Cloud Computing And Business


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I made this PowerPoint for my Entrepreneurship 102 class. I hope you enjoy it.

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  • or .com Select code into html and post it into blog
  • Traditionally, in order to have a website and host online, an individual or a company would have to buy servers for internet space and hosting capabilities Such servers not only cost money, but they also require a place to be put. This is a major incontinence
  • The typical start up entrepreneur is not going to know which type of server to purchase and how many to purchase, and how to set them up. So they are going to have to hire someone to do it for them To a customer, nothing is more frustrating than trying to view a website that will not let you on because too many people are already on it. So once the website gains popularity, the entrepreneur is going to have to purchase more servers to allow more people to be on the website at once
  • You can imagine the frustration that could accumulate from these experiences. Imagine what he would go through when he has to update his technology!! Or Just as worse, when he decides to stop hosting a webpage, what is he going to do with the used hardware?
  • Here are some suggestions. Either the entrepreneur should not host online because of the expense and lack of computer skills, become an expert in computer science to be able to figure out the problems on his own, or participate in CLOUD COMPUTING.
  • But before we go on, let us first answer the question, “What is Cloud Computing?”
  • Cloud Computing can be broken down into three categories. First: Utility computing- where server capacity is accessed across a grid as a variably priced shared service Utility computing is the actual ability to host a website online without all of the massive servers taking up space. One example is
  • second cloud computing is: Virtualization - where applications are separated from infrastructure According to Microsoft: this means that instead of storing applications on CD’s or on our particular hard drive, people are storing the data on multiple servers that act as one server online. A good example of this is downloading Adobe Reader from the internet.
  • Third, cloud computing is like: Multi-Tenancy: one application for every business, not one copy of the application for every business Multitenancy  refers to a type of  software that runs on a server, serving multiple client organizations. This  software application  is designed to virtually separate its data and configuration so that each client organization works with a customized virtual application. A good illustration would be an apartment building : its purpose is to serve its many clients, but on the inside the client can personalize it and set it up to fit their personal wants and needs.
  • A form of Multi-Tenancy can be: Software as a Service (SaaS)- where applications are available on demand on a subscription basis SaaS requires no hardware purchases, software installations, network setup, or ongoing system upgrades and patches from the customer’s perspectives. All you need is a web browser to access the application online. You don’t have to purchase hardware or invest in any infrastructure.
  • So no wonder why start up entrepreneurs such as ourselves are so interested in cloud computing. It eliminates the expensive start-up costs, eliminates the expensive employees to maintain the technology, and the head aches of updates, by replacing them with the affordable, easy use of virtualization and multi-tenancy through SaaS .
  • One way of understanding cloud computing is in the terms of owning a car: Purchasing computer hardware is like buying a car: you have to worry about the maintenance. When the car gets old or it breaks down, you have to somehow get rid of it through selling it, trading it in, or placing it in a junk yard. Cloud computing is like renting a car: when you are done or your lease is up, you can simply return it to the dealer and get a new and improved one without ever having to worry about the long term maintenance.
  • The technology age is here. No matter what kind of business you have in mind, computers and the internet are going to be involved in some way. I suggest that every entrepreneur becomes experienced in Cloud Computing. It will not only save you time, but also money. The most successful businesses are active cloud computers, so why shouldn’t you?
  • Thank you for your time. I hope you use the information presented in your start up businesses and have many happy computing experiences.
  • Cloud Computing And Business

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