4G wireless communication and long term evolution


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4G wireless communication and long term evolution

  1. 1. 4G Networks and Long Term Evolution Arijit Ukil TATA Consultancy Services
  2. 3. Programmable LO ( DDS), to get same IF though RF is widely different Demodulator ADC DDC P/S IF Base-band Processing DSP, Implementing different base-band chain algorithms Control Binary Data to Higher layer
  3. 6. A study on EUTRA
  4. 25. CP: Cyclic Prefix, PS : Pulse Shaping
  5. 33. LNA DeModulator ADC DDC P/S Remove Cyclic Extension N point (64) FFT Down Conversion S/P Channel Correction (QAM) Mapping DeInterleaver (Viterbi) Decoder Descrambler Binary Data Generic Radio IF Base band Transmitter counterpart Receiver +
  6. 36. An Altera SDR for Wireless