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H:\Role Models & Leaders


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Published in: Education
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H:\Role Models & Leaders

  1. 1. Role Models & Leaders By: Guissella Herrera
  2. 2.  Born in February 2,1977  Barranquilla, Colombia  Profession- singer, songwriter, musician, record producer, philanthropist dancer.
  3. 3. Education • Started her career than took time of to finish high school.
  4. 4. Accomplishments • Won two Grammy Awards • 7 Latin Grammy awards • 12 Billboard Latin Music Award • After pies descalzos (Bare feet foundation) She launched a new charity Alas which other artist are helping like Juanes, Sanz, Bose, Ricky Martin, Mana.
  5. 5. Quotes  “If you love something set it free, If it comes back to you, its yours; if it doesn’t it never was”  “ You must be the change you wish to see in the world”
  6. 6. • I admire shakira for all the successful life she has had and for all the charity work she has done. • I also admire her because she never gave up when she couldn’t sing or write and English song.
  7. 7. • January 19, 1964 • Jocotenango, Guatemala • Musician
  8. 8. • Finish High school • Got and opportunity to record his first album it turn out to be a bad experience. • Than he spent some time as a teacher. • Later he graduated and got a degree on communication sciences, graduated in the university of San Carlos in Guatemala.
  9. 9. • Was a basketball player and he score the most 78 in one game