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How To Make A Great Pbj


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Published in: Self Improvement
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How To Make A Great Pbj

  1. 1. How to Make a Great PBJ A Gourmet Recipe From Tara Pereira
  2. 2. Ingredients• Crunchy peanut butter• Homemade strawberry jam• Two slices of white bread• Milk
  3. 3. Tools Needed• Knife• Spoon• Plate• Glass
  4. 4. Directions• Open jars of peanut butter and jam• Spread peanut butter on one slice of bread with a knife• Use a spoon to get jam and spread it on the other slice of bread• Put two slices together and cut sandwich in half• Put sandwich on a plate• Pour a glass of milk
  5. 5. Why use strawberry jam?• 100 children and adults 50 45 were surveyed to find 40 out what goes best with 35 peanut butter. 33 30 Strawberry selected grape juice, 11 25 Honey honey, 46 strawberry 20 Grape jam and 10 sliced 15 Banana 10 bananas 5 0 Best
  6. 6. Occasion for Eating• School lunches• Birthday parties• Picnics• Visits from persnickety grandchildren• Late night snacks• At the pool
  7. 7. Enjoy your sandwich! WOW!
  8. 8. THE END