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Who would be the target audience for you're media product ?


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Who would be the target audience for you're media product ?

  1. 1. Who would be the audience for my media product ?<br />
  2. 2. Target Audience: Age<br />As my film is classified as a '18' all above 18+ would watch my film but specifically my media product is targeted at mainly 18-24's as from a survey conducted I have found out that psychological thrillers are mostly viewed by 18-24's :<br />This survey indicates that mostly 18-24's would watch thrillers and this fits the conventions of psychological thrillers as from my research I established that most thrillers are 18+ as of scenes of graphic violence e.t.c. So if my film was targeted at another age it would go against the conventions of psychological thrillers.<br />
  3. 3. Target Audience: Gender<br /><ul><li>Psychological thrillers also seem to be more favorable towards females which is indicated in this survey conducted by the national metro : </li></ul>This survey seems to go against the common cultural representations of Females in the media who often shown to be faint-hearted, passive e.t.c and from these common representations you would expect females not to be the common viewers of thrillers. <br />
  4. 4. Common Traits – Psychological Thrillers<br />Suspense<br />Intense excitement<br />High level of anticipation<br />Ultra-heightened expectation<br />Anxiety<br />Nerve-wrecking tension<br />Source(s) used:<br />
  5. 5. Traits of Psychological thrillers in my film<br />Suspense: - Music used built up tension and suspense – supported by audience evaluation <br />Suspense + Anxiety : Why Blake has a pen in his<br /> hand whilst he’s approaching the house.<br />- Why is he checking the time – What does this <br />Represent.<br /><ul><li>Did Blake kill the owner of the house – if so then why ?
  6. 6. Who was the owner of the house ?</li>