Profile Builder The Opportunity


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Details on complete Profile Builder service

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Profile Builder The Opportunity

  1. 1. • You know you need to sort out your online profile. Let Profile Builder do it for you.
  2. 2. Get noticed online Let Profile Builder sort out your profile • Online profiles increasingly first point of reference for potential clients • Business and social networking sites, Twitter, forums and directories: new opportunities every day • Strong evidence that over 50% of all profiles not complete or not even started • Completed profile creates excellent business shop window This is where Profile Builder can help.
  3. 3. Get noticed online Every element sorted • Profile Builder has identified the need for a ‘one-stop-shop’ • Overcomes the ‘getting round to it’ syndrome • Profile Builder provides every element: text, photography, images, formatting, loading up online • Profile Builder Clinics: linked to networking events with Profile Builder and a photographer present Full details and ordering online will be available at Follow us on Twitter: profilebuilder
  4. 4. Get noticed online Profile Builder: key elements Coelling Compelling text written for you • Text which sells; promoting solutions as well as features • Minimal briefing required • Available for new profiles or to enhance existing ones
  5. 5. Get noticed online Profile Builder: key elements Professional images: Head-and-shoulders shots and Graphic Portraits • Professional photos • Graphic Portraits (GP): a striking alternative to a photo • Convey your personality online
  6. 6. Get noticed online Profile Builder: key elements Formatted for added impact, loaded up online • Profiles formatted as a complete web page • Enhanced use of images, logos, backgrounds • Formatted to be used also as an A4 pdf or as a printed leaflet • Every element loaded up, guaranteed to work
  7. 7. Get noticed online Networking sites and directories Working with all known sites and directories • Facebook • Linked In • 4Networking • Myspace • Plaxo • ecademy • Twitter The Profile Builder team has expert knowledge about each of these networking organisations.
  8. 8. Get noticed online Profile Builder: Communication tools Standard card face, personalised reverse Business cards, available for associates
  9. 9. Get noticed online Profile Builder: Communication tools 1/3 A4 Flyer
  10. 10. Get noticed online Profile Builder: Communication tools 4N Home page ad
  11. 11. Get noticed online Profile Builder: Communications tools Pull-up Web site: banner In the process of being set up. Will become a shop window for the service and a highly effective order-placing and order-processing site. Payment by credit card will be part of the site.
  12. 12. Get noticed online Profile Builder visits you: Clinics Profile Builder Clinics Run immediately after 4Networking events, with the audience “warmed up” with a 4Sight slot from Profile Builder on “how to set up your online profile”. This provides valuable info and the effect tends to be “a lot to think about, I’ll get Profile Builder to do it for me”. Then, at 10.05am, in an adjacent room, the Profile Builder Clinic: • A photographer in place to provide a cost-effective portrait service • A member of the Profile Builder team also there, having run the 4Sight slot, to control and take orders • Demo of the Graphic Portrait • Rolling out across 4Networking, using 4Networking breakfast events • Clinics are in the process of being set up in the Midlands and across the UK • Visit for more info
  13. 13. Get noticed online Working with 4N: Structure • Profile Builder agreed by 4N to become an integrated part of 4Networking service • Will be offered as an extra option on the joining page, payment to PB • Ensures PB is sold at optimum moment; when people first join/re-join or sign up for free online presence • National coverage achieved by network of PB associates: photographers, copywriters, web designers, who must be paid-up 4N members • Each associate offered PB business cards, access to pull-up banner, order forms, training, leaflets • Taking orders: Associates can use any meeting they attend to take orders, take photos, but maximum impact gained by cycle of 3-times-a-year per group Profile Builder Clinic, coordinated by PB.
  14. 14. Get noticed online Working with 4N:Marketing Profile Builder Profile Builder will be integrated into all relevant 4N messages: • Full Profile Builder page on 4N site, accessible from ‘Join’ menu • Mention in meetings script • Full page in ‘Smile’ booklet • Permanent square banner ad on home page • Articles from PB on ‘the importance of online profiles’ etc on forum, in 4community magazine From 4N’s point of view, Profile Builder will be • Enriching the online experience of the 4N site, with a far greater percentage of good profiles • Improving business for all associates, photographers, copywriters and formatters, reflecting well on 4N • Encouraging ‘online only’ members to become more involved • Demonstrating the power of the ‘joined up network’
  15. 15. Get noticed online Prices (ex VAT) • Package A (photo, text, format + upload): £150 • Package B (Graphic Portrait, text, format + upload): £175 • Buy separately: Photo £30, Graphic Portrait £50, text £85, format + upload £40 • Upgrade to existing profile: text polish, format + upload: £75 • Additional services will be added to this as the service evolves and develops
  16. 16. Get noticed online The Future The potential is immense, with the proliferation of online profile opportunities: • 4N international • Facebook • Linked In • Myspace • Plaxo • ecademy • Twitter