Philippines 4 aspiring presidentiables


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Philippines 4 aspiring presidentiables

  1. 1. Who will you VOTE? Compare and be Informed… Choose the competent and Deserving… READ so you will know: "LEGISLATIVE PERFORMANCE" GORDON, AQUINO, Noynoy TEODORO, Gibo VILLAR, Manny DICK Senate: 9 Senate: 5 Senate: 3 years Congress: 9 yrs years yrs Assistant Majority Leader – 11th Senate chairs: Senate Bills filed: 0 Congress chairs: n/a(do your own 3 chairs: 3 counting at ph pls.) Bills filed: n/a (do your own counting at Senate Bills files: Laws passed: 0 ph pls.) President 228 Bills filed: 737 Laws Passed: 12 (2nd to Miriam passed: 8 Defensor) Laws passed: Congress: 9 yrs 10 (2nd to none) 204 alone on Deputy (i.e. not the first day of quite) speaker office Bills filed: 8 Congress: 9 (including a Tarlac years City Day (2005). Congress Passed: 0 speaker Congress: top filer (redundant) "EXECUTIVE PERFORMANCE" AQUINO, Noynoy TEODORO, Gibo VILLAR, Manny GORDON, DICK None Defense Secretary None Olongapo City Mayor NDCC chief Tourism Secretary
  2. 2. "OTHER FIELDS" AQUINO, Noynoy TEODORO, Gibo VILLAR, Manny GORDON, DICK Colonel - Youngest Delegate- Cooperatives - Philippine Air OFW Helpline Constitutional Convention Former Chairman Force Reserve of the Philippines Force • Philippine Jaycees Manpower on Wheel - Former National ( mobile livelihood Red Cross chief President training) • August Twenty- Entrepreneurship Philippine Coast Guard One Movement – caravan Auxilliary Officer Chairman • Liberal Party - Vice Etc. etc. etc. Chairman "WORK EXPERIENCE" AQUINO, Noynoy TEODORO, Gibo VILLAR, Manny GORDON, DICK Auditor – SGV Retail sales supervisor – Nike Lawyer Estelito Lawyer/Associate ( Philippines Shoes Mendoza Law Office Accra law office largest CPA firm) Assistant for advertising and member of E&Y- Director-Kong promotion- Mondragon Founder Evercrest one of the worlds Commercial (Owned by Cory's Friend who Golf and Country Club Big 4 Philippines Inc. owes her a favor) Chairman and CEO Brand Manager VP Best Security Agency Suricon Resources Financial analyst -Procter and Corporation (family owned) Corp. (owned by – Gamble Gotesco land) Philippines successful Founding Instra Strata Assurance Corp. Licensed commercial entrepreneur chairman and (family owned) pilot (built a real Administrator – estate empire) SBMA Field services manager – Azucarera (family owned) "CIVIL STATUS" AQUINO, Noynoy TEODORO, Gibo VILLAR, Manny GORDON, DICK Single Married, 1 kid Married, 3 kids Married, 3 kids "EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND"
  3. 3. AQUINO, TEODORO, Gibo VILLAR, Manny GORDON, DICK Noynoy Ateneo De Ateneo De Manila manila De La salle University of the Philippines University: AB University: University: BS (Diliman) - BS Accountancy History and AB Commerce Government Economics UP Bachelor of UP Masters of Business UP Bachelor of Laws Laws Administration 1997 Most Dean’s Medal for Most Outstanding CPA by the Distinguished Academic Institute of Certified Public Alumnus - UP Excellence Accountants in 1990 Alumni Association (Highest Award) 1997 Outstanding Most Outstanding UP Alumnus in Alumnus in Public Bar Top Notcher 1991 Service - Letran College 2004 Most Distinguished Alumnus —the highest recognition given by New York Bar the University of the Philippines — passer for his exemplary public service and achievements. Harvard - Master of Laws Honorary Doctor of Laws degree by West Negros University of Bacolod.