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Renato Godá English


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Published in: Spiritual
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Renato Godá English

  1. 1. Renato Godá is a singer and songwriter that escapes the clichés expected of a Brazilian musician. Influenced by global tunes and poetry of artists such as Serge Gainsbourg, Leonard Cohen and Emir Kusturica, he manages to give a new flair to his Brazilian roots. The result is a bold and fresh new sound where bossa nova and MPB meet French chanson, eastern European gipsy and pop rock. Born and raised in São Paulo, Godá grew up surrounded by the sounds of popular Brazilian songwriters such as Caetano Veloso, Chico Buarque and Roberto Carlos. Later he became a punk rock band leader. Today, his devilish romantic lyrics, the recited and unpretentious singing combined with his diverse sound influences place Godá in a unique style for a Brazilian artist. A throw back to the New York jazz heyday and using acoustic instruments, his original and romantic melodies have captured the attention of critics in Brazil and abroad and Godá has been gaining increasing recognition as one of Brazil´s coolest new talents.
  2. 2. “Brazil´s Cult sound” Renato Godá is the sound that pleases everyone! It´s impossible not to scream BRAVO when seeing him perform live. The sound that we all want to hear, dance and applaud. A personal voice that has to be treated as special. [Argentina /2008]
  3. 3. Bold singer and sophisticated songwriter, Renato Godá launches new album for fine palates. The songs of love and hate and his recited/drunk/uncompromising/unpretentious singing place Godá in the noble lineage of Serge Gainsbourg, Tom Waits or Leonard Cohen. And the whole thing flows in this cool vibe… [Folha de São Paulo, Brazil´s leading newspaper]
  4. 4. “I´m a stray dog and this album sounds like me”. That´s how the charismatic and amazing musician Renato Godá, writer of fantastic romantic lyrics defines himself. His album is a journey trough gispy jazz, folk, rock and pop. [Brazil´s second largest newspaper]
  5. 5. THE ALBUM: Godá´s new released album, “Renato Godá”, was recorded in São Paulo and produced by inventive producer Apollo Nove (Bebel Gilberto, Céu, Seu Jorge, Nação Zumbi, Cibelle, Mundo Livre, among others). American sound engineer Roy Cicala (Tom Jobim, John Lennon, Madonna, Frank Sinatra, Frank Zappa, Elvis Presley, Elton John, David Bowie, Miles Davis etc.) was responsible for the recordings.
  6. 6. Originally, the recording of the songs in this album were not meant to be released on a CD but merely for registration of a new repertoire. They were recorded in two days of studio, played live. The musicians did not know the songs previously and had to improvise because Godá wanted a natural and raw sound.
  7. 7. Concert Repertoire: Godá´s own compositions plus his version for the song Jorge Maravilha (Chico Buarque)
  8. 8. They Say “Godá´s gig is excellent! I would Love to see him opening Frank Sinatra´s concert because I simply can’t ´help the comparison. He is the new king Roberto Carlos.” Roy Cicala – north-american sound engineer “In a few words I must say: He is a great artist!” Apollo Nove – Music Producer “Renato Godá goes straight to the point: from your ears to your skin.” Arnaldo Antunes, Brazilian singer-songwriter “Renato Godá is the Best songwriter of his generation.” Leo Jaime, Brazilian singer-songwriter
  9. 9. About the gig´s band: Franck Oberson: Base [played with Chet Baker and Herbie Hancock] Edson Guidetti: Guitar and Banjo [Zélia Duncan, Marina Lima] Gustavo Sarzi: Piano and Acordeon [Cida Moreira] Claudio Oliveira: Drums [JJ Jackson, Mulheres Negras]
  10. 10. WEB MySpace: Tour Video: