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Running Effective Meetings with Young People


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Running Effective Meetings with Young People

  1. 1. Example Training Programme for running Effective Meetings with Young People
  2. 2. Blind Shapes requires planning, good communication & co-operation
  3. 3. The Nightline needs constant communication & reassurance by the Leader and good listening skills from everyone else
  4. 4. Blind Sheep can demonstrate the challenges of trying to understand instructions with lots of distractions
  5. 5. Dilemmas helps participants to become aware of the processes of having an effective meeting
  6. 6. Tourist Guide is a good activity for helping groups consider the value of effective planning
  7. 7. Its common during the Spiders Web for groups to dive straight in, only to realise they should have spent more time discussing options first
  8. 8. The Hole places a leader in the situation of deciding how to share the information they have with the rest of the group
  9. 9. DISCussion sheets are an alternative approach to running a meeting - its circular design allows everyone to contribute throughout
  10. 10. Training Resources for supporting young people available from