Target Market Results


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Target Market Results

  1. 1. Target Market questionnaire data results 1. Male Female Gender Gender 4 20 Male Female This shows that the majority of my tar- get market are mainly girls and so my music magazine should be mainly tar- geted for girls. 2. 10 – 15 16 – 20 21 – 25 26 and Age older Age 1 22 0 1 This shows that my 10 – 15 magazine should 16 – 20 appeal to late teen- 21 – 25 26 and older agers as the majority of people who answered this questionnaire were teenagers aged 16 – 20.
  2. 2. 3. Punk Pop Alternat Emo Indie Elect- Hard- Other None -ive ronic core Branching from the rock and 4 14 10 2 15 6 1 5 0 indie genre, what type of genre do you sway to? You can pick more than one genre. Music genre This shows that the 3 most popular rock genres are: Indie, Pop and Alternative. Punk From this question, I will base my music Pop magazine on these type of rock genres as Alternative this will be most appealing to my target Emo Indie market. Electronic Hardcore Other None 4. Aesthetics (colour Cost Band All Other scheme, font, layout etc) featured mentioned What attracts you to a 11 0 9 3 1 magazine? This shows that the looks of the magazine Appealing for a magazine is the main appeal for my target market; the main most appealing is the band featured on the front cover of the magazine. This shows that I should focus on the looks Aesthetics of the magazine and have a well-known Cost band on the front cover. Band fea- tured All Other
  3. 3. 5. Kerrang! NME Mojo Rock sound Other None (weekly) (weekly) (monthly) (monthly) What existing music magazine 4 7 2 1 5 10 do you read? Existing magazines This shows that most of my target market don't purchase a music magazine. This could be because of several reasons. Kerrang! (weekly) This means that I would have to make a NME (week- magazine which my target market would ly) want to/can purchase. Mojo (monthly) However, the second most popular choice Rock Sound was NME magazine. Therefore, my magaz- (monthly) Other ine would be based on this magazine. None 6. Weekly Fortnightly Monthly Other How frequently do you want each issue to be published? 12 2 8 1 Publication frequency This shows that most people in my target market would like a issue to be published every week. Therefore, my music magazine will have an issue published weekly. weekly Fortnightly Monthly Other
  4. 4. 7. 99p or less £1 - £2 - £3 - £4 or more £1.99 £2.99 £3.99 How much would you pay for a music magazine? 3 10 9 4 0 Ideal price This shows that the majority would like their ideal magazine to cost between £1 - £1.99. Therefore, my music magazine should be worth between £1 - £1.99. 99p or less £1 - £1.99 £2 - £2.99 £3 - £3.99 £4 or more 8. Interviews Gig Upcoming Big news New signed bands Other reviews gigs about bands worth listening to. What type of articles 22 4 11 12 7 0 would you like to read when purchasing a music magazine? You can pick more than one choice. Type of articles This shows that the majority would like to read interviews of bands rather than gig reviews. Interviews Therefore, I would most likely include the Gig reviews three most popular types of articles which Upcoming are: interviews, big news about bands and gigs Big news upcoming gigs. I would least likely include about bands the following: new signed bands worth New signed bands worth listening to and gig reviews, as these were listening to the least popular types of articles. Other
  5. 5. 9. 28 Days Black Laundromat Side- Neoretrodraw Later Casper 1967 walk What would you like the font of the 6 4 2 12 0 masthead (magazine title) to be? Masthead font This shows that the most popular font my target market has chosen was 'side walk'. Therefore, this font will be the font for my 28 Days masthead. Later Black Casper Laundromat 1967 Side walk Neo- retrodraw 10. Caviar Champagne Daniel Romance Times New Impact Dreams & Limousines Fatal Serif Yorker Label What would you like the font of 2 2 2 7 9 1 the cover lines (text) to be? Cover line font The results of this question shows that most people in my target market like the font, 'Times New Yorker'. Therefore, this will be the font for the cover lines of my front cover of my music Caviar Dreams magazine. Cham- pagnes & Limousines Daniel Romance Fatal Serif Times New Yorker Impact Label
  6. 6. 11. Masthead – Masthead – Masthead – WHITE Masthead – RED Masthead – RED ELECTRIC BLUE Cover lines – RED Cover lines – BLACK Cover lines – Cover lines – HOT Text - BLACK BLUE Cover lines – RED YELLOW PINK Text - GREEN Text – YELLOW Text - WHITE Text - BLACK What colour 0 16 5 0 3 scheme would you like for a music magazine? Colour scheme From this question I found out that the most desired colour scheme for a magazine is electric blue (masthead), hot pink (cover M – red M – red CL – yellow CL – blue lines) and black (text). T – white T – green M – electric M – black Therefore, this will be the colour scheme blue CL – hot CL – red T – yellow for my music magazine. pink T – black However, if I feel they do not match, then I M – white will take into account the other options. CL – red T – black In conclusion, my music magazine will be mainly focused on the genres; Indie, Pop and Alternative. It will be based on the magazine NME and will be issued every week. It will include articles such as interviews, upcoming gigs and big news about bands. It will have 'Side walk' as the masthead font and 'Times New Yorker' as the cover lines font and will have the colour scheme mentioned above to show it's brand.