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Best Ppt Ever


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Published in: Business, Education
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Best Ppt Ever

  2. 2. #1) Communication Essential in every aspect of public relation  Must communicate with several parties:  *Team members *Target audience *Clients *Supervisors Two-way communication is key 
  3. 3. #2) Research Proper research must be done before a plan  can be properly laid out Several forms of research are available, but  the most reliable forms are face to face, such as surveys and focus groups PR strategies are constantly changing, and  through research, a new trend could be discovered, resulting in great sucess
  4. 4. #3) Online presence Future employers will search you to see how  you portray yourself to the rest of the world Major businesses are constantly on the  lookout for any mention of their company’s name A strong online presence will typically lead to  success in the PR world, because it will further your name
  5. 5. #4) Strong writing skills required Written communication is necessary because  verbal is not always possible Press releases are a major part of PR, and  their content will determine how the reporters will respond Portfolios and project plans are what an  employer will base your skill set off
  6. 6. #5)Crisis control Not wanted, but it will occur and it must be  properly managed People are looking towards you as comfort in  a time of distress Must be sincere if it is to be received as it is  intended First step to recovery to the strategy 
  7. 7. #6) Teamwork Every project plan is complex and requires a  division of labor Each team member relies on someone else to  ensure that the plan is executed properly Every job that is done is equally important to  the success of the project as a whole
  8. 8. #8) Business World There are two sides to public relations, firms  and in-house, and each is very different In-house teams are the more professional of  the group because they are located in a business arena Firms are more laid back because they work  for various clients and all that they care about is that the job is done
  9. 9. #9) Job interviews Sincerity is key because they are going to take  you in as part of their team Proper business attire is required because you  are trying to become part of the business world and you must show them you are ready Good social skills are a plus because you are  trying to let the person get to know you, and like you in thirty minutes or less
  10. 10. #10) Resumes This is what first attracts an employer to  you, so it must separate you from the masses It is best if it is only one page because when  someone turns the page, they immediately start to lose interest You should only put past employers on there if  the experience you gained there is relevant to the job you are trying to get