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  1. 1. CATECHIZE SPIN tantra 09 By :jijo ipe macfast
  2. 2. ROUND I
  3. 3. 1. What brandname did the Maharashtrian entrepreneur, Kaka Dandekar, coin after seeing an American cigarette ad in 1930? ONIDA 2.In 1996 what overtook Coca-Cola as being the most well known brand name in the world? McDonalds 3.Which mobile phone company shares its name with a fruit (it's Australian)? Orange 4.Which is the World's most popular brand of cigarette? Marlboro
  4. 4. 5. What make and model of car was John F Kennedy in when assassinated in 1963? Lincoln Continental 6. Which cosmetics and perfume company was originally named The California Perfume Co? Avon 7. Which formula one driver is the owner of the luxurious Columbus Hotel in Monaco? David Coulthard 8. Which company owned the ill-fated Titanic? White Star line.
  5. 5. 9.What is the name of Hong Kong's airline? Cathay Pacific 10.As in the music shop, what do the letters HMV stand for? His Masters Voice 11.The Skoda car company is based in which country? Czechoslovakia 12.What is the name of the mascot on the bonnet of a Rolls Royce? The Spirt of Ecstacy
  6. 6. 13.What does the B stand for in BMW? Bavarian or Bayerische 14.Whose autobiography was entitled 'Losing my Virginity'? Richard Branson 15. Who is the latest brand ambassador of Sony India? Kareena kapoor. 16. This was an Indian brand created by Tata’s. Now it’s owned by Unilever…….it’s a French word which also means Lakshmi Name the brand. Lakme
  7. 7. 17. Mexico and Iceland have the highest per capita consumption of this product.Every second 7000 of its products are consumed world over. If all vending machines of this product are stacked one over the other it would be over 450 miles high Coke. 18.In 1932 J.R.D Tata founded it as Tata Airlines….how do we commonly know Tata Airlines now Air India 19.Who are Bretton Woods Sisters? World Bank and IMF 20.Cerelac is the brand, of which companies baby foods, if NIDO is a brand of Nestle? Nestle.
  8. 8. 21.The REDS, the company says, are a community of free-spirited riders with the Insatiable urge to discover the innumerable pleasures of riding and touring on their...? Royal Enfield 22. Which is the world’s single largest selling buscit brand? Parle G 23. Which was the first Indian bank to open an international branch and where? Bank of India in London 24.Who is behind the creation of logo for Wipro, Britannia, Marico & lakme? Shombit Sengupta.
  9. 9. 25.Who was the first Indian actress to model for Lux? Leela Chitnis 26.Which corporate personality created the world record for achieving the highest altitude by sailing in hot air balloon at the height of 69,852? Vijaypat Singhania (Chairman Raymond’s). 27.By what name is Phiroze Jeejebhoy Towers better known as? Bombay stock Exchange 28. What is British Airway's BPO unit called? World Network Services
  10. 10. 29. Cole Haan and Dry –Fit is the brands of which company? Reebok. 30.“I too had a dream” is written by whom? Verghese Kurien 31.Breitling is a brand of which watch company? Swiss watches
  11. 11. 32.Which company ownes Wrangler, Lee, Nautica and jansport brands? VF Corporations (Vanity Fair ) 33.Which is the largest hypermarket chain in the world (in terms of size)? Carrefour. 34. Who is the created Twitter, the social networking and micro blogging service? Jack Dorsey in 2006. 35.Which is the first Indian company to sponsor a car in NASCAR? Mahindra & Mahindra
  12. 12. 36. Which is the world's largest spirits maker? Diageo it sells around 105 million cases per year. 37. Which company has the nickname "The Big Brown Machine". UPS United Parcel Service, Inc. 38.Which fast food giant was associated with the promotion of movies such as Star Wars, Aladdin, The Lion King, Beauty and the Beast? The Burger King. 39.Which brand of sport shoes do the world’s fastest man Usain Bolt endorsed to? Puma 40.Which airline carrier was awarded the title of ‘Best Domestic Low Cost Carrier’ in India for 2008? Indi Go
  13. 13. 41.The famous symbol of the Ferrari race team is a black prancing stallion on a yellow shield, usually with the letters S F. What does SF stands for? Enzo Ferrari founded FERARI as Scuderia Ferrari in 1928. 42.Old Spice, Gillette and Whispers are brand of which FMCG groups? Procter & Gamble 43.Which alcohol is usually used in aftershave? SD Alcohol 40-B 44. Pedigree and Whiskas are brands of which group? Mars Incorporated. 45.Which Indian Retail Giant has been into "the Hall of Fame" and won "the Emerging Market Retailer of the Year Award", by World Retail Congress at Barcelona 2008? Shopper’s Stop
  15. 15. Identify the company and its slogan?
  16. 16. Qantas Airways The Spirit of Australia
  17. 17. Name the Company and its Indian brand ambassador?
  18. 18. Name the company and its CEO
  19. 19. Bank Of America CEO Kenneth Lewis
  20. 20. Identify the company ? What is the punch line of this company?
  21. 21. Bridgestone "Passion for excellence"
  22. 22. Name the company and its Chairman?
  23. 23. Kalyani Groups Bharat Forge Baba Kalyani
  24. 24. Identify the company and its origin country?
  25. 25. Petronas -Petroliam Nasional Berhad Malayasia
  26. 26. Name of the company and its chairman?
  27. 27. Dabur VC Burman
  28. 28. Name the company & its punchline?
  29. 29. Polaris “power of precision”
  30. 30. Name the company and its punchline?
  31. 31. DSP Merrill Lynch “Bullish on Life”
  32. 32. Name the company and its chairman?
  33. 33. Kotak Mahindra Bank K.M. Gherda
  34. 34. Name the company and its founder?
  35. 35. Boeing William.E.Boeing
  36. 36. Identify the company and write its punchline?
  37. 37. Indian Overseas Bank “Good people to grow with”