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Dr. Natalie's 7 Steps to Great Customer Experiences

Wondering how to get a sense of how your customer experience ranks with respect to best practices? How do you incorporate new channels with the traditional channels? Here's 7 steps to get you started!

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Dr. Natalie's 7 Steps to Great Customer Experiences

  2. 2. • Baby Boomers • Gen Y - Millennials • Silent Generation • Even toddlers… influence parent’s spending ARE YOU SERVING BROAD CONSUMER MARKETS? YOUR CUSTOMERS SPAN MULTIPLE GENERATIONS @drnatalie
  3. 3. WHAT IS MULTI-GENERATIONAL CONSUMER ENGAGEMENT? Definition: Improved engagement and interaction with a consumer by understanding differences in generational disposition and characteristics. Providing marketing, sales and service interactions that resonant with a consumer’s generation-based expectations. Areas of Understanding: 1) Technographics a) Channels, Devices 2) Psychographics a) Personality, Values, Attitudes, Lifestyle, Interests 3) Ethnographics a) Culture, Languages 4) Generation-Based Personas Result: Positive consumer engagement experiences yield positive WOM, brand advocacy, lower churn, lower customer service costs…
  4. 4. SIX DIFFERENT CONSUMER GENERATIONS: Source: Williams, Page: Marketing to the Generations, 2010 Generation Date of Birth Number Age Pre-Depression Before 1930 12M 81 and above Depression 1930-1945 28M 65 - 80 Baby Boomers 1946-1964 80M 46 - 64 Generation X 1965-1976 45M 34 - 45 Generation Y 1977-1994 71M 16 - 33 Generation Z After 1994 29M Less than 16 aka Silent Generation Golden Generation aka Millennials @drnatalie • Boomers- Largest buying power • Gen Y- Largest potential buying power
  5. 5. 5 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% Phone Web Social SMS Older Boomers & Golden Gen (56+) Gen X & Younger Boomers (36-55) Gen Y & Younger (18-35) DIFFERENT GENERATIONS: REQUIRE DIFFERENT CHANNEL FOCUS Notice how different generations prefer various channels… Can you deliver on the right channel to the right audience? @drnatalie
  6. 6. DIFFERENT GENERATIONS PREFER DIFFERENT DEVICES: REQUIRES SERVICE ON A RANGE OF DEVICES Golden Generation – Phone Service Millennials – Texting (Store Promotion) / “Social” Networks Baby Boomer & Gen X – Email / Smartphone / Tablet / “Business” Social – Productivity, Entertainment Generation Z – Edutainment Can you deliver great Customer Experiences on all these devices, easily?
  7. 7. GENERATIONAL VALUE MATRIX: DIFFERENT GENERATIONS, DIFFERENT VALUES Generation Means: Need to Appeal to Specific Generational Values / Expectations Silent Generation Dedication, Loyalty, Sacrifice, Hard Work, Conformity, Stability, Respect for Authority, Delayed Gratification A penny saved is a penny earned. Baby Boomers Work, Self Involvement, Personal Gratification, Community Spend more, pay later. 50 is the new 30. Generation X Fierce Independence, Change, Techno-literacy, Skepticism, Work IS “just a job”, Need Autonomy I can always make more money. Generation Y Confident, Strong Egos, Optimistic, Skeptical, Untraditional – don’t believe “ the clothes make the person”, Moral and Civic minded, Collaborative, Democratic, The Diversity Generation Mom, Dad can I borrow $20 and, oh by the way… move back in? @drnatalie
  8. 8. DIFFERENT GENERATIONS: DIFFERENT PERSONAS DIFFERENT EXPECTATIONS DIFFERENT ENGAGEMENT PREFERENCES Requires a different type of customer experience Can you ignore large parts of your market and still stay in business? @drnatalie
  10. 10. JUST THE FACTS Sources: **Javelin Strategy & Research Study & ***IRI study • Positioned to be the wealthiest generation to date • By 2015 in the US, annual spending >2.45 Trillion/year** • By 2018 in US, projected income will be $3.4 Trillion/yr – Surpassing Baby Boomer income*** • Have influence over their Baby Boomer parent’s choices & will inherent their money / real estate Millennials are the largest, most diverse, educated & influential shoppers on the planet @drnatalie
  11. 11. MILLENNIALS SOCIAL NETWORKS & TECHNOLOGY ARE THEIR LIFE* • 75% created a profile on a social networking site • 55% visit those sites once/day • 60% connect to the Internet wirelessly when they are away from work or home • 88% text each other • 74% new technology makes their life easier • 50% use it to be closer to their friends • 65% are disconnected one hour or less a day *Pew Research survey
  13. 13. • From adolescence to adulthood • From high school to college or workforce • From single to married to parents or just single • The avg age of a new mom is 25 MILLENNIALS LARGEST RANGE OF LIFE STAGES & MILESTONES
  14. 14. MILLENNIALS HOW THEY SHAPE THEIR OPINIONS ABOUT PRODUCTS & COMPANIES • A company’s reputation can matter as much as the performance of its products* • 34% bought from a brand because of the social or political values of the company • 89% intentionally visit showroom to see product, then price compare & buy online at best price • 90% tell their family & friends NOT to purchase the company’s products when they lose trust or respect for a brand *Source: Pew Research Survey @drnatalie
  15. 15. MILLENNIALS WHY THEY PURCHASE 55% said “price” was most important reason Source: Pew Research Survey However, price is the least important in building their trust • 30% cared more about product quality & quick service • 20% cared more about the range of products offered • Brand switching is common (least loyal of all gens)
  16. 16. MILLENNIALS TAKING ACTION IS A CORE VALUE • 70% recommend their favorite brands to family and friends • 47% write about good online experience • 40% have criticized a brand on a social network • 70% would create a video and post it online or write a review about their experience with a company The key for brands? Inspire positive action Is your customer experience a positive experience?
  17. 17. MILLENNIALS THEY SHARE THE GOOD & THE BAD • They text 5 friends and share their frustration on Facebook • The friends share the story with their peer groups Result: Friends comment on the incident and share their own stories of disappointment • A single event can spread like wildfire When seeking customer service on an issue, <1% will call customer service. If a Millennial has a problem with a company, instead of calling customer service… Source: @drnatalie
  18. 18. MILLENNIALS WORD-OF-MOUTH IS A MAINSTAY Pre-cursor to great WOM….. is a great product or service Recommendation: • Focus on making an excellent product • If you do, then your marketing efforts can be authentic. As a result, WOM (online) marketing will be done by Millennials • Millennials are looking for great products and brands to share with their friends @drnatalie
  19. 19. MILLENNIALS ENGAGEMENT TAKEAWAYS Engagement Preferences What To Do • Start/finishes everything on-line • No desire for face-to-face interaction • Social life driven by the text, social networks • Wants IMMEDIATE RESPONSE on variety of channels • Prefer “FYI, in case you didn’t know” • Often won’t ask for help • Will visit showrooms with little intention to buy – will buy online – best price • Prefers CyberMonday over Black Friday • Implement a multichannel mktng/svc strategy • Understand where Millennials engage/interact • Implement a text-based / mobile engagement / social strategies • Provide a real-time multichannel strategy • Train personnel for less direct interactions • Use knowledge mgt, self-service. Use online forums, use support advocates • Map engagement journey to plan interactions; via online chat, text offers… • Target Millennials where they are >>> online>> perhaps drive to store with “best” price @drnatalie
  20. 20. • Only 3% brand loyal • 50% give a brand 1 week to respond before leaving forever • Watch trends, respond proactively • Build mobile destinations for social, chat and knowledge 20 MILLENNIALS
  22. 22. JUST THE FACTS Source: *CIA World Factbook • Are the wealthiest generation to date • >$1 Trillion annual spending power* • Control over 80% of personal financial assets • Do more than half of all consumer spending • The average 65 year old is expected to live till 84+ • Very brand loyal vs. Millennials • Have influence over the Silent Generation (parents and grandparents) choices & are inheriting their money Baby Boomers are the largest generation on the planet @drnatalie
  23. 23. BABY BOOMERS: MAJOR CONSUMERS OF TECHNOLOGY • 60% of Baby Boomers are avid users of social media- blogs, forums, podcasts, and online videos • Fastest growing age segment on social networking sites- Facebook, Linked In • Show the highest intent to purchase technological gadgets among any age group • 14% of Boomers access social networking sites from work • 62% of Gen Y access social networking sites from work *Pew Research Survey
  24. 24. BABY BOOMERS ENGAGEMENT TAKEAWAYS Engagement Preferences What To Do • Accustomed to face-to-face, phone service, technology • Prefers optimistic personalized service interactions, “can do” approach works best. Brand loyal. • Be interested in how you can help them • Limit interruptions, focus of them • Dislikes redirects to tech interfaces unless they have initiated • Use multichannel strategy – focus on phone first (don’t hide 800 number) Educate/offer other channel options • Train personnel for upbeat marketing, service interactions. Use generation specific engagement scripts • Know your customers via advanced CRM. Prompt agent to engage with “Thank you for your 18 years of loyalty. Let me see how we can help you today” • Ask for permission first. “Is it ok if I put you on hold?” “Sorry my system is slow, I am still here” Limit repeated chat interruptions and long waits • Offer to conduct co-browsing or assist through screens while on phone. “I’ll stay on the phone with while you finish this online” @drnatalie
  25. 25. 25 • Don’t like “being lost… with a pocketful of credit cards and the desire to buy.” Right way/ wrong way to do chat • 39% loyal; service / assistance is 43% of reason • Build multi-channel journeys with widgets, offers, co-browse and notifications to assist buying BABY BOOMERS:
  27. 27. JUST THE FACTS *Sources: • Over 40% are in management or professional occupations • Family oriented - 60-70% are married with families; have homes; starting college funds… • Job security is important as they recognize more Boomers are delaying retirement • Homeownership is an equally important goal • Focused on achieving financial goals and savings Gen X represents 13-18% of population in every state in the USA 16% of the total US population*
  28. 28. GENERATION X: TECH-SAVVY, TECH / SOCIAL INTEGRATED INTO THEIR LIVES* • 53% own smartphones • 198 Facebook friends on average • 28% are US Pinterest Users • 40% visit social media sites daily • 73% of Gen X Moms are on Facebook • Main news source • 61% = TV • 53% = Internet • 24% = Newspapers • 22% = Radio *Pew Research Survey
  29. 29. GENERATION X: ENGAGEMENT TAKEAWAYS Engagement Preferences What to Do • Accustomed to figuring things out on their own; don’t ask for help – but ok receiving it • Very Independent • Grew up with tech • Self-service, forums are expected • Skeptical • Appreciates extreme candor, inside track • Dislikes slick, salesy approaches • Post informational value with special insights, usages, updates via the channel they are on of interaction database & multichannel strategy • Interact over preferred channel • Create a journey map to understand their buying process, preferred devices and channels, social • Provide up to date, monitored service forums • Train personnel to be tactfully upfront & honest • Engagement scripts: “Can I share something with you?” “I can give you the inside track on this.” • Develop authentic marketing promotions / social conversations @drnatalie
  30. 30. 30 • Averse to overstatement & self-importance • They have affinity for brands they trust • 40% are loyal • Less likely to seek help – they like chatbots • Use tablet friendly chatbots, proactive multi- search, guided-help • Prefer offers that “know me” GENERATION X: Leonard Klie, CRM Magazine*Sources: and
  32. 32. JUST THE FACTS • Silent Generation- also called the… Greatest, Golden, GI Generation uses the Internet too! • Social network site usage for this generation has quadrupled since 2008, from 4% to 16% • 95% of Silents are retired but that doesn’t mean they aren’t spending money!!
  34. 34. SILENT GENERATION: ENGAGEMENT TAKEAWAYS Engagement Preferences What To Do • Prefers face-to-face, relationship building, phone, email • High touch, respect and patience required • They understand rules and expect you to fulfill on your promises • “I’ll take care of it” goes a long way in maintaining loyalty and positive WOM. • Will churn if unfairly treated • Will ask Boomer children to handle affairs via Internet, read mail, etc. • Provide “special” high touch, agent assisted engagement • Allocate extended AHT = high quality engagement • Know your customer through advanced CRM, historical engagement detail • Enable co-browsing capability, centralized knowledge management for agents to provide special services • Engagement scripts: Avoid upsell, cross-sell high pressure add-on sales- they hate this • Provide capability to pivot generations when other generation handling affairs for Silent G @drnatalie
  35. 35. 35 • Value “honesty, communication, propriety, and follow-up” • 80% loyal… if you can earn it • Use live, consistent guidance on phone, email, and chat, and 360° “memory” of past interactions SILENT GENERATION: Source:
  37. 37. • Younger gen increasingly bilingual & multicultural • 71% of Hispanic Americans are <39 years old vs 54% across entire population • 131% growth in Asian American population in last 10 years • Even older gen is changing • Asian American growth nearly 3x in 55+ age group • Today’s Millennial will be tomorrow’s Boomer 37 CONSIDER ETHNOGRAPHICS AS PART OF STRATEGY: Consider multilingual and multicultural @drnatalie
  39. 39. PROCESS, PEOPLE & PRESENTATION CAN BE MULTICULTURAL, TOO 39 • Routing • Formal vs. informal • Task vs. touch • Eye contact • Direct or indirect Chat Bot - Japan Portugal Avatar
  41. 41. • Access published technographics data • Conduct your own focus groups • Determine your specific generational segments • Humanize segments thru persona-based engagement 41 Learn about generational PREFERENCES @drnatalie
  42. 42. 23% 21% 21% 12% 11% 6% 6% Online Email Phone call Web chat Forum Social Media Other USE YOUR OWN ORG, DATA AND SURVEYS
  43. 43. CREATE A MULTI-GENERATIONAL CUSTOMER ENGAGEMENT STRATEGY • Conduct generation-based consumer engagement mapping • A day in the life of – understand engagement preferences, and how to communicate with the different generations • The trend is to research online, buy, use and then tell others • Consider all points in the customer journey • The offer: the brick & mortar, online store, mobile, face-to-face & social networking store • Combine experiences in the same transaction • Research in one place, educate themselves in another, purchase in another… • Make it easy for customers to navigate / switch channels @drnatalie Provide a consistent, generation-based, customer engagement experience across all interaction channels & devices