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Indian SmEs

  1. 1. Indian SMEs Appearances can be deceptive. There may be many automobile garages and unstable sheds dotting Pune’s roadsides, but you never know how many of them have entered into tie-ups with foreign firms. For example, no less than 250 SMEs have come up in Pune’s auto cluster areas and most of these companies have entered into some kind of partnership with German auto component manufacturers. Little wonder, Lufthansa airline has introduced a direct flight between Pune and Frankfurt six times a week to cater to the needs of this growing segment. Moreover, Indian SMEs are also realizing the importance of intellectual property. They have started giving due importance to research and IPR, informs Anjan Das who heads the technology and IPR division at Confederation of Indian Industries. Going forward, many of them will even raise their bars in terms of quality for launching them in the international markets. Partnerships with international companies are looked upon as the best means for Indian companies to get their hands on international technologies. The Indian SME market is currently a $5 billion industry. However, it is still an unorganized sector and has to encounter internal and external challenges. SMEs have massive potential in terms of innovations which needs to be consistently fostered for manufacturing new goods and services at competitive rates. India has the largest number of SMBs as opposed to its counterparts like Brazil, Russia, China and US, as per Zinnov Research. In 2006-07, the number of SMBs in India stood at 35 million and is estimated to go up by 48 million by 2015. The most remarkable aspect being SMB contributed more than 60 percent to the Indian GDP. SMB contribution to GDP has been steadily climbing at a rate of 12 percent in the last 7 years. Keywords automobile,Indian companies,Indian SMEs
  2. 2. Basic ideas to build your brand online India is going online. As per the latest research, over 4 core Indians have been using the net. An average Indian also makes it a point to visit the Internet almost everyday for up to half hour at a time Going forward, are you planning to build your brand on the web. But it’s not that easy. Not everyone understands the nitty-gritty’s of website building. Moreover, there are so many rules of thumbs that need to be followed. Plus, today’s economy doesn’t have much to offer. But what if we tell you that building a website is simpler and probably you don’t really need to rack your brains that often? Here we present a few powerful ideas that would help build a powerful brand presence online 4 Basic ideas to build your brand online 1] Enhance Efficiency In the ever evolving times, it is very difficult to arrive at the next whistle blowing trend, fad, and best seller or for the matter popular products that would take the world by storm. Definitely, it is very difficult to measure or predict the most happening event or product in the approaching years. Nonetheless, it’s always considered best if one could identify the trend at the fledging stage itself, before it reaches the tipping point. Use Google Trends Google Trends help zero down on certain hot topics that are popularly searched by the masses globally. It also highlights certain subjects that have clinched higher ratings in terms of Google News stories, both country and sub region wise. With Google trends one can keep track of the fastest-rising searches at different points of time. For instance: you can keep an eye on the 100 fastest-rising search inquiries from India. You can also gain information on the traffic and country-wise visitation patterns of your preferred websites. Check out : As per IBM Global CEOs recent study, market factors (48%), people skills (48%) and technological factors (35%) are three outward factors that effect most businesses. In the
  3. 3. ever changing times, marketers are relying more on science than intuition. By tracking and fine-tuning the campaigns using complex models, the future certainly belongs to the more meticulous. What makes digital medium a powerful marketing tool are the incredible campaigns it arms the marketers with. However, prior to undertaking any marketing activity on the internet, ensure that you are well armed with all the amazing tools that’ll help you keep a track on whether campaign objectives are being met, or not. Use Google Analytics A free tool that’ll help increase your Return of Investment. It reveals which sites, search engines and search works are attracting traffic to your site. It also reveals how long visitors are taking to peruse the site and which pages attract more visitors Check out 2] Advertising Zones to scale up your business It is said that an average Indian is inundated with some 80 million commercial messages in their lifetime. Research also proves that we’ve generating more information in just one year than what we were producing in 5000 years put together. On the other hand, consumers have multiple places to seek information. For the seller it means his brand has now got more places to be heard; hence it is very important to know from where to connect with the customers successfully. Use Google Content Network Google Content Network is world’s number one ad network, with a reach of 80% of global internet users. Businesses from all across the world use Google to touch base with thousands of websites, big and small, falling in various segments. Its reach is far greater than an average network, or single web property. The site helps you generate more qualified leads at a reduced cost, thereby improving your sales and ROI. Reach Of Google Content Network • United States -76% • Germany -89% • Japan -86% • France -79%
  4. 4. • United Kingdom -76% • Global - 75% Check out: Indian internet users prefer to research on the internet prior to making any off-line purchases. Even when it comes to in-store purchases, search engines are the key. Almost 97 percent of in-store purchasers prefer search engines. Use Google Adwords Google Adwords help create ads and choose keywords i.e. the keywords related to your business. Your ads start appearing on Google. When consumers/buyers start surfing Google and enter any one of the given keywords, you ads probably will appear next to the search results. Now you are marketing to the targeted customers who are already interested in what you are selling. You attract customers. People will simply click on your ad to purchase and in the process discover more about you. For that matter, you don’t even need to create a website- Google will create one for you. It’s so simple. 3] Experimentation is the Key Be it building your brand image both online or offline, or for creating and supporting first-mover’s advantage, you need to see that you’re advertising works for you. It calls for various experimentations like zeroing down on new ways to say what you want, or for that matter choosing a different medium to put your message across. Use Blogger, Google Maps A free publishing service by Google that will help customize and publish your own blog on the web instantly to communicate with anyone and everyone on the net. As the name suggests Google Maps are interactive maps of India and the world. Also, it facilitates individuals and businesses create a custom map for personal use, mark a business location, service provider and more. Check out: www.blogger.con Imagine the kind of brand engagement you will able to generate if your ad went viral. 1
  5. 5. person sends it to 10, the 10 then sends it to 100, and the 100 then sends it to 1000…. And the best way to make this happen is through that video. Use You tube You tube brings to the table dual advantages of Internet and Video and thereby adds new dimension to the way you grow your brand and this helps increase interactions with the target audience. At present, almost 15 hours of content are uploaded onto You Tube every minute. As per recent findings You Tube is the fastest rising search term on Google India. Moreover, it ranks among the top 5 searches for 2008 after Orkut, Gmail, Yahoo and Google. Check out: 4] Serious alignment made possible Today when consumers talk, the whole world is listening to them. Thanks, to the internet and soaring use of social networking site. And certainly, all talks would be positive if the consumers seem to like the product. In case he/she has an opposite view point, needless to say all talks would veer in the reverse direction. Use Orkut As per recent findings, Indians spend almost 2 billion minutes on social networking sites every month. Should you build an online community on Orkut, you’d be able to access some 14 million+unique visitors and around 2.5 million daily visitors in India alone. In fact 80 percent of orkut’s audience in India is between 18-34 years in age. So advertise on Orkut. Check out Today’s consumers are all knowledgeable. They have a fair knowledge about different products, prices and other favourite brands. Further, they are influenced by tens of thousands of messages, videos, chats, commercials etc. Naturally, they no longer look forward to any kind of enlightenment in terms of products via brand endorsements. So if you’re planning to convince your customer on any kind of brand hoping then say it in a manner that they’ll listen. Use Google Insights for Search This tool helps in looking into the minds of the consumers. Get insight as to what people in Delhi or for that matter India are searching for on the web. For example, one can use Google insights to figure out which states in India the demand for ‘iphone’ is increasing. And the most interested states seem to be Delhi and Gujarat.
  6. 6. Check out: 5] Figure what’s good for your business and work it out accordingly Return on Investment should be the ultimate yardstick for you while arriving at resources that would help your business grow. And the internet is well-equipped to deliver on the expected lines. Internet has absolute control on how your marketing investments get allocated. There’s no other efficient media channel available. Furthermore internet also helps 1] Target relevant customers in India and around the globe 2] Converting potential customers into clients. 3] Help you grow together with the fastest medium in the industry Keywords Marketing,product,Indians,consumer