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The Profession Of Teaching[1]


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a quick PowerPoint about teaching

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The Profession Of Teaching[1]

  1. 1. The Profession of Teaching Chapfer 8 American Educctfion Joel Spring 12*“ ed.
  2. 2. H i sTo ry As The goals of educaTion change, so do The image and Training of Teachers. The roles of male Teachers vs. female Teachers in schools. The growTh in urban areas and immigraTion.
  3. 3. Nev»: Training and The Role for Teachers ‘=13?’ Should Teacher educaTion change as The goals of schooling change? ‘=33? Should Teacher educaTion be focused on The imperaTives of The global economy?
  4. 4. New Training and The Role for Teachers ‘=33? Should Teachers be Trained To meeT The special needs of children growing up in poverTz: , children from differing culTural bac grounds, children wiTh special needs, and gay/ lesbian sTudenTs? '51?" Should Teacher-educaTion programs prepare Teachers for Trainin fuTure ciTizens and inculcaTing mora and social values?
  5. 5. The Global Economy ‘=13? The Teacher shorTage is imporTanT in The reshaping of educaTion. Provides The opporTuniTy To TighTen Teacher examinaTions Requires naTional cerTificaTion ConTro| s Teacher educaTion curricula
  6. 6. !‘. easons for The Teacher ShorTage ‘=33? Rapidly increasing sTudenT populaTion ‘=33? PoTenTia| for more favorable salaries in oTher whiTe—collar professions
  7. 7. verage Salaries for W hiTe— Collar OccupaTions, 2000-2001 ‘=11?’ Teacher 43 ,250 *1?‘ Mid-Level 52,664 AccounTanT ‘=31?-CompuTer 71,155 AnalysT '= i1?"ATTorney 82 712
  8. 8. /iverage STarTing Salaries for College GracluaTes, 2000-2001 “=11? Teaching 28,986 ‘ii? AccounTing 37,143 -53?" Sales/ /l/ arkeTing 40,033 ‘=13? IVaTh/ STaTisTics 49,548 ‘=13? Co mpuTer Science 49,749 '53?‘ Engineering 74,920
  9. 9. CurrenT Issues “=13? Should The goals and conTenT of Teacher educaTion be deTermined by The needs of The global labor markeT? T? ?? Should TesTs required for naTional licensing and cerTificaTion deTermine The conTenT of Teacher-educaTion programs and courses?
  10. 10. CurrenT Issues ‘=1? Should career ladders for Teachers be based on levels of cerTificaTion? ‘ii? Should Teachers be Trained To “Teach To The TesT"?
  11. 11. llaTional Licensing <3: CerTificaTion -33?‘ Licensing procedures will focus on The TradiTional e><aminaTion form. -133?‘ CerTificaTion is granTed Through a broad assessmenT of The candidaTe's qualificaTions. ‘=33? Know whaT is going To be on The sTaTewide Teachers’ assessmenTs.
  12. 12. llo Child LefT Behind '53?" LaDonna 6: Laura did a greaT job of covering This subjecT. Thank you LaDonna and Laura
  13. 13. Ii‘ 0 Teacher characTerisTi cs -: ::: e Teachers are commiTTed To sTudenTs and Their learning. -= iI? = Teachers know The subjecTs They Teach and how To Teach Those subjecTs To sTudenTs. *3?‘ Teachers are responsible for managing and moniToring sTudenTs learning. -=3? Teachers Think sysTemaTically abouT Their pracTice and learn from experience. -131? Teachers are members of learning communiTies.