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Itrios Presentation Lh


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We take all the functions normally achieved via a wide range of separate programs or web add-ons, and deliver then in a new approach that eliminates scripting, coding, and programming.
You will see that you can perform functions, such as connecting to a database, table, or connecting to an excel spreadsheet in seconds. And you will see that you can build a set of rules for a business scenario in minutes, using that data.
A few product capabilities are listed below, which shows that Itrios has the features of a wide range of IT products (Rules Management , Business Intelligence, Data Mining), but without the cost or complexity.
For example, you can create, with no scripting, something that unifies several isolated customer lists, applies rules that rank those customers, constructs a message based on rules, and Emails the message. Because your rules and criteria are easily built with a drag and drop user interface, maintenance can be placed in the hands of the business expert, and does not require a call to the IT department.Construct powerful links between your databases, spreadsheets, and web data service all easily coordinated by your rules. Build intelligent rule sets to streamline repetitive tasks, freeing up valuable time, or add intelligence to automate complex data conversions. The product capabilities include:

Rules Management*Ranking and Offer Management*Smart Data Conversion*Web Services Builder*Software interfacing*Process Automation*Text Data Mining and Filtering*Device Data B2c2M

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Itrios Presentation Lh

  1. 1. Itrios is launching a new software product Simplify the Effort Itrios Offering: • software as a service • web browser based • add rules to IT processes • convert and translate data • create content based on rules • interface between systems • reduce coding and scripting Lachelle Hayes | | 312.823.3314
  2. 2. Organizations and Individuals Need Powerful, Simpler Tools • Shorter path to IT solutions • Create versatile “units” of intelligence • Make it easy to access & generate data • Interface multiple IT & web services • Fast path to build automated processes • Edit and maintain without coding
  3. 3. Smarter, Simpler Tools That Bridge IT and Web Services
  4. 4. - generate web services - build dashboards
  5. 5. • Solution Summary: - Connects to any database, data file, or web data - Performs intelligent tasks with that data - Writes to databases, data files, web pages, emails - Extends an IT domain to the web via Web Services - Installs into any IT domain, or use over the Internet • Product Capabilities: - Business Rules - Smart Data Conversion - Dashboard Builder - Web Services Builder - Ranking & Offer Management - Text / Data Mining & Filtering - Workflow / IT Process Automation - Software Interfacing
  6. 6. • Features: - Data Connection wizard to access any data - Rule Builder makes decisions using that data - Action Builder creates new data or new content - Drag and drop interface, no coding - Library of connections to popular Web Services • Benefits to Users: - Streamline, optimize, simplify, economize - Automate complex IT business processes - Add intelligence, connect anything to anything - Rapidly create and deploy Web Services - Eliminates programming and scripting Contact us for more info!