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7 Best Practice On Social Media Nominated For The Golden Eeg

We have done 7 best practices of the nominees within one of Guldägget’s categories: Interactivity Other Digital Media.

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7 Best Practice On Social Media Nominated For The Golden Eeg

  1. 1. 7 Best Practices on how companies have gained value by using Social Media All nominees for the Swedish “Golden Egg” award 2010
  2. 2. Social networks and online communities offer great possibilities for organisations and companies to connect with new and existing users, customers, supporters, donors etc.
  3. 3. Social media has a global scope and each person you connect with has the power to pass your message on and to become an ambassador for your cause.
  4. 4. Compared to other traditional media campaigns, social media campaigns can be cheap. All you need is time and consistency along with a few good ideas and a good knowledge about how people interact on social media.
  5. 5. Social media allows your organisation to be open and transparent. You are in the unique position of possessing stories that require no spin or false marketing in order to make an impact.
  6. 6. Guldägget (The Golden Egg) was first  arranged in 1960 and it is the oldest,  largest and most pres<gious award in  Sweden.  Guldägget 2010 will be held the 15th  of April. 
  7. 7. Here are 7 best practices on how companies have gained value by using social media. All nominated at this years Guld gget in the categories: Interac2vity Other Digital Media. 
  8. 8. How to Create viral effect via Facebook Case Facebook Showroom Company IKEA Purpose To engage people in the opening of the new IKEA store in Malm , Sweden and extend the store beyond the borders of the city by creating a viral campaign Campaign This campaign was made on Facebook where a profile account of the store manager was created. During a two week period the store manager uploaded 12 pictures of IKEA showrooms to his photo albums. The people who tagged their name on a product first, won it. An interactive IKEA catalogue. Results • The pictures spread to thousands of people via profile pages, news feeds and links. •  Worldwide spread and publicity
  9. 9. How to Create viral effect and involve Case How Hetero Company Stockholm Pride, a non-profit organisation and Sweden’s annual festival celebrating gay pride. Target group Both bisexual, homosexual and transsexual people as well as heterosexual men and women Purpose To get the discussion of heteronormativity going and make people understand what it’s all about Campaign A series of tests that scanned your digital footprints, such as words on your Twitter profile, music on your Spotify playlists and pictures on your Facebook. The result told you how hetero you are according to the norm of how a “real” woman or man should be and behave. Results •  Heteronormativity became the most discussed topic on Twitter for two days (in direct competition with Michael Jackson s death and the world premiere of the new Harry Potter movie.) •  Reached out to blogs (such as Mashable), celebrities and headlines on the worlds largest newspapers •  Stockholm pride became the most covered cultural event in Sweden of 2009
  10. 10. How to Create ambassadors Case Dear Steve jobs Company SVT Play, a web channel of Swedish public service television Target group Already dedicated viewers of SVT Play (and of course Steve Jobs, VD of Apple) Purpose To promote the launch of the app and to get SVT www.  Play approved as an iPhone app as soon as possible Campaign When launching an app it can take some time to get it approved by Apple. This campaign turned to the people to get their help to put some pressure on the approval process. A microsite was created, counting votes and encouraging people to make their own videos to Steve Jobs. The microsite was connected to a series of different social media platforms, making it easy to share and discover Results •  Huge publicity •  More then 400,000 votes at the site •  Close to 300 videos on YouTube made by people visiting the site •  SVT Play is approved as an app and has got great reviews
  11. 11. How to Involve and create a buzz Case Samsung Shakedown www.  Company Samsung Purpose To increase the awareness of their new mobile phone Samsung B2001 and to demonstrate its benefits in a more amusing way Campaign  The campaign website showed a live-stream of 70 mobiles on a table. To win one of them you had to call a number followed by the number on the phone. The phone stared vibrate when getting your call and if it felled off the table on to the floor or into the aquarium – you won it.   Results www.  •  Demonstration of the mobile was successful - no mobile was harmed during the test •  Huge buzz online •  Opened up for a wider audience (before popular within a certain industry)
  12. 12. How to Use social network integration Case Drinkspiration by Absolut Company The Absolut Company Target group End users and bartenders Purpose To make an app that will help users find a perfect drink based on multiple criteria Campaign  Drinkspiration was created as an iPhone and Android mobile phone app. It gives you recommendation of drinks on the basis of personal taste, place, time of day, background music and so forth. The app has geolocation and social network integration such as sharing option at Facebook and Twitter so you can share where you are and which drink you like. Results •  The tutorial has close to 24,000 total views •  Publicity in a series of blogs www. 
  13. 13. How to Create ambassadors by competition Case Res Gratis (Travel For Free) www.  Company Ving, Swedish travelling agency Purpose To promote their vacations to Thailand by making people want to share videos of Thailand Campaign People like to send pictures and videos of their vacation to their friends to make them a bit jealous. Even more people like to trick their friends and this is the main idea for the campaign. You choose a video from Thailand and record your voice. Then you’re free to share it on Facebook, via MMS or mail. You also had the chance of winning a trip to Thailand. Results 1,267 booked a trip to Thailand. The target goal was 1,000 people.
  14. 14. How to Co-create with on- and offline audience Case The World’s Biggest Signpost Company Nokia Purpose To promote and drive interest to the Nokia navigation service and make people to become a part of it and start using it via their phone and web. Campaign One of the world’s largest interactive installations, the worlds biggest signpost, was build in London. It was completely driven by people you could text, tweet and much www.  more to make the arrow point out the direction to your favourite places with your message attached. The arrow was live streamed at a microsite and synced with a map. You could also follow everything on their website, on Twitter and through your mobile at the Nokia Navigation app. On the website you could see your sign post updates and easily share it on your social media networks. Results Huge publicity in blogs, on social media communities and in on and offline media The number of users on Nokia s online navigation service increased with 129% 862,000 people saw the installation just by walking across Tower Bridge
  15. 15. pe rs um M indj e Wh o ar Our main area of expertise lies within strategic counseling, development and implementation of social media solutions, initiated to create value for companies and organizations 

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We have done 7 best practices of the nominees within one of Guldägget’s categories: Interactivity Other Digital Media.


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