American new media users Feel they can influence business practices by voicing opinions online. source
    8. 8. What people Want From Brands • 85% what’s in products and how they’re made • 83% additional details about labels and claims seen offline • 82% providing a forum for consumers to voice concerns over business practices • 82% reporting progress on social and environmental issues • 80% advocating for social or environmental issues source
    9. 9. Social Media is perfect for Sustainable BRANDS • SustainableBrands have an authentic story • Sustainable Brands are fine with transparency • Social & environmental responsibility is what community wants to hear
    10. 10. Social Media Is DIFFERENT Old School New School B2C C2C Top Down Bottom Up Closed Open Print Media Digital Media One to Many Many to Many Privacy Transparency Advertisement Conversation
    11. 11. SOCIAL MEDIA PRINCIPLES LISTENING What is being said about your brand? COMMUNITY beyond consumers, now community SOCIAL CURRENCY Accumulating Goodwill From Your Community RADICAL TRANSPARENCY Openness in Marketing MANY TO MANY Information flows through the community
    12. 12. ACCOUNTABILITY AND REPUTATION Testimonials and comments build brand reputation REAL TIME Community is talking about your brand right now ENGAGEMENT AND INTERACTION The new measurement is about engagement and interactions with your community PERSONALIZED Relevant message “just for you” HYPER-LOCALIZATION All marketing is local with mobile media
    13. 13. Social Media Services • Strategy • Content Production • Metrics and Reporting • Facebook Page Production • Twitter Production • Social Ads Management • Campaign Microsites • Video Production • Social Media Contents • Training and Support
    14. 14. Social Media Strategy • Discovery and Assessment • Establish Key Marketing Objectives • Competitive Analysis • Campaign Creative Design • Content Production Strategy • Social Sharing Strategy • Establish Metrics Baselines
    15. 15. Content Production • Development of content production strategy including key sources, topics, and policy. • Tracking and sharing relevant news • Daily microblogging through Facebook and Twitter • Weekly blogging using Wordpress or other blog system about company news and updates
    16. 16. Metrics and Reporting • Identification of key reporting metrics connected to client’s marketing objectives • Integration of key monitoring tools including Google Analytics, Klout, TwitterCounter, Facebook Insights, and more. • Monthly analysis and recommendations of key metrics.
    17. 17. Facebook Page • Strategy and Integration of Facebook Page • Daily posting of content and responding to community • Analysis/Optimization of Facebook Insights social metrics • Case Study: • 6,100 Fans in 12 months
    18. 18. Twitter Management • Strategy and Integration of Twitter • Daily microblogging on behalf of client • Case Studies: • 5,000 followers in 12 months • 4,000 followers in 12 months
    19. 19. Social Ads Management • Full management of online advertising campaigns • Including Google Keyword Ads and Facebook Ads • Advertising budget separate
    20. 20. Campaign Microsites • Development of sub-branded microsites for collection of leads or driving specific marketing objectives. • Case Study: • Generated 317 leads in 2 months (leads worth $500+)
    21. 21. Video Production • Production of Internet Videos • Basic editing/post-production • Converting/Uploading/Tagging Videos and distribution via Podcasting and Social Media • Case Study: Green Festival TV • 100’s of speaker videos produced over a 5 year period • Full iTunes audio and video podcasts •
    22. 22. Social Media Contests • Development and management of Social Media contests, encouraging participation with customer communities. • Case Study: • Students, staff and faculty at participating universities competed in the challenge by pledging their support to adopt green computing practices and spreading the word to others. • Earthsite was responsible for website design and campaign management.
    23. 23. Training and Support • Onsite and Webinar training sessions with client and key stakeholders on Social Media strategy, best-practices and implementation. • Extensive experience training/speaking: • Webinar: The Open Brand, Beyond Green Washing
    24. 24. Contact Stacie Shepp 85 Bolinas Rd, Suite 17 Fairfax, CA 94930 (415) 259-4546