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Wellness goal presentation


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Wellness goal presentation

  1. 1. Wellness Goal Presentation <br />
  2. 2. My wellness goal was to try to improve my unhealthy eating habits while at school. <br />I picked this goal because I come from a very healthy family and with being at college my healthy food intake as decreased brutally.<br />I need to learn to live a healthy lifestyle at a young age to prevent future health problems (primary prevention).<br />I planned on reaching my goal by keeping track of all my food intake and uploading the information into MyPyramid Tracker daily. <br />Topic/Goal<br />
  3. 3. Predisposing Factors:<br />I was brought up in a healthy lifestyle. I was raised on a farm where we grew our own food and am more partial to all natural as opposed to processed.<br />My sister and several friends are nutrition majors.<br />Enabling Factors:<br />Positive: Several grocery stores in close distance.<br />Negative: Healthy food is more expensive.<br />Reinforcing Factors:<br />I’ve received positive reinforcement from family members.<br />I shop with friends or family who are trying to eat the same so we keep each other on track.<br />Barriers:<br />Cost is the biggest barrier. In order to eat according to your pyramid it has proven to be quite expensive.<br />Effort is another barrier. Sometimes eating better can be time consuming and I have a very busy schedule. Sometimes it’s easier to just grab something quick and easy aka takeout. <br />Influential Factors<br />
  4. 4. MyPyramid Tracker: This was a huge resource to keeping track of my daily intake. It helped me see where I need to improve the most and kept track of my history.<br /> By creating an account on the website I can make my shopping list ahead of time for the specific location I shop at. It gives you the nutrition values and prices. You can save your shopping list and the site automatically adjusts the prices to the weekly sales so you know how much something is for that specific week.<br />Resources<br />
  5. 5. Averages:<br />Grain: 4.9 oz<br />Vegetable: 2.1 cup<br />Fruit: 2.5 cup<br />Milk: 2.8 cup<br />Meat and Beans: 6.1 oz<br />Recommendations:<br />Grain: 6.0 oz<br />Vegetable: 2.5 cup<br />Fruit: 2.0 cup<br />Milk: 3.0 cup<br />Meat and Beans: 5.5 oz<br />Measurement <br />
  6. 6. Even though all my averages were not at the recommended levels I still feel like I reached my goal because I significantly enhanced my diet and felt an improvement in my overall health.<br />I’ve learned that it isn’t easy or cheap to eat properly but doing so is worthwhile for your health both now and in the future. I plan on continuing the diet I have now because it’s beginning to become a habit and I’d rather not go back to my old ways.<br />Evaluation<br />