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I E Family Opportunities

  1. 1. es ti i un t r po p O ily am F .au iE om e.c em .i ww w
  2. 2. Why Host? iE-Australia Host families participate in the iE Program because of their sincere desire to have a cross-cultural experience and learn about other cultures while sharing the Australian way of life. As a host family you provide a very special and valuable opportunity for an international student; a chance to experience and live a new culture, discover different philosophies, the ability to help bring the world closer together. iE ensures that the host family benefIts from the exchange experience just as much as the students. We do everything within our powers to make the exchange a positive one for all participants; the students, the families, and the schools involved. All iE families are volunteers because we believe that personal relationships are an incredibly important part of life in home, social, school and work environments. Through the iE exchange process we hope to assist students in forming and cultivating their personal relationships to promote and experience relationship building, and cultural learning, understanding and appreciation. Personal BenefIts • Expanding your knowledge about the world • Experience another culture within your own home • Worldly BenefIts Share your passion for your country • Provide an opportunity for your family and a young student to grow • Language learning helps to open up communication between countries • Encourages you to explore your local community further • Cultural understanding helps us to comprehend why we behave the way • Helps to open up and develop communication skills • we do and why other nationalities behave differently. Develops personal networks and relationships within other countries • Expose the local community to a world where we are judged by our • Adds another member to your family • character and not by our background, gender, colour or nationality. Discover new foods, fashion and customs • Stereotypes and prejudices can be lessened and often completely • Open up your family's mind to new experiences and personal growth • eliminated after sharing a time with another culture Learn a another language • Understand more about the history of other countries • Discover new opportunities, different approaches and other perspectives • Adds FUN, adventure and excitement into the household • Brings a new appreciation for life in Australia
  3. 3. Frequently asked questions. What support will we How compatible will Who can become a Host What costs are involved? have throughout the we be with the student? Family? Do you have a spare bed in your house? exchange? Utilising our careful screening process, That is basically all that is required! All Host families come from differing we accept students into our program that is asked of host families is that there backgrounds and a variety of ages and iE provides continuous local support who have as much to bring to their host is a bed for the student to sleep in, and sizes. though a 24 hour toll free number for families and schools as they expect to 2-3 meals a day. all participants in the program. The iE iE has families with younger or older receive from them. A thorough evaluation Community Coordinators are the liaison Exchange students are responsible for children, couples without children, even of each applicant’s background is compiled between the host families, students and paying for their own personal expenses, singles can become a host parent! We through interviews, comprehensive schools. They provide helpful assistance to such as postage, fIlm, bus-fare, gifts, currently have large families and small profIles, and recommendations from the students and families to assure the best clothing, entertainment, souvenirs, etc. In families, we have families who live in the teachers. This allows us to match the experience possible for all concerned. addition, students are responsible for school country or in the city and we have families right student to your family. fees and expenses. who live very busy lifestyles and families iE provides host family gatherings so that host All of our students are screened for who are homebodies. Every family is families have an opportunity to discuss and share The students are expected to behave as one positive attitude, language ability, and different, and we understand that. with iE representatives and other host families of the family (not as a guest) so not only genuine interest in being an exchange the great times and opportunities or if there must they fIt into your routine they must also Our main objective when selecting a student. They must be in good academic are any issues and areas where we can assist. help around the home and comply with any host family is to ensure the family/ standing in their home school and be chores and duties that you require of them. individual genuinely want to get involved willing to work to their best of their Students are here to experience Australian in hosting to develop and enhance the abilities in our Australian schools. The life so they will adapt to your routine and be life of an international student as well students are also aware that the exchange involved with the family roster and activities. as enriching their own family life and experience is a two-way street they expect All students carry full heath, accident and experiences. to share their culture with others while liability insurance. they are here.
  4. 4. iE Mission iE-Australia is an international exchange International Experience Australia is a not-for-profIt student organisation, committed to providing high exchange organisation committed to providing unique personal school students with a unique, cultural development experiences in following the pursuit of education, cultural understanding and language learning. and educational experience - developing and enhancing skills useful for a life-time. As an iE Vision educational organisation, iE are accredited To provide the safest and supportive international experiences for students throughout Australia. iE strives to be the most individualised with the Department of Education across program available to students aged between the ages of 14-18. Australia to conduct student exchanges. iE Values The concept for iE Australia was developed through a requirement for safer, well • iE values individuality - Every student is important and unique, administered, and customised international exchange programs. We provide the highest standard of quality, safety and support to participants and their families through our therefore a tailored approach to the exchange program is imperative. • iE values cultural understanding - We understand the need to be open programs, by working only with iE international. and inclusive of other races, nationalities and cultures. The iE network of international offIces allows us to be extremely competent with the • iE values community and family - We want to help create togetherness, student exchange process and familiar with the cultural, social, educational and legal team work, loyalty and support among members of the community. characteristics of every country. Through this extensive network iE also has access to • iE values pursuit of personal development - Education, self awareness, an array of high class educational institutions, top sporting clubs, genuine community independance and courage are important virtues for the youth of today groups, caring families and open minded students in all countries around the world. The and the leaders of tomorrow. iE networks closely monitor each student’s welfare, progress and enjoyment throughout the • iE values a global approach - Our organisation reaches from Melbourne, entire exchange period. Australia to Reykjavik, Iceland. Our programs are international and so is iE wants to provide students with affordable, educational but exciting and life changing our organisation. • iE values safety and student welfare - each and every student's safety and experience to be involved in the amazing world around us. Each iE international member is a not-for-profIt organisation. We place a high emphasis on community involvement and giving well being is paramount while on exchange. An iE representative is always back to the local structures that provide support to the areas where we reside. available.
  5. 5. iE Objectives • To promote peace by enhancing awareness of mankind’s common humanily both between and within iE Programs nations; and encouraging a broader understanding of the diverse cultural, social and physical environments which constitute our global society; and reducing the effect of social injustices and prejudice on international relations. • To promote improved international relations and intercultural understanding by encouraging With the iE programs YOU can decide on the length families and institutions to provide facilities for students from other countries to live in and time of your stay overseas. The three Australia and acquire a better understanding of its people and its cultural, social and physical programs although similar in structure have quite environment; and Australian students to visit other countries so as to acquire a better differing benefIts. understanding of the people of that country and the cultural, social and physical environment. • To enhance awareness of social and cultural differences within Australia by encouraging Single Term (2-3 months) families and institutions to provide facilities for students from diverse cultural and social backgrounds in order to better understand the diversity of the national environment. This will give you a quick taste of the culture, allow you to grasp some of the language and make a few acquaintances. • To provide a broad educational experience for students by encouraging participation in school Academic semester (5 months) life both academically, socially and physically; and students to take full advantage of the facilites and opportunities offered through the global classroom experience. Through the 5 month program you will learn a lot about the culture, you will be able to speak a “broken” version of the language, you will be quite close with your host family and you will have made a few friends at school. Academic Year (10 months) You will be recognised as a “local” within in your town/city, you will have an impressive understanding about the history and culture of the area, you won’t refer to your overseas family as a “host”, they will be your ‘second family’ and you will have made many life long lasting friendships through school and other activities. Remember it is YOUR exchange and we are here to tailor your program and help make YOUR dream a reality.