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Enc Powerpoint: JB Washington DC


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Published in: Education
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Enc Powerpoint: JB Washington DC

  1. 1. Our Nation’s Capitol<br />Jsaela Barrow<br />
  2. 2. The “Big house”<br />The Presidents House better known as the White House.<br />It has more than 130 rooms and 6 levels. <br />Located at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue it surrounds many different sights.<br />
  3. 3. Out of Iraq<br />Many people go to the White House to sing or talk about the problems we face(USA). <br />This guy was singing in a foreign language that I couldn’t understand.<br />
  4. 4. Is it really the capitol??<br />This is the US Capitol. <br />Built in 1793 the capitol serves as meetings for the legislature.<br />It also has tons of American Art.<br />
  5. 5. I salute you<br />The great Arlington National Cemetery. <br />Where people can visit the headstones of there loved ones or the ones who fought for the love of their country.<br />
  6. 6. Memorial time<br />Left is the Jefferson Memorial. <br />This is where the statue of Jefferson stands tall and proud. <br />Right is the Washington monument. <br />As soon as you arrive in DC the first thing your eyes will lay on is this memorial. <br />This is a tribute to President George Washington’s military leadership during the American Revolution. <br />Surrounding it is a circle of American flags.<br />
  7. 7. Mr. Lincoln<br />The beloved Lincoln memorial. Where the memory of the 16th president will forever live on. <br />The statue is made of marble and above it states “In this temple, as in the hearts of the people for whom he saved the Union, the memory of Abraham Lincoln is enshrined forever.” <br />This memorial is a symbol of peace. <br />
  8. 8. Red cross, red cross<br />The red cross building is a building that stood out to me. Red crosses are located everywhere on this building.<br />March is the red cross month.<br />Here you can donate, volunteer, and get informed. <br />
  9. 9. Hi horsey!<br />This horse and policeman was in front of the white house. <br />The roads are blocked off, so only people that are walking can walk in front on the White House’s gates.<br /> The white house is filled with many police officers. <br />
  10. 10. National harbor here I am<br />The great National Harbor. <br />This picture is over looking the harbor and the Woodrow Wilson Bridge. <br />Great sightseeing place with plenty of shops, hotels, restaurants and much more.<br />
  11. 11. My favorite place <br />This is my favorite place in the United States. <br />When I go here all I have to do is just have one glance at the water afterwards I feel so relaxed. <br />
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