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Death Sentence
Game Design Document
Copyright Prakash Khunti

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Game Design Document

  1. 1. 10/26/2009 GAME DESIGN DEATH SENTENCE DOCUMENT Team Exodus | Prakash Khunti
  2. 2. Credits Team Exodus  Prakash Khunti  Anand Bilas Ray  Chintala Ravi  Kranthi Gali  Krishna Kishore  Siva Rama Krishna
  3. 3. Game Synopse--- As an FBI agent, player is sent to a remote canyon location to investigate a possible hideout of an international crime lord. The player can shoot as well as drive a car to cover long distances. This is an action game with some driving involved. The game has a storyline and three levels. The environment features dynamic sky and a vast map which can be traversed either on foot or in a car. About Game Environment--- Location : A remote valley 100 km west of Racoon City Year : 2005
  4. 4. Characters--- Max Payne - An FBI agent with a notorious reputation of killing criminals instead of apprehending them, he is both respected and envied by his peers. Having served in military for 5 years, he is the most capable one man army that the FBI has at its disposal. Sheriff Gordon - The head of the RCPD, he is a man in love with his job. Unaware of the mafia presence near his town, he hardly gets the piece of any action. So his police force is ill equipped and mostly gets things done by yelling. So when the gangsters attack the town, he flees to a safe house. James Bond - The king pin of one of the most widespread drug networks in the world, with a hideout more secure than Osama’s cave itself, he is a man with great wealth and power. He is known by the name James Bond after he disposed of the most famed secret agent of MI6.
  5. 5. Felkina – She just graduated from law school and found a nice job in New York. During vacation, she comes to visit her home in Racoon City. However, shortly after arrival, she gets kidnapped by James Bond.
  6. 6. Game story--- The primary objective of the player is to kill all the henchmen of James Bond and take the kingpin under custody. Once the player arrives on the map, he gets a new objective to rescue the sheriff’s daughter who is being held inside the kingpin’s mansion. The player can choose to take a long rood by car or a shortcut on foot which leads to the backyard and allows a stealthy approach. Once the guards get alerted, the player has a limited time to rescue Felkina. Max Payne is known as a trigger happy, mayhem seeking wild animal. But his superiors know his unquestioned sense of justice and sometimes when you need to bend the law, he is just the guy to do so. Neither FBI nor CIA has any hard evidence of James Bond’s involvement in the international drug operations. If he were to be arrested and tried, there would be no way of prosecuting him. When the FBI intercepts intelligence on his whereabouts, they send in Max Payne to investigate the location and
  7. 7. confirm the intel. But the chief of FBI tells this to Max before he leaves for the mission,”Try to arrest him and not kill him”.
  8. 8. Game flow--- Stage 1) The player is driving a car. He must enter the canyons and locate James Bond. After crossing a bridge, player finds a suburbian structure. He gets out of the vehicle and goes inside only to meet the kingpin’s gunmen firing from all directions. Player has a machine pistol issued by FBI which he quickly uses to dispose of the gunmen. Stage 2) After clearing the area of gunmen, the player gets an update that the sheriff’s daughter is in James Bond’s custody. The player uses the shortcut route through a narrow canyon to infiltrate the hideout. The player must observe the patrol paths of his enemies and kill them without alerting nearby guards. If guards get alerted, there is a time limit to rescue Felkina. After killing guards outside the mansion, player enters the mansion and locates Felkina.
  9. 9. Stage 3) Player and Felkina must now escape the mansion, go to the garage and acquire a vehicle. There are more guards near the garage. The player can kill them without any worries of alerts. After getting the car, the player must now drive back the starting point of the map.
  10. 10. Game Mechanics The game uses 3d game studio game engine version A7 with lite-c support. There are two approaches to make a game using A7; C-script and Lite-C. C-script is the older discontinued scripting language used by previous versions of 3d game studio. The lite-C is the new scripting language which has a more C++ oriented syntax and many features which make it more powerful than its predecessor. The driving mechanic is implemented by a script which defines physical properties of the vehicle and actions for each of the four wheels. The shooting mechanic is implemented by the A7 template script.
  11. 11. Io control and user interface--- On Foot –  Movement – W,S,A,D  Shoot Weapon – Mouse Left Click  Toggle First/Third Person View – F7  Jump – Space In Car –  Accelerate – W  Brake – S  Turn right – D  Turn Left – A  Toggle First/Third Person View – F7
  12. 12. Visual Effects Animated sky cube Animated Water bodies