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Tues@Rei Matrix


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This is an example of a content matrix for weekly civic forums.

Published in: Business, Technology
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Tues@Rei Matrix

  1. 1. Date Topic REI Framework Speakers Branding Dialogue Quality, Academi REI.Tuesday Brainpower & & Innovation Connected Government c Marketing Inclusion Places "Creative Industries & Global 05/24/05 X Innovation" Leading the Way: An Update 05/17/05 on Open Source Economic X Development in Indiana "CAP: A Collaboration that 05/10/05 x Bridges the Digital Divide" "Exploring Funding Models in x 1 05/03/05 the Civic Space" "The Feminine Approach: Building New Models of x 04/26/05 Entrepreneurship in NEO" "Telework: Innovation, 04/19/05 Opportunity and Access" x "Accelerating Industrial "PBL & Industrial Innovation in 04/12/05 Innovation in Northeast Ohio: Cleveland" "WhatProposed Design & x 1 CIA's Lakefront Access 04/05/05 Means to NEO" x 1 Technology Transfer Center "Creating Arts Districts as 03/29/05 in University Circle" x 1 Economic Development 03/22/05 Engines" x 03/15/05 "Updates on Indiana" x 1 "Is Sustainability 03/08/05 Sustainable?" Energy "The Doan Brook Watershed x 1 "Prelude to the Linking "Telling Stories: 03/01/05 Partnership: BuildingOhio" Local Debate in Science, Creativity Cognitive Northeast x 1 Prosperity by Strengthening 02/22/05 and Economic Development" x 3 Education, Conservation and 02/15/05 Government Networks" x 2 "Economic Development 02/08/05 "Intergenerational Learning" x 1 1 Starts with the Development 02/01/05 of our Young Children" x 3 2 "Building Global Models in 01/25/05 "Biofuels" x NEO: Alternate Strategies for “Regional Economic 01/18/05 Arts & Entertainment Industry" x 1 Development in Indiana: An 01/11/05 Update on Best Practices” x 1 "Sustainable Transportation: 12/21/04 Eliminating Impovershment An Important Driver of 12/14/04 Economic Development" & x 3 "Unique Value: Cleveland “The Budding Ohio Wind 12/07/04 Northeast Ohio” Do We Stand x Industry: Where "International Student 12/01/04 in the Nation?" to a Global x Networks: Doors Industry: "Tomorrow's Steel 11/16/04 Marketplace" & Digital x 2 Creative Arts 11/09/04 Technology" x 1 "Supply Chain and Logistics 11/02/04 No Forum Technology: Northeast Ohio's 10/26/04 "The Future of Glenville" Economic Development 10/19/04 Engine" x 2 10/12/04 "Voices from the Street" x 1 "Wind Innovation and 09/28/04 Manufacturing Opportunities" x "Making Change & Civic “Vehicle Technology: 09/21/04 Volunteers" x Northeast Ohio’s Economic "From 10,000 Feet: A 09/14/04 Development Engine" x 3 Blogger's Bird'sfor the “Brainstorming Eye View of 09/07/04 Economic Development" x 1 November 18 Making Change 08/31/04 "The AppalachianConnected Meeting” Quality, Center for "Building Networks: Network x Economic 08/24/04 Places in Northeast Ohio” x Entrepreneurs Alive and Well “Talk2Action: How can we 08/17/04 in Southern Ohio” to x take contemplation "Workforce Development: 08/10/04 collaboration?”and Services x Building Skills 08/03/04 through Networks” Ohio Role "Defining Northeast "Making Change and the in a Global Economy: Networking 07/27/04 of NEO Civic Volunteers" Capabilities and Building 07/20/04 Capacity" x 1
  2. 2. "The Charleston Digital Corridor: A New Economic "A Regional Strategy for 07/13/04 Development Model" x 1 Indiana: Indiana Leadership "TechCleveland'sA Key 07/06/04 "One Transfer - Summit" x 1 Component in Moving Neighborhoods - Technology 06/29/04 Concepts to Commerce" 2 Infrastructure for Northeast 06/22/04 Ohio's Future" x 1 06/15/04 "Places by Design" 1 "Innovation in HealthcareHow "Arts & Arts Technology: - Its 06/08/04 Relevance in our Region" They are Applied -in Economic "Early Childhood Economic 06/01/04 Contexts" - How They x Developmet "The Cultural Community…Its 05/25/05 Relate" & Economic "Diversity Currency…and the 05/17/04 Development" x cConneciton with Economic- "Social and Societal Issues 05/11/04 Development" Economic x How they tie to 05/04/04 Development The Early x 1 1 "Innovations: Policy" "Regional Innovation 04/27/04 ChildhoodLessons from x 1 Systems: Industry in NEO" 04/20/04 Europe and Asia" x "Creative Industries: 04/13/04 InnovativeSmart Places for x 1 "Creating Communications" 04/06/04 Smart People" x "Women Enterprise through "Igniting and Minority 03/30/04 Networks" - in Manufacturing: "Innovation University Business - x Igniting Innovation through 03/23/04 Government Partnerships" x 2 University, Government, 03/16/04 Business Partnership""What's x "Financing of People & "Networks Innovation: 03/09/04 the Cost of Risk Taking?" x Technology… and the 03/02/04 Application of Them Next x "Collaboration – the " 02/24/04 Steps" x 02/17/04 Creative Industries & x Fostering Innovation 02/10/04 Entrepreneurship x 02/03/04 Making Change on a Tuesday x 01/27/04 Sustaining Sustainability x 01/20/04 Regional Collaboration x 11/18/03 No Session through January 21, 2004 11/11/03 Technology & One Cleveland x 1 11/04/03 Land Use x 6 10/28/03 Manufacturing x 2 10/21/05 Early Childhood Industry x 2 10/14/03 Quality Place: Creative Community x REI 10/07/03 Innovation: Civic Entrepreneurship x REI Public Dialogue: Identification 09/30/03 Qualitypurpose and long term Place: Sustainability x REI of REI Dialogue: General ED Public 09/23/03 view x REI discussion/introduction to REI 09/16/03 Framework x REI Public Dialogue: General ED 09/09/03 discussion x REI Totals 12 11 13 17 15 46 12
  3. 3. not have it currently installed on your desktop. Otherwise, the Estimated media link will Audience Impressions automaticall"&"y # connect for Speakers Attendees reached Web Link Attendees through REI viewing.")) email marketing Multimedia Business Civic Link/Tape available For forums 7-06-05 thru 5-25-05 all speakers rtsp:// 2 25 1600 put/REI_05_24_05.r listed on in/Creative the Smart m Meeting rtsp:// Design put/REI_05_17_05.r 25 1600 in/IndianaUpdate m website 4 25 1600 NA in/CAPMay10 4 1 35 1600 Hosted at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History NA in/FundingModels 2 35 Hosted at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History 1600 NA in/FeminineEntrepreneurship rtsp:// put/REI_04_19_05.r rtsp:// 6 35 1600 in/TeleWork m put/REI_04_12_05.r 6 1 50 1600 in/PBLewisGehrY m rtsp:// 60 1600 in/LakefrontAccess NA put/REI_03_29_05.r rtsp:// 60 1600 in/DesignandTechTrans m put/REI_03_22_05.r 1 3 50 1600 in/ArtsDistricts m rtsp:// 35 1600 NA put/REI_03_08_05.r rtsp:// 60 1600 in/SustainabilitY m put/REI_03_01_05.r rtsp:// 8 2 70 2500 in/PreludeEnergy m put/REI_02_22_05.r 2 70 1600 in/CogSci m 3 80 2500 in/DoanBrook NA 1 1 25 Hosted at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History 1600 in/IntergenerationalLearning NA 1 4 160 Hosted at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History 1600 in/EarlyChildhood NA 1 60 1600 in/BioFuels NA 1 2 50 1600 in/ArtsEntertainment NA 25 1600 in/IndianaUpdates NA 1 3 45 1200 in/EliminatingImpovershment NA 2 1 70 1200 in/DecembEr14 NA 1 40 1200 in/DecembeR7 NA 1 2 45 1200 in/NovembeR30 node/43 1 30 1200 NA NA 30 1200 NA NA 0 0 No Forum NA 15 1200 NA NA 4 1 70 1200 in/OctobeR19OctobeR19 NA 20 1200 NA NA 2 35 1200 in/20040928 NA rtsp:// 2 20 1200 in/SeptemBer21?action=editSeptemBer NA 54/input2/REI/REI_0 4 2 65 1200 in/SeptembeR?action=editSeptembeR 9_14_04.rm 35 1200 in/SeptembEr?action=editSeptembEr NA rtsp:// 1 25 1200 in/AugusT?action=editAugusT NA 54/input2/REI/REI_8 rtsp:// 2 1 35 1200 in/AuguSt?action=editAuguSt _24_04.rm 54/input2/REI/REI_8 3 40 1200 in/TuesdaysArchive _17_04.rm rtsp:// 2 1 45 1200 in/TuesdaysArchive NA 54/input2/REI/REI_8 3 80 1200 in/TuesdaysArchive _3_04.rm rtsp:// 1 25 1200 in/TuesdaysArchive NA 54/input2/REI/REI_7 25 1200 in/TuesdaysArchive _20_04.rm
  4. 4. maintained akers: all Michelle attendance Katona, records. Early Jazz Attendees Attendee Childhood Thomas Mandair, listed on records Coordinato Bier, President, the maintained r, Center for rtsp:// Asian correspond by REI as Cuyahoga Steven Housing 54/input2/REI/REI_7 Indian SBA B ing Smart rtsp:// 25 Peter County/Mel Tadar, Research SBA Discussion 1200 in/TuesdaysArchive _13_04.rm Americans 4-26-04 Meeting 54/input2/REI/REI_7 Lewis issa at Steven and policy, 4-26-04 held 35 for Better research Design 1200 in/TuesdaysArchive _6_04.rm Maxine web facility sign- Manos, Tadar Lev A. research Cleveland Governmen topic:Hunte SBA Help- DerekMark 25 links. in sheets Dir., Hall: Studio/Dou Goodman Gonick, 1200 NA topic: City SBA t Morrison, r 4-26-04 Barnett, 40 Coticchia, and added Me-Grow g Wood, Levin CIO, Dir. Exec.Case University/ Daniel (AIABG)/C research Community Case, of 1200 in/TuesDay to One VP & REI for Collaborati Modern College Business/G Windham, 1 30 onnie & Center topic:SBA Benefit for of 1000 house Dir., ve Acoustic Urban & Cleveland/ overnment Exec. Atkins, Urban Global list& Community Research 1 30 contact Cuyahoga Music Dir., Affairs, Partnership Cleveland 1000 Exec. Regional Networks; Relations Technology Mel County/Bar Collective Cleveland s; Case Music 2 30 Consortium Studies, sustainabilit Manager, Manageme 1000 Derschlag, bara & African of Arts State Research School Youngstow y/David KaiserLaw nt/Greg 6 50 Gund Streeter, Collinwood/ University/ Showcase Settlement/ 800 American n State Yen, Exec. Permanent Wilson, School/Bob Assn't Linda Dir., Early Patricia Program; Susie 4 30 Organizatio University/L Dir., eLekic, VP, Assoc., 800 in/PreviousTuesdays i Hanna Zolten Childhood Carey, Lee Fisher, Frazier 3 30 ns (CAAO)/ isa Hong, Cleveland SBA Technology 800 WSOM Perkins Wood,Dir., Industry; Exec. & Pres. Mueller, in/PreviousTuesdays Richard & E-Quest World 4-26-04 Open for Transfer 1 1 30 MBA Center Zolten Gwen Greater CEO, Arts 800 in/PreviousTuesdays Herman, Engineers/ Trade & research Discussion Economic student Child Wood Cook, Ohio for& Center Advocate 30 Richard David William Center/JJ topic: & Clauudia Developme 800 in/PreviousTuesdays company Design Superinten Families Visual Herman Nash, Scheele, DiGeronim Innovation Coulton, nt, Kent 3 30 owner nt/Sylvia Arts dent and Artist/Andre 700 in/PreviousTuesdays Associates/ Thompson Director, o, in UPSC, State interested Easley, Collinwood Warrensvill Children/An w May, 1 30 SBA Charlise Hine/Holly NewCat/Ot Internation Manufacturi Case/Shar 700 in/MeetingNotesforApr13 University in green Dir., Early e City thony Associate 4-26-04 Lyles, Harlan, her industry al Milligan, ng/Lisa 1 30 on building/Sh Childhood, Schools 700 in/MeetingNotesforApr6 Houston, Artistic research Editor,Dir. Exec. E- leaders/NO Attraction Hong, Co-Dir. ula The The Daniel 1 30 Dir., Director, topic:promo Catalyst Entreprene TACON Initiative, Quest 700 in/MeetingNotesforMar30 Urban Newman, Cleveland Windham, Empowerm Great ting Cleveland, urs for & TeamNEO/ Engineers/ 2 25 Poverty WCPN Music Fir. Exec. 700 in/MeetingNotesforMar23 ent Zone, Lakes Regional Independe Sustainabili Jazz SBA Colin Social Ideastream School Cleveland 25 City nt of& Theater Craig Innovation ty/Ruth Mandair, 4-26-04 700 Drummond, Change/La editor/Glad Settlement/ Music Cleveland/ Festival Susan Reporting Durak, James pres., 1 25 research I- Haddad, ura ys Joan 700 in/MeetingNotesforMar9 School Don James, on Urban Kent State McConaghi Asian 2 25 topic: Activ/Terry Johnson, Professor Hinkelman, 700 Settlement/ Knechtges, Managing Schools Urban e/Laura Indian in/MeetingNotesforMar2 Incubators Pim, Exec. Hanna American Researcher 20 Joan Dir., Great Partners, Tony Design Steinbrink, Americans 600 in/MeetingNotesforFeb24 ViceS Perkins C& History, , Cuyahoga Katznapoli/ Lakes Dir. Catalyst Bodak/Joh Center/Jurg Exec. for Better 2 28 President Center, James, Case/Mary County 600 in/MeetingNotesforFeb17 Ann Innovation Strategies/ n Colm, en Faust, Cleveland Governmen of National Catalyst Holmes, Board Dir., 2 30 Exec. of & Mateyo, &(AIABG) Don Dean, The Bridge t Innovation Daycare 600 in/MeetingNotesforFeb10 Strategies/ national Health/Crai CMMS/Pau Developme Ianonne, 2 35 WIRE-Net/ Center for Builders/Da and O'Hare, Consultatio 600 Jim leader, gCox, Co- l James, nt President, in/MeetingNotesforFeb3 Debbie Integrated vid Akers, & Commercia n Alliance/ 1 50 WebCast Land All Use CatalystT. Director Enterprise Donald 600 in/MeetingNotesforJan27 Tomusko, Manageme President, lization, Representa Group/Dav Local Food Strategies, attendee& Music (GLIDE)/To Iannone 1 25 WIRE-Net/ nt and Inc. EagleChec CAMP, at tives 600 in/MeetingNotesforJan20 e Nash, Systems/T Moderator records Cleveland m Roberts, Associates, James Design, Lev k, CWRU of Co- erry the Great Dir.,weblink Museum Cleveland Savinell, The Gonick, Ltd./Terry Early Founder, Schwartz, Art/ Lakes ED 15 Dean, Cleveland CIO, Case Pim, State Childhood 400 Sustainable Kent Hermoine Innovation professiona Engineerin Institute of & One CAMP/Gra Studies/Joh 4 10 Cleveland, University/ Malone/Bet & l/Jack 350 g,Corlett, ArtMarquit, Cleveland/ nt n Thompson Christopher hany Tinlin, Enterprise Ricchuito, 2 8 Case/Fatim EDI/Gladys Fellow for 350 Hine/Antho Knopf, David Case (GLIDE)/Ed Smart 6 11 a Haddad, Public 350 ny Exec. Dir. Jim O'Hare, Akers/Laur student/Ge Morrison, Meeting Weathers, Prof. for Policy at 15 Houston, Trust Dir., WebCast a orge Exec. Design/Dav 350 CAMP/Mik American the President, Pulbic & group/C Steinbrink/ Nemeth, REI id Akers, e Gecic, 9 History, Federation Innovation Land/David S James, 350 Tony & S SMD/Steve President, Webcast Case/C 18 for Manageme Beach, Catalyst Bodak/Matt Goldberg, 100 EagleChec company/G James, Community nt Advisory Exec. Dir. Strategies/ Kozink/Oth Ohio k, ina Beim, 5 Catalyst Planning/Ri Parnters/ Eco City J 100 George er BioEnterpri Ltd./Anthon WSOM 14 Strategies/ ck Werner, Norton, Cleveland/ Nemeth, 100 se (?)/Eric y Houston/ MBA Jim O'Hare, Deputy CSU/G Mike Gecic, Smart and Benjamin, 15 Lisa student WebCast County(?)/ 100 Nemeth, Cleveland Meeting & CMSS Houston/Ab industry Group/Holl Administrat Smart webcast Design/ Ann Horn, igail manufacturi y for 88 59 2743 orHarlan, Meeting company Other Fairhurst/N 81350 CSU Dir. ng owner Exec. Human Design/Chu owner/Mau orm Research/ Entreprene Services/Ji ck Weller, reen Wells/Jeff George urs for m Corrigan/ retired Brennan, Lucier/Ed Nemeth, Sustainabili Elsie Law Case Day, Cleveland Caner, Dir. Smart ty/David Manager, lawyer and School & Entreprene Meeting Nash, Care & civic Cleveland urship Design/Jill Thompson Division, advocate/Bi lawyer/And Business Norton, Hine of YMCA ll Lovejoy, rew Center, CSU/Suzie LLP/Michel Greater The Club Morriss, Case/Laura Frasier e Kryszak, Cleveland/J Manager/S Dean, Koballa, Mueller, Thompson anet for ally Parker/ Centerin Cleveland Sparx Hine/Ruth Kujawinski, LisaCity, Law Hong, Business the Dir., Maynard, Exec. Co- Law & Firm/Other invited/Lisa CSU?/Othe Child Care, Founder, Regulation, Tomlin- r Cleveland Sustainable Case Law Houston/Ka YMCA Cleveland/ School/Ken thryn Ross, Others Margolis/Bil Dir. l Grace/ Regional Marketing Initiative, Cleveland Growth Association /Others
  5. 5. REALNEO