Emma Gregory Magazine Evaluation


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Emma Gregory Magazine Evaluation

  1. 1. Magazine Evaluation Media – Emma Gregory
  2. 2. Front Cover Throughout my magazine, I have used the key ingredients to make it look professional as though I am in the real magazine industry to try and make my magazine successful. The mast head on my magazine is designed to be very recognisable to the audience when they want to purchase my magazine and it is attractive to make you want to buy. ‘Bounce’ links to my style magazine which is R&B, it signifies how someone would dance or move to this style of music. A date line is included to show my readers when the magazine is on sale.There is a single image of my model for my main image . The image is big enough to make an impact on the audience to attract them to purchase the magazine.The model is making full eye contact as though she is looking directly at the reader which draws the reader in. The model credit is the main text on the page as this represents the main story running in the magazine. A main cover line is also used to attract the reader towards the main story and give them some background information towards it. A lot of my information is stored down the left third of the magazine, this is so most of the main information is seen when the magazine is stacked on a shop shelves. The principle of thirds is a main aspect to my magazine, it splits the image up to balance out and attract readers. Finally, I have included a selling line ‘Your music you way’ this is setting out its editorial philosophy. The colours are used through out to set a theme, yellow, red and blue. Question 1
  3. 3. My contents page also includes devices and key ingredients in order to be successful. The colour scheme as one, is kept the same though out my media product. Yellow, red and blue are the main colours in my magazine, this links my pages together and makes it attractive. Principle of Thirds is also used through out my magazine, particularly in my contents page. Principle of Thirds helps balance out my pages so the images and text look even and attractive. The main story of my media product is set out on a separate page opposite to show the audience it is the main story, the images are larger and outlined to look attractive and draw attention. The text is in a bold, large font using a buzz word , ‘exclusive’. This attracts the audience to want to read it as it shows my magazine is the only place to find this story, this will make them want to read it. The language on my contents page doesn’t use much slang, it is formal and uses language styles such as buzz words. Contents
  4. 4. My double page spread/article is very similar to my other pages in order to keep a certain style running through out my media product. Again, the colours yellow, red and blue were used to keep the same link going through each page. The same type face it kept similar so the audience can see it clearly and understand. My article is very easy to read and understand. This is because my language is formal but I haven't used very big words as my audience is working class so they will easily understand what my article is saying and what it is about. In my images, I have used contrast to make them look more attractive and stand out against everything else which attracts the audience to want to read the article. Double Page Spread/Article
  5. 5. My magazine is a music magazine based on the genre R&B. The audience my magazine is targeted at is mainly young females aged 15-30 years. The key ingredients are used on my magazine to help target the right audience that I want. When looking at my magazine, it shows what type of audience it has. The magazine shows that my magazine has been represented in a cool, laid back style. So this shows that the type of audience we are targeting at should be laid back, and cool. Also the audience are obviously into their music, the mast head of the magazine shows this by acting as a representation of dancing. ‘Bounce’ is a word that represents a way of dancing, especially to this genre of music, R&B. A female is used on my cover as my model, this attracts the female audience as they look up to her and inspire from her, they see she looks good on the cover which causes them to buy it as they want to be just like her. The colours used throughout my magazine are mainly light bright colours such as blue, red and yellow. These represent femininity as it is bright, it stands out and gives off a happy feeling. The writing styles in my magazine are more formal than informal. Females are stereotyped to have a better sense of language and accent than males so this will draw more females than males to my magazine. Question 2
  6. 6. Question 3 There are plenty if ways to distribute my media product. One way would be the Internet. By doing this I could advertise my product on different websites, such as music websites and promote it to the audience. I would do it this way because I know my audience will go on the internet for reasons such as downloading music, this way they will see the advertisement and be tempted to buy my media product. Another way could be to maybe advertise it on the television on commercials. To do this, I would create a commercial of brief description on my magazine making it as attractive as possible, hoping to catch my audiences attention. The commercial would be posted on music channels and maybe channels like channel 4 or E4, this is because this channels tend to attract the younger audiences This would be a good way to promote my media product because most people watch television, it would be a good easy way to attract my audience as I know it will be seen, because my audience will watch channels such as the music channels. Also, my media product could be advertised around the country by billboards. This way when people are driving or walking about, they will see the billboard and be drawn to buy it. My media product could be distributed through social networking. My magazine is targeted at young people aged 16 to 25, and social networking such as facebook and a place all young people go to communicate. Creating a social networking page and posting it would be a good way to advertise my product as it will be seen by a lot of people, this way it has a high chance of being passed around group to group and the whole country seeing it. Lastly, flyers could be given out in shops and colleges. Shops would be a good way to promote because whether there big or small companies, they are likely to get given out to many people.
  7. 7. The audience for my media product would be young females aged 15 to 30. They will be into the R&B genre of music. To find out in detail more about my target audience, I sent out questionnaires and compared my results. I found that my target audience are more into the genre hip-hop, from the R&B category. When my audience chose I successful artist, there reasons were that they preferred there music to others. Most of my target audience like artists such as Akon. My target audience appear to prefer having a woman to look at on the front on a magazine as they look up to them. The fans of my media product enjoy to go and watch live artists, I know this because my results from the questionnaire proved that everyone of them had seen someone live. My audience enjoy different types of stories, humour and serious news, this helped me as I know to put both types in my magazine to attract them to purchase my media product. My audience are very laid back, cool but fun as well, just like my magazine, this is why they buy it as it attracts them. Question 4
  8. 8. I used a number of key ingredients on my media product to attract my audience in order to achieve successful magazine. One main reason for this is to make the magazine stand out and grab the readers attention. The colours used are very bright and colourful, this way it jumps out to the audience as they are feminine, just the way I want my audience to be, bright and fun. The Mast head is big and bold on my front cover so it is easily recognisable to the reader when passing by, this way it will ‘BOUNCE’ out at the reader in order to get them to notice it and buy it. When the reader is passing by the magazine, there is text that is easy on the eye, this means that it is attractive when they see it, but then when they appear closer, it is easy to read and understand.This appears throughout my media product. The audience will easily recognise my media product as one of there own, for instance something they will be interested in to read. The typeface is very simple, not to informal and bold and clear, this way its easy to understand and responds to the right audience. The images are very hip-hip yet glamorous, the way women want to look, which will cause them to buy it to achieve that look there self. The layout is simple and easy to understand when looking at my media product, so it catches the eye easily to buy the magazine. Question 5
  9. 9. Question 6 There are a number of things I have learnt about the technologies from the process of constructing this product. One of the main things I have learnt when doing the process of my product is how to properly use Photoshop. I learnt how move one image over to another, manipulate brightness and contrast, eliminate red eye, clear up blemishes, save a Photoshop document as a jpeg image, crop, add a shape, add text to an image, change the colour of some text, flip an image and shrink and image without squashing it. All these tasks were completed throughout my media product and are all shown in my magazine. For example, you can clearly see in my magazine how I added shapes to my pages, mainly on my contents page and I have created blue lined shapes running through the pages. I also learnt how to create and use a blog proper by using ‘www.blogger.com’. I created a blog and uploaded all my media work onto it, including my media product. This way, my teacher and other people can view my blog and see what work I have done. It is an easy way to store my work without it getting damaged or going missing.
  10. 10. Question 7 I have learnt a number of things in the progression of my preliminary task to my full project. My preliminary task was a very simple task I had to complete, it was a basic version of a media product, showing what goes where and what should be on a basic magazine. This task give me the basic ideas of what should be put on my magazine, it helped me create my media product that I have now for my full project.