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  1. 1. Take the Time ….. Friendzspot
  2. 2. Take time to Love… It is the secret of eternal youth! Friendzspot
  3. 3. Take time to laugh… It is the music of the heart! Friendzspot
  4. 4. Take time to cry… It is the sign of a large heart! Friendzspot
  5. 5. Take time to read… It is the source of knowledge! Friendzspot
  6. 6. Take the time to hear… ! It is the power of Intelligence Friendzspot
  7. 7. Take time to think… It is the key of success! Friendzspot
  8. 8. Take time to play… It is the freshness of childhood! Friendzspot
  9. 9. Take time to dream… It is the breath of happiness! Friendzspot
  10. 10. Take time TO LIVE… Because time passes… QUICKLY And NEVER returns! Friendzspot
  11. 11. Happy road to life my friends Friendzspot