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Question 7

  1. 1. 7. Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to the full product?<br />For my preliminary exercise I worked with the same people as I did for our final thriller in order to film a contentious sequence for about 30 seconds, of a person walking into a room. In order to do this our group had to complete many stages to do so. I learnt many media skills that helped me do the exercise; I learnt how to use a log sheet of all the shots that we filmed. Including the ones that we decided we weren’t going to use. For the planning our group had to make a storyboard and a script to which we were going to follow when doing the camera shooting. We managed to get both the storyboard and script done quickly as every member of the group was very committed. Also I was informed of key camera work skills such as how to put the camera on to a tripod and using the spirit level to make sure that it was on an even surface. Since I acted in the sequence it helped me improve my basic acting skills such expressions that were suitable for the sequence. Also I learnt how to use final cut pro, we learnt how to put our shots on the programme and how to cut down, and how to add effects. However not all went to plan as the final preliminary exercise wasn’t as continuous as we would have liked it to be, also the acting wasn’t high quality either. Overall for a first attempt I believe that it was good as we followed the criteria such as 180 degree rule, shot reverse shot etc.<br />The reason that our final thriller was much better shot than our preliminary exercise is first of all because of the practice we had, but also because we had to research into other films and see what shots they used to make a good thriller. This made us also see what the audience wants in a thriller so we knew why we were doing certain shots; we weren’t just doing it for the sake of it. We analysed many thrillers we got many ideas and was inspired by many movies, where as in the preliminary exercise we didn’t do such a thing. Also we developed our script much better than in the preliminary exercise we created many drafts and fixed anything wrong with our script, therefore this ensured that we knew exactly what we were going to do in when shooting our thriller.<br />For our preliminary exercise we used a variety of shots such close ups, point of view shot, over the shoulder shot, establishing shots, but in our final thriller we mostly used close ups as our opening was a horror thriller, this is because the audience would really want to see the emotions of the victim so they can sympathise. We improved a lot with panning shots as we practiced much more. Also we used high angle shots when the victim was being tortured so the audience can see how vulnerable the victim is, we didn’t even think what these types of shots would represent in the preliminary exercise.<br />For our preliminary exercise we didn’t add any non-diegetic sounds, sounds effects or voiceovers. This is because we didn’t know how to, however we did in our thriller and added non-diegetic sound, which was sad music in order for audiences sympathy this made our thriller even better. Also we realised that sometimes having no dialogue can have just as well as impact as having dialogue, it can add to the enigma of the film.<br />The editing is where we improved most from preliminary exercise to our final thriller. For our preliminary exercise we only knew how to cut shots and move it on the scale. However we improved dramatically for our final thriller as we knew how to cut, fade in and out, dissolve and how to add voice over’s which made our thriller much more engaging. Also we learnt how to add titles.<br /> For the mise-en-scene the acting improved as we researched many thrillers and saw how professionals act and learnt a bit of acting skills. Also we chose specific locations for the opening where as in the preliminary we had to shoot it in the college corridors. For the costume we just made the young actor wear normal clothes that a 10 year old would wear so it could be realistic.<br />Now having done the production I believe I have improved a lot and would be very confident when using the equipment than when I first started, I know how to use camera, lightening and how to edit without any assistance.<br />The overall organisation of the group was good as every individual knew what their role was. I believe that me and the groups work rate was good as we continued to work after lesson hours. I also believe that our work rate wouldn’t be as good at professional work as we didn’t have as much time as them.<br />Overall I believe that our thriller is successful, because I am sure that people would want to watch it as it has many twists and turns as well as a magnificent finish. However I do not believe that our thriller is as good as a professional film, as they make a movie over a year also they have the financial support. Nevertheless I believe given the situation we are in, our film would be very successful and if we had the time and financial support our film could be as good as other professional films.<br />