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Water Sense Exec Summary Pdf


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Water Sense Exec Summary Pdf

  1. 1. Water Sense The Irrigation System of the Future For information contact Bill Graham at (423) 304-2647 or
  2. 2. Summary The Water Sense irrigation system is a product that will change the irrigation and lawn care industry forever. Easily installed in new and existing sprinkler systems, it has been designed with both lawn care professionals and the average homeowner in mind. To operate, slow release tablets containing the desired applications are placed in separate canisters. A controller is then set to determine the time and length of each application. The Water Sense system does the rest! The Water Sense system significantly reduces the time and cost associated with granular applications of fertilizers, herbicides and insecticides. But the benefits go beyond that. Because Water Sense controls each application, problems associated with inconsistent coverage, water runoff and ground contamination are eliminated in properly installed systems. And the composition of the slow release tablets can be designed to be environmentally friendly. Property owners can enjoy a beautiful lawn and landscape without concerns about adverse impact to the environment. All-in-One System While the concept of delivering fertilizers through an irrigation system is not new, the design of the Water Sense system is. Consisting of three components, a Timer/Controller, Canister Manifold and slow dissolving Chemical Inserts, the Water Sense system is flexible and easy to use. Slow dissolving Chemical Inserts made of solid fertilizer and lawn controls are easily placed in individual canisters of the manifold. Each Canister is opened and closed at preset intervals by the Timer/Controller. When a Canister is opened, water flows through it and the desired application is dispensed. Market Potential For potential investors, the Water Sense irrigation system offers an opportunity to participate in a large and growing market – • $5 billion annual lawn and garden fertilizer, herbicide and insecticide market • 500,000 new irrigation system installations per year • 10 million existing irrigation systems
  3. 3. Conservative estimates indicate that by the third year, annual sales will reach $1 billion with net profit of $800 million. And production of the Water Sense system can be quickly ramped up. Other than the controller, tablets and cartridges, it uses existing components of most in-ground sprinkler systems. And the system is well protected by its design and chemical distribution patent. The Right Product at the Right Time Since 1996, Bill Graham, owner of the Water Sense system has installed hundreds of residential and commercial irrigation systems in the Southeast U.S. In his discussions with homeowners, they have repeatedly expressed their dissatisfaction with their existing lawn care service. They were dissatisfied with the outcome, objected to the cost, or questioned whether the service had ever been applied at all. This encouraged him to begin development of a system that could deliver lawn care products through an existing or newly installed irrigation system. Keeping costs low was a priority, so was using existing technology. The Canister Manifold is made from off-the-shelf parts and requires only 1-2 hours to assemble. The Timer/Controller uses common electrical functions and components to control the opening and closing of the Canisters. And Chemical Inserts can be designed like slow dissolving chlorine tablets used in residential swimming pools. When he knew that he had a marketable concept, Mr. Graham obtained a utility patent from the U.S. Patent Office, Patent Number US 6,948,663 B1, September 27, 2005. By filing a utility rather than a design patent, relatively broad claims will continue to provide patent protection. Water Sense The Irrigation System of the Future