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Lenda Da Moura Encantada


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Lenda Da Moura Encantada

  1. 1. The legend of the enchanted Moorish It is told that in the old castle of Alcoutim lived a Moorish princess, that after having being left by her parents was enchanted, guarding a treasure. To disenchant the Moorish and keep the treasure, it is necessary to face a monster. Near the castle there are two holm-oaks, with the trunks eaten by time and it is there that the Moorish and the monster are. Who wants to disenchant the Moorish princess, will have to go near to the holm-oaks, on the seventeenth of March, at midnight, face the monster with cold steels. It will only be possible to defeat the monster, if the cold steel is stuck in a black stain on his head. It is said that up to today nobody managed to defeat the monster, to disenchant the Moorish and to keep the treasure.